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She Drifts
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She Drifts

she rose revolution

She drifts in the wind, like a wandering leaf, dancing in the autumn’s gold,

She appears not to care, her eyes do gleam, defiant, burning and bold,

A million thoughts run, a millions songs play, her mind is an endless maze,

And she continues to drift, wandering on, her soul searching and seeking that place,

That place that is promised, that each person’s seeks, that lies in a wonderland deep,

Where there are no material things, no gold diamond rings, where the soul can finally sleep,

Where the air is so pure, not poisoned by greed, or the thought of survival or gain,

Where misery and suffering knows no existence, where rain wipes away all of the pain,

It’s a place that is boundless, free of conditions; caring not for name, stature, or power,

It’s a place that where the time is not counted in days, or minutes or second or hours,

It’s the place that she seeks, a place we all seek, where beauty is undefined,

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A place of true strength that will grant wonders untold, a peace that is truly sublime,

It lies in us all, this place that she seeks, in the depths of our soul, heart and mind,

As she reaches out now, the sun starts to gleam, throwing light on all she seeks to find,

And the sky seems so blue, like a smooth tranquil river, granting the serenity she craves,

As she grasps from within, wiping away all the sin, she is no longer to her fears a slave.

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