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A Letter To The Friends I’ve Grown Apart From
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A Letter To The Friends I’ve Grown Apart From

to the friends I've grown apart from

This is a letter to the friends I’ve grown apart from.

The ones who’ve carved out their path, and followed their soul wherever it led them. The ones who we don’t see, but warmly remember. And the ones who have drifted, across towns, cities, seas, and islands afar.

We may have grown apart, but that can never erase the friendship we shared, the memories that we made, and the adventure we journeyed on together.

To the friends I’ve grown apart from: I miss you.

There is now a you-shaped hole in my life, and nobody else will be able to fill that space the way that you once did.

I miss messaging you about anything, and everything. A silly meme you found online, or an old photo I stumbled on of us drunk in a club ten years ago. I miss eating pizza with you at 4am, and staying out dancing until the sun came up. I miss talking about boys and love and life with you. And I miss the way you used to make me laugh until my belly ached.

But more than anything, I miss you. I miss that you’re not in my life anymore. And I don’t think we’ll be able to find a way back to the way things used to be.

To the friends I’ve grown apart from: thank you.

Thank you for helping me see my own beauty. For mirroring back kindness, strength, intelligence, and warmth to me. For showing me that I am loved, and I am worthy of love. Thank you for loving me for me, even when I struggled to. Because I still carry that love with me today.

Thank you for being some of my greatest teachers. For teaching me how to apply my make-up, and stick fake eyelashes on like a pro. For teaching me that we are all so different, each with our own unique gifts and flaws. And for teaching me that my own judgement is more a reflection of me than anybody else.

To the friends I’ve grown apart from: I love you.

Even though we’ve drifted, and gone our separate ways now, I want you to know I still harbour so much love for you. We’re not close anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t remember our closeness. We don’t talk anymore, but I still remember us talking, about anything and everything for hours. And we’re no longer there for each other, in the big moments or the small ones, but I will always remember when we were.

You were a huge part of my past, and you coloured and shaped me into the woman I am today.

And for this, I will always love you.

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To the friends I’ve grown apart from: I wish nothing but the best for you.

I haven’t had a chance to tell you lately, but in my heart I hold no grudges, bitterness, or resentment. Because people grow up, and we either grow together, or we grow apart. And sometimes, despite our best intentions, we aren’t destined for the same direction. But bad blood will only end up drowning you in rage, fear, and sorrow.

So I want you to know I wish nothing but the best for you. I wish you good health and happiness. Wherever life has taken you, I hope you’ve found your way to everything you’ve ever wished for. And I’m praying your future is filled with light and love and magic; even though I’m no longer there with you to celebrate it.

Know that I’ll always be here, cheering and rooting for you from where I stand. And though you might not see me, I’m hoping that you’ll feel me there, with you.

To the friends I’ve grown apart from: I’ll see you again, someday soon.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds for each of us, but what I do know is this: we’ll meet again, someday soon. If not this lifetime, then maybe the next. Because our lives crossed paths in this one for a reason. Our souls are tied with an invisible red thread; a thread that can never be severed.

So until we meet again beautiful soul, I just wanted to say, I miss you. Thank you. I love you. And I wish nothing but the best for you. Always, and forever.

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