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The Moon May Follow
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The Moon May Follow

the moon may follow

I see the rainscape as it falls through my heart, spearing itself between the vessels that yearn and urge.

And I know… I know I am alive now.

I see a universe before me, and I long to touch it.

But not yet. It’s too hot. It’ll burn the sensitive fingers upon my breast.

Gently waiting, softly hoping.

And within them, I see the milk of my labors suppled beneath uncanny care.

Soft to the touch and hands graze falsely. They have no business here if they are not to be taken lightly.

So what of it all? Are we still? Are we moving?

I can’t feel the words I say half the time, so I don’t know.

The pain in the back of my head gets stronger, and I move between the etheric and the benign substantial earth life and moment in time that is right, this minute.


Here we are.

Open your mind and listen to your logic.

Does it preach forgiveness to the ones who hurt you before? Do they even matter anymore? No. You know the answer.

So what do you sit with, and who do you care for now?

What does it even feel like in your body, in your mind?

Do you feel justice at your feet? Kicking open the door with another minute to spare for the ones who want you in their lives. Is it even about you at all?

No, it’s not. It’s not about them either. It’s all about this existence on this plane, in this moment, no one can remember. No one can recall the last time we laughed in the sun.

Can we?

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I certainly cannot.

So let us find the day and the way to.

Let us lead our bodies back to the light of our lives, and our loves entwined in the dance of men rejoiced, of women renowned. We’re heading there now. It’s a party in the petals of time.

Come now and dance. It’s time to let your heart out of its sanguine cave of candor.

It’s time to let the boys be boys and the girls be women. Let it all just be as biology recalls itself little by little, reconstructing and configuring. Like the regeneration of a snake at large.

It’s ready. It’s bubbling. Be inside or be on the outside. Don’t pretend to not notice the change, or you’ll miss the party after all.

Your invitation has arrived. Walk into the sun and be brave.

The moon may follow…

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