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This Is What I Want Every Girl To Know Today
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This Is What I Want Every Girl To Know Today

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Dear little girls,

Decide that you are pretty, decide that you are powerful. Don’t wait for Mom, or Dad, or a boyfriend, or whoever to tell you—just decide—and do it early on; it will save you so much heartache.

Learn about money and cars. Everything else you can learn as you go. Especially love. There’s no book, no movie, no fairy tale—no story anywhere in the world that tells you how it should play out for you. Real love doesn’t look a certain way; you only know it when you feel it. Trust your gut; trust yourself.

Be honest and true. Have hard conversations with yourself. Decide what you like and don’t like. Notice what sets your soul on fire and chase it down. Don’t be modest about your passion, and don’t ever hide your spark. Let your love and enthusiasm radiate through the room, little girl.

Admit when you’re wrong and apologize. Accountability will help you grow and earn you respect. It’s especially impressive if practiced during your teenage years.

Know that with growing up comes getting hurt, no matter how you try to protect yourself; but more importantly, know that you will be okay. Do not give up on yourself.

And when you grow up even more and realize that your parents are only human, forgive them. Blaming them for your missteps, confusion, and erratic behaviors helps no one. Maybe they aren’t the heroes you idolized as a child, but they housed you, clothed you, and fed you for 18 years. It was fucking difficult and exhausting, but they did it; they kept you alive every day, and that alone is heroic. Go to therapy and work that shit out for yourself so you can move on and be better.

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Don’t be easily persuaded or easily impressed. Stand tall, be confident, be open. Make decisions and know that it’s okay to change your mind later.

Tell the people you love that you love them ALL THE TIME—and make sure they HEAR you! And love yourself, little girl. Love yourself so much that when the world tries to make you doubt, you can look at it and laugh.

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