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Everything Your Inner Child Deserves From You
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Everything Your Inner Child Deserves From You

inner child healing

Remind her how beautifully perfect she is.

How kind, caring, and fascinating you find her. Reassure her by telling her she was never “too much” or “not enough.” She was a blessing from the moment her soul entered this lifetime. And she will be a blessing till the day her soul is ready to move on.

Take time out of your day to think about all the little things that made her unique. Tell her how much you love all those things.

Pacify her by telling her that she doesn’t deserve to be loved only for her strengths, but also for her weaknesses. Prove to her that you love the worst of her too. You love her temper tantrums, her childish demands, and her sensitivity. And you want her to feel safe showing you every single side of her.

Give her the confidence that every word of hers will be validated and valued by you. Listen to her. Dance in your bedroom as long as she wants you to. Go visit the places she loved seeing.

Do all the things she loved to do before you rejected her.

Let her know she didn’t deserve to constantly feel the need to hide her vulnerability. That you’ll be a safe haven in the form of a person, eternally and unconditionally. Apologize to her for taking so long to recognize her needs and stand up for her. Ask for forgiveness for wanting to change her so you could “earn” someone’s love.

She was lovable without even trying to be.

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Remind her that she’s not weak because she cries more than she’d like to. It’s a marking of her strength. It takes an immense amount of strength to have the ability to feel such powerful emotions in such a frail body. Explain to her that it was her strength that allowed you to face the world. And it was her strength that allowed you to make your way back to her again.

Thank her for refusing to kill off the truest parts of yourself. Show her how much you appreciate her for embracing all the parts you were ashamed of until you were ready to truly love yourself. Soothe her by promising to heal all the pain she was too young to feel.

Because you’re here now. It’s safe for her to go play.

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