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73 Magical Full Moon Affirmations To Manifest Your Dreams
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73 Magical Full Moon Affirmations To Manifest Your Dreams

full moon affirmations

Have you ever wondered how to work with the vibrant energy of the full moon? Working in harmony with the lunar cycle has transformed my relationship with my menstrual cycle and how I organize my calendar. New and full moon rituals have become my anchor points. You see, moon magic is powerful for us women. And affirmations are a brilliant tool to incorporate into any full moon ritual, morning or evening ritual, or self-care routine to help you channel a particular feeling or vibration or manifest your deepest desires.

You’ve probably heard of the no-so-secret book called The Secret, which centers on the Law of Attraction and the idea that our thoughts can actually alter the direction of our life. And affirmations help us do this. They can drastically shift our mindset and perspective and affect what we attract into our lives. And this is backed by science.

In this article, I’ll be exploring what a full moon means, how to create a nourishing full moon ritual, what affirmations are, and how to work with them, along with a ton of examples that you can cherry-pick from or use as inspiration to create your own.

What does a full moon symbolize?

lunar eclipse

The moon has a total of eight (nine including the dark moon) phases in one cycle.

The four main phases are:

  • New moon
  • Waxing moon
  • Full moon
  • Waning moon

And each of these phases mirrors one of the four menstrual cycle phases. This is why the lunar cycle is so powerful for us as women.

A complete lunar cycle lasts around 29 days from start to finish. Each phase represents the moon transitioning from dark to light and then dark again in our sky. And each of these phases carries its own unique vibration.

The new and full moon are the phases with the strongest energy, which is why they’re also the most well-known. If you’re new to moon magic, I recommend checking out this article to understand the basics:

The Eight Phases Of The Moon Cycle & How To Flow With Them

When it’s a full moon, our sky is embellished with Grandmamma moon’s light. A full moon invites us to expand, celebrate, and illuminate our shadows. The moon’s light nourishes us but also places a spotlight on us.

It’s the perfect time to think about all you’re grateful for and all your triumphs, this lunar cycle and beyond. But also a time to think about anything lurking beneath your surface that needs addressing. For example, self-sabotaging habits, a toxic relationship, or the fear of pursuing your dreams and remaining small.

Let go of what is not serving you to make space for the new.

The moon symbolizes the feminine, while the sun symbolizes the masculine. So on a full moon, the feminine is being illuminated within you and in our wider collective. This is the time to think about if you are embodying the divine feminine within you—her light side and her dark side.

How to create a full moon ritual

full moon ritual

Before we jump into full moon affirmations, I want to quickly take you through how to create your own full moon ritual. Because affirmations are a wonderful thing to weave into your ceremony.

Your ritual doesn’t need to be elaborate or long. It can be whatever you want it to be, whatever your soul is calling for most right now. A moon ritual is best performed after dark because this is her time. Try to complete your ritual within two to three days of the full moon to make the most of the energy.

Light a candle. Meditate. Do some gentle yoga (moon salutations are perfect). Take a bath. Moon bathe in a room where her light streams in or outside in your garden. Write a gratitude list. Write a celebration list. Choose some positive, empowering affirmations to support you during the remainder of this moon cycle. Do something creative. Journal on what’s lurking in your shadows and expose it to the light.

For more ideas, check out this article:

Create Your Own Full Moon Ritual For Manifestation & Magic

What are affirmations & how do they work?

You might think you’re new to affirmations, but chances are you’re not! Many of us engage in negative affirmations every day when we let our minds indulge in negative self-talk and judge and criticize ourselves (and everyone else). I’ve been there too.

We may not realize it, but these negative thoughts and emotions have real power over us. What you say to yourself matters so much more than you know.

So make a conscious effort to speak with love, kindness, and compassion. When you notice you slip up (which you will), say something like, “I didn’t mean that Universe,” and choose again. You can always choose again.

The affirmations I want you to start working with are positive statements that empower and support you to manifest your deepest heart desires. They often begin with “I am” and suggest that your desire is already your truth. For example, “I am beautiful.”

When repeated consciously and regularly over time, positive affirmations can help us quiet that negative voice in our head and regain control of our thoughts and destiny. They help us rewrite limiting stories with powerful, supportive new ones. They help us believe in ourselves and our potential to achieve anything we want to.

What’s important is that your affirmations are authentic to you and what you truly desire on a soul level. If they don’t fully resonate with you or you feel merghhh about them, they won’t have a deep, profound effect on you. Affirmations should feel delicious for your soul.

73 affirmations to work with on the full moon

As you go through this list, pay attention to the full moon affirmations that spark your interest. Let your intuition guide you.

Make a note of all the ones that feel juicy, or use them as inspiration to write your own. And feel free to use these in your next full moon ritual.

1. I am ready for deep transformation.

2. I say no to what does not align with my highest truth, so I can say yes to what does.

3. I am worthy of love.

4. I am incredible at what I do.

5. I draw people and opportunities toward me that align with the woman I am becoming.

6. I am a money magnet.

7. The Universe supports me as I work toward my dreams and wants to see me succeed.

8. I let go of anything that feels heavy.

9. I am the writer of my own story.

10. I forgive myself.

11. I release everything that is holding me back.

12. I am standing in the endless flow of abundance.

13. I embody both the light and dark aspects of the powerful, divine feminine.

14. I love and appreciate everything in my life today.

15. I am grateful for this moment.

16. I am safe and at peace.

17. I am thankful for my health and happiness.

18. I am ready and able to manifest and hold everything I desire.

positive affirmations

19. I accept every part of me.

20. I trust my intuition and let it guide me forward.

21. I am more beautiful each day.

22. I am brave enough to confront my shadows.

23. I am a witch (a powerful woman).

24. I am comfortable and at home in my body.

25. I embrace the divine magic within me.

26. I am strong enough to stay true to myself.

27. I am infinite potential.

28. I am grateful for all I have and am ready for more.

29. I embody the energy of (insert Goddess of choice here)

30. I am proud of the woman I am becoming.

31. I am the Creatrix of my life and my future.

32. I deserve to be happy.

33. It is always safe for me to shine brightly.

34. I am proud of all my accomplishments.

35. I am capable of creating the life I dream of.

36. I am open and ready for all the new, wonderful opportunities the Universe wants to send me.

37. I am open and ready to receive.

38. I am ready to unleash the power of my inner feminine.

39. I have the power to change my life today.

40. There is an abundance of love in my life.

41. I am grateful for all the joy and beauty in my life today.

42. I am committed to making my deepest desires my reality.

43. I am creating a beautiful life that I’m excited to wake up to each morning.

44. I am becoming the best version of myself.

45. I honor both the light and the shadows within me.

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46. I am grateful for all the lessons I am learning.

47. I embrace my fears.

48. My life gets better every single day.

49. I am ready for a new chapter.

50. I am calm, clear, and collected.

51. Each day my connection with the Great Goddess strengthens and deepens.

52. I am successful.

53. I move closer to my dreams.

54. I choose to be happy.

55. I attract kind, loving, inspiring people into my world.

56. I embrace change and new beginnings.

57. I am overflowing with love.

58. I am strong and healthy.

59. I am a divine being who came here to shine my light.

60. I attract all my dreams and soul desires with ease.

61. I am well.

62. I am a wild, untamed woman connected with my inner power.

63. I am a Goddess.

64. It feels so good to let go of all that feels heavy.

65. I am surrounded by good, positive, encouraging people who want the best for me.

66. Today is going to be the most beautiful day of my life.

67. I am committed to nourishing my mind, body, and soul.

68. I am in love with my life.

69. I am grateful for the opportunity I have each day to have a fresh start.

70. I am enough.

71. I love every part of myself.

72. What is for me shall not pass me by.

73. I am love and light.

How to use these full moon affirmations to manifest your deepest desires

There are many ways you can work with these full moon affirmations. Write them down in your journal and re-read them. Repeat them to yourself in front of a mirror. Scroll them on a piece of paper and place them on your altar. Bring them to mind each morning you sit down to meditate, or even at the start of a yoga class.

Try to stick to between one to three affirmations at any given time.

Say them out loud or repeat them quietly to yourself between three to five times each session. Focus on the words and really feel the vibration and energy of what you’re saying.

No matter where you are on your journey to making your affirmations come true, be appreciative and grateful. Enjoy the process of going from where you are now to the woman you dream of becoming.

Trust in yourself and the magic of the moon

morning self-care ritual

I’d love to know which one of the full moon affirmations on this list resonated with you most?

Drop it in the comments below, be bold, and declare whatever it is you’re calling in this moon cycle and beyond!

Remember, not everything will manifest itself within one moon cycle. Sometimes it takes many moons to make our desires a reality, and that’s okay. Be patient. Trust in yourself. Trust in moon magic. And trust that whatever you seek most is also seeking you.

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