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It’s Time To Forgive Yourself

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It’s time to forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself for the choices you made when you didn’t know any better.

Forgive yourself for trusting people even more than yourself.

Forgive yourself for all the lies you’ve been telling yourself and allowing yourself to believe over the years.

Forgive yourself for listening to the voices in the world and silencing your true inner voice.

Forgive yourself for all the chances you gave people even after they showed you who they really were.

Forgive yourself for putting yourself down in order to please everyone else.

Forgive yourself for the shadow of shame you’ve allowed to accompany you.

Forgive yourself for the guilt you feel after investing in another human being who let you down.

Forgive yourself for the beliefs you held back then. They don’t have to have a hold over you.

Forgive yourself for the hearts that you left broken while you were trying to figure things out for yourself.

Forgive yourself for taking loved ones and the little things for granted.

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Forgive yourself for choosing to stay in a situation that wasn’t healthy for you.

Over time, life leaves us with lessons that we may never forget. They are meant for us to carry along the journey, and they remind us to know better, and then do better.

It’s comparatively easier to forgive people around us than to forgive ourselves.

Often we don’t even realise that our subconscious is holding on to certain emotions, situations and people. Sometimes we may even act out of our hurt and pain. This is why self-forgiveness is an essential route to navigate.

It’s time to forgive yourself in all the quiet areas that are aching within your bones. It’s time to show yourself some compassion for all the versions of yourself that you have been in the past. It’s time to let go of the weight that the pain is holding in your heart.

It’s time to free yourself to be the next version of you; to discover who she is becoming and to love her with all that you’ve got. Let self-forgiveness heal and restore the pieces you’ve painfully been holding on to, and make way for what’s new.

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