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live in flow with the moon

It wasn’t long ago that I had no idea what it meant to live in flow with the moon.

I didn’t know that my menstrual cycle was linked to hers. And it’s only recently that I stopped calling it my period, and started calling it my moon.

So many women are confused when I say that. Because they don’t know. The same way I didn’t know.

But now I do. And this has completely transformed the way I live and lead.

What my life used to look like

My day planner used to run my life.

I’m someone who thrived on writing and checking off to-do lists, being extremely organised, and knowing exactly what’s going on and when. It will come as no surprise that I have a lot of planets residing in Capricorn in my birth chart, and it’s also my rising sign!

Being the over-achiever I am, it didn’t matter how many boxes got checked off each day, my mind would focus on that one thing I didn’t quite get to. And this continually made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough.

I wasn’t paying attention to my body, I wasn’t listening to my inner voice, and I was still tangled up in the more more more work culture I thought I’d escaped from.

One day, I’d had enough of trying to keep my exhausted legs moving on this never-ending treadmill, and I boldly decided to throw my planner in the bin.

I stopped writing to-do lists. And I began working more and more with alternative seasons and cycles that I’d always, for some reason, been drawn to.

And I’ve never gone back to a regular planner.

I don’t miss it at all.

And I feel like I’m getting more done each day, week, and moon cycle. Simply by doing less but being more focused and conscious with my energy.

I no longer plan my life or my business according to the regular calendar months of the year. Instead, I plan in sync with the wheel of the year, the moon, the stars, and my own sacred cycle.

How to live in flow with the moon

On the first day or two when I’m bleeding, my energy is very low. I feel tired, and need more rest than usual. So I honour this, and choose to slow down. I won’t make plans for these days, and I won’t do any work if my energy feels too low.

I’m not interested in trying to show the world that I can be like a man; by pushing through, and ignoring what my body needs. I am a woman, and I choose to celebrate the beauty in this. The beauty in our differences.

Creating space around the new moon and full moon is also important to me. I like to have my own solo ritual, or attend or host a moon circle with other women.

The new moon is like the start of a new month. I set new intentions, plant new seeds, and have a much needed reset.

The days after are a time for creativity and outward action. A time for getting things done.

On the full moon, I celebrate and think about all that I’m grateful for. Energy and emotion are running high during this time.

And then as the moon begins to wane, I start to slow down with her. I draw my energy inwards.

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In the days before the next new moon, I try to complete anything I want to complete before the new cycle begins.

This is how to live in flow with the moon.

Tuning into my cycle & hers has freed me

Since making this switch, I’ve found regular diaries and calendars – that previously used to run my life – have become obsolete.

The 12 months of the year no longer anchor me the way they did. It’s the 13 moon cycles that help me flow with my own natural rhythm, and hers. I am choosing to step into the natural flow of seasons that are the original pillars of our world.

Of course, this is easier for me as I run my own business, and can plan my own schedule. But it’s still possible to do, even if you work in a job that is built on the calendar year. Having your own moon rituals will really help you step into the natural ebb and flow.

Being in this flow helps me to create a life that’s in perfect harmony with all the parts of my inner world, as well as this outer one we inhabit. It creates balance and calm.

I won’t be reverting anytime soon to the masculine approach that has held me captive for far too long. And I encourage the women I work with to slow down in their own lives and businesses, too.

To go within, and listen. To tune into their own sacred cycle, and live in flow with the moon.

This is one of the many ways we can reclaim our power as women, and rise.


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