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A Blissful Bath Ritual To Nourish, Heal & Manifest With The Moon

full moon new moon bath ritual

A moon bath ritual is a beautiful way to honor the lunar cycle, relax, and take care of yourself. You can enjoy a bath on the full moon, new moon, or any other moon phase.

Mumma moon rules the oceans and the tides, which means she has a special connection to water. So a moon bath ritual helps us connect to her through the element of water. And as you might know, our bodies are made up of 60% water, so the moon and her movements impact us. If you have a lot of water signs in your birth chart (I’m looking at you, Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisceans!), then you’ll have an even deeper connection to water and find it even more refreshing and nourishing than others.

Working with the moon cycle and the four main moon phases have transformed my life, as I know it has for countless other women. Because the moon is the feminine, and her cycle mirrors the four main phases (or seasons as I like to call them) of our menstrual cycle. This is why working with her, as opposed to the solar calendar, is so powerful for us.

In this article, I’ll be exploring moon bathing in a little more detail along with the many benefits of it. And I’ve also included a moon bath ritual and special bath recipe for each of the four main moon phases:

  • Full moon
  • New moon
  • Waxing moon
  • Waning moon

There are actually eight (nine depending on who you ask) moon phases, but these four are the main anchor points, with the new moon and full moon being the most potent.

If you want to know more about the moon cycle, check out this article:

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What is moon bathing?

full moon ritual

Moon bathing is not complicated. You know that thing you do called sunbathing? Well, moon bathing is the same, but instead of basking in the sun’s rays, you bask in the moonlight.

One way to do this is to get outside when the moon is full and just lie down somewhere comfortable (your garden, a park, or somewhere else). You can do this naked or with clothes on, depending on how comfortable you feel and if you have access to somewhere private. You could go for a walk by the ocean or around a lake. Or, if there’s a room in your house where moonlight floods in through the window, you can stay indoors and do it. Wherever you are, get cozy and soak up her luxe light.

The other way to moon bathe is with a bath. If you have a jacuzzi or hot tub, you can do this outdoors. And if you don’t have a bathtub, you can fill everything in a big bowl and pour it over yourself in the shower.

A moon bath ritual is a lovely alternative to a moon ritual where you’re sitting by your altar. You can still do most of the things you usually do, like light candles, meditate, set intentions, and work with crystals.

When should I take a moon bath?

The best time to take a moon bath is during the full moon, which happens roughly every 29 days or so and usually lasts 2-3 days. This is because you can make your own moon water and soak up the energy of the moonlight.

But moon bathing can be done any time. I love to save it for the full and new moon, but you can create a moon bath ritual for every moon phase.

You can check moon times and dates where you live by heading here.

Benefits of a moon bath ritual

The benefits of moon bathing are abundant!

  • Skin benefits – using natural ingredients in your moon bath ritual can help soothe and heal rashes, eczema, and hives and leave your skin feeling silky soft.
  • Regulate hormones – because our menstrual cycle is entwined with the moon, moon bathing can help regulate our hormones and even increase fertility.
  • Self-reflection – it creates space for you to get quiet and go inward.
  • Calming – nothing is quite as calming as sitting in a blissful bath with tranquil music and candles around you.
  • Inspiring – different moon phases will inspire you in different ways. For example, a moon bath ritual during the waxing moon may inspire you to get creative and take action.
  • Self-care – if you want to shake up your self-care routine and carve out more you-time in your schedule, this is a beautiful and inexpensive way to do it.
  • Healing – there’s a reason water has been used in sacred ceremonies and bathing rituals since ancient times. It’s incredibly healing. Even if it feels like you’re just sitting there doing nothing – a lot is happening beneath the surface.
  • Detox – certain bath salts, essential oils, flowers, and herbs can help detoxify your body and leave you feeling lighter and brighter.
  • Reconnect with nature – moon bathing will help you connect with mamma nature and her natural rhythm and open to her wisdom.

Tips for creating the most blissful moon bath ritual

full moon bath ritual

Here are my top suggestions for creating a super indulgent moon bathing experience. These tips work no matter what moon phase it is.

1. How to make moon water

To make moon water, place a bowl of water somewhere outside (on a window ledge is perfect) when the moon is full, so it can soak up the light. You can leave it to soak for an hour or two if you’re in a rush, but I recommend leaving it overnight. So plan to do this the night before you want to do your moon bath ritual.

You can infuse it with the herbs you’re going to use in your bath or leave it plain; it’s up to you. All that’s left to do is to pour this bowl of water into your bath.

2. Take a shower

I always take a quick rinse before I have a bath to cleanse myself (physically and energetically) and dip into the tub feeling as good as possible.

3. Create a peaceful sanctuary

Fancy spas feel so wonderful because they spend a lot of time and attention making the place and the experience look and feel beautiful. Just because you’re doing your moon bath ritual at home doesn’t mean you can’t make it just as lovely.

Deep clean your tub, rinse it with hot water, and clear away any clutter. Put out some fresh towels and a robe if you have one.

You might also want to cleanse your space by burning some herbs or incense sticks.

4. Gather your tools

  • Phone – on silent mode, with access to wifi so you can put some music on. Spa and ocean wave playlists work really well.
  • Candles – the more, the better, but soy candles are recommended as they don’t contain any nasty chemicals.
  • Fresh towels and/or a robe and slippers
  • Your bath ingredients – see below for recipes for full moon, new moon, waxing moon, and waning moon bath rituals. Don’t worry if you’re missing something—don’t let this stop you. But have a go at experimenting with ingredients and creating your own recipes. Trust your intuition. Ingredients that generally work well are natural salts, oat flour, coconut milk powder, coconut oil, essential oils, honey, cacao butter, fresh or dried flowers and herbs (bay leaves are great for manifesting), and fresh fruits.
  • Moon water – see above.
  • Refreshments – a cup of herbal tea, cacao, or some water, and maybe some fresh fruits to snack on.
  • Crystals – crystals are connected to the moon and can charge your water with their energy. Take some time to pick one that embodies what you want to call in. Just ensure they’re stones that can be submerged in water without disintegrating! Moonstone is a universal stone that will work during any moon phase because it’s a friend of the moon’s.
  • A face mask – if you’re a busy woman or a type-a, you might want to combine your bath ritual with other self-care like a face or hair mask.

5. Combine your ingredients

Mix together the ingredients you’re putting in your moon bath in a mixing bowl, so they’re nicely blended.

6. Run the water

Fill your tub with warm water—try not to go too hot because it’s not good for your skin! Add your bowl of moon water and your bowl of ingredients as the water is running.

Full moon bath ritual

What happens when you moon bathe?

The full moon is a time of celebration, expansion, and illumination. There’s a sense of abundance, beauty, and sensuality in the air. What you’re looking for in a full moon bath are ingredients that evoke the sacred feminine and delight all of your senses. Here’s how to take a full moon bath.

Recipe for your full moon bath ritual:

  • 1 cup of Himalayan pink salt
  • Half a cup of coconut milk powder
  • A handful of rose petals (fresh or dried)
  • One lemon sliced thinly into circles
  • A few drops of lemon essential oil

If you want to know more about creating a full moon ritual, check out this article:

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New moon bath ritual

spiritual bath

The new moon is a time of letting go, pausing, and resetting. With a new cycle comes a chance to begin again and start fresh. In contrast to a full moon bath, you want your new moon bath ritual to be calming, warming, grounding, and peaceful.

Recipe for your new moon bath ritual:

  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • 1 cup of oat flour (whizz up porridge oats in your blender, and you’ve just made oat flour)
  • A quarter cup of cocoa butter
  • A handful of lavender (fresh or dried)
  • A few drops of jasmine and/or patchouli essential oil

If you want to know more about creating a new moon ritual, check out this article:

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Waxing moon bath ritual

what is moon water

The waxing moon is the time to create and spring into action (you can think of it as the season of spring). The perfect moon bath ritual for this moon phase will promote and encourage strength, stability, and nourishment on all levels of your being.

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Recipe for your waxing moon bath ritual:

  • 1 cup of Himalayan salt
  • A handful of jasmine flowers (fresh or dried)
  • One orange sliced thinly in circles
  • A handful of cacao husks (optional)
  • A few drops of jasmine, orange, and/or sandalwood oil

If you want to know more about creating a waxing moon ritual, check out this article:

What Does A Waxing Moon Mean & How To Create Your Own Ritual

Waning moon bath ritual

new moon bath ritual

The waning moon is a time for retreating inward once more. What needs completing? How can you take care of yourself as your energy wanes? Following the high energy and intensity of the full moon, we’re looking for some tranquility. Infuse your moon bath with ingredients that cleanse and detoxify you.

Recipe for your waning moon bath ritual:

  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • A couple of chamomile tea bags (organic if possible)
  • A handful of white flower petals of your choice (fresh or dried)
  • A handful of fresh rosemary
  • A couple of drops of peppermint and/or neem oil

For more inspirational moon ritual ideas, check out this article:

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Tips for while you’re moon bathing

1. Set an intention

Moon rituals (particularly on the new moon) are the perfect time to set new intentions. Is there something you want to call in? A new habit you want to start? Or some support you need in achieving one of your dreams?

It doesn’t matter what it is but set an intention that comes from your heart.

2. Let yourself enjoy this moment

I have been known to go to the trouble of creating a decadent bath for myself, only to be in there for all of five minutes! My mind tells me I’ve got shit to do, “what the hell are you doing sitting in a bathtub this long?!”

Ignore that voice. Surrender to this moment. Because this is where your healing happens. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and let the water hold you.

You might want to make a mental gratitude list, meditate, repeat your intention or an affirmation, or visualize your deepest heart desires coming true. Or, you might want to literally do nothing and just listen to the soft, peaceful music in the background. Do what feels right in the moment.

3. Gently bring yourself back

When you feel ready (or when the water has gone stone cold), mindfully return to the room. Keep your candles lit and the music playing as you drain the water out of the tub. Imagine all the toxins being rinsed away, leaving your entire mind, body, and soul cleansed and rejuvenated.

If you’re covered in flowers and herbs, you might want to have a short rinse again in the shower. Remember to rinse your tub and blow out your candles before leaving the bathroom.

Straight after your moon bath ritual is also a wonderful time to journal on anything that arose for you during this experience.

Immerse yourself in moon bath magic

Whether you opt for a full moon bath or a new moon bath or something in between, I can’t wait for you to enjoy the deliciousness of a moon bath ritual at home. Which one of these moon bath rituals will you try first? And are there any other moon bath recipes that you love?

Share them with me in the comments below!

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