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I Will Not Be Chased From My Magic
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I Will Not Be Chased From My Magic

I will not be chased from my magic

I will not be chased from my magic.

They won’t keep me from walking alone at night. From slipping out barefoot, bare-chested; and meeting with the moon, and twinkling with the stars, and dancing with the wolves.

I will not allow my body to be filled and consumed by fear. Fears of endless what ifs and should nots. Collective fears inherited from all the women who have walked this path before me. The ones who rose, and the ones who fell. The ones who screamed, and the ones who were silenced.

They won’t keep me from my Mother. From the Great Goddess. The Divine feminine. From my ancestors, and my birthright. From the wisdom my womb is woven with. And the truth the earth is sown with.

I will not be chased from my magic.

They cannot keep me from reclaiming the word witch. I will alchemise over my cauldron, chant and cast spells, and magic I shall make. They cannot keep this wise woman from waking up, and reuniting with her forgotten power. We are here. We are reborn. And we are the witches they could not burn.

I will not keep my mouth or my legs closed. I will open my mouth, and I will speak my truth, and I will be heard. You will never hush or shush me again. Chain me, gag me, imprison me if you dare, but I will still be there. I will be there, singing my fight song from my cage by day, and roaring when you close your eyes at night.

I will enjoy the hills and valleys and rivers of my body. Pleasure and I shall be reacquainted, like two old friends who missed one another dearly. I will laugh, and moan, and play, and ride, and melt in the arms of a friend, a lover, a stranger. I am the sovereign Queen of my fertile lands. My power may scare or offend you, but try as you may, it is something that can never be stolen.

Magic is the base of my blood, the food of the fire in my belly, and the steady beat of my heart.

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Magic was gifted to me by my mother, and her mother, and Her. And magic is the same gift I will pass on to my daughter some day.

Magic is our birthright. It’s who we are. It’s all we know.

And I will not be chased from my magic.

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