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Your Moon Cycle & Menstrual Cycle Explained
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Your Moon Cycle & Menstrual Cycle Explained

moon cycle

A long time ago, we used to live in sync with the cycles of the moon, and her cycle was our calendar.

There is much evidence of this in the magnificent, ancient stone formations that can be seen throughout Ireland, Scotland and England to this very day.

The 12 month year that we’re now accustomed to makes up the solar calendar, which we changed over to as the switch to patriarchy was made. We allow this calendar to run our lives without question.

We ignore the four main seasons we cycle through each year, the astrological seasons the sun flows through, and the 12-13 moon cycles. Each of which brings its own unique frequency and energy. These are powerful ways to make sense of our lives, and live in harmony with natural cycles and seasons of Earth, but over time we’ve turned our backs on all of it.

The patriarchy shunned sacred wisdom and flow, for logic and structure. You only have to look at the sheer overwhelm, stress, and sickness so many of us are facing to realise this isn’t working for any of us (men or women).

And as women, we are totally out of balance with nature, and thus with ourselves, because our cycle mirrors hers.

The Moon Cycle

Since the beginning of time, women have been looking skyward to our Moon – the Goddess-like ruler of the night, and the embodiment of the feminine.

The Sun rules the day, while the night has always belonged to the Moon, and thus to women. She is the yin to His yang. Neither can exist in harmony without the other. She symbolises nurturing, fertility, and creativity. She is shadow and light. Both soft, and mighty.

Her sacred cycle is woven with the waters of our Earth Mumma. Every 29 days or so, we go on a soul journey with her, and her unique feminine energy here on Earth, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.

As we dance between the energies of the Sun and Moon, and the seen and unseen worlds, we conceive and birth new dreams, desires, and creations each cycle. The whole of life is made up of these cycles, and when we are in tune with and flowing with these natural cycles, we are able to exist in a peaceful state of flow.

Life is much easier when you swim with the tide, instead of struggling against her.

Grand Mumma Moon is yet another one of the guides we can look to for answers, direction, and understanding. Each phase of the moon cycle sings its own lullaby, and offers a map for us as women to identify with, and co-create our deepest desires with in harmony.

As she rises, flows, falls, and retreats; so do we. Her cyclic and expressive nature gives us permission to explore our own wild, feminine nature. Her sacred rhythm mirrors our own internal menstrual rhythm. She calls us back to the ancient ways of the wise women who came before us; and connects us with that wisdom which can be unearthed somewhere deep within us.

If we’re willing to look, we may find truth and pain amongst sprinklings of stardust; neither of which can be found without the other.

Women around the world are slowly remembering what has been forgotten, and choosing to look skyward once more. But even for those of us who choose not to, the Moon is always there with open arms, cycling through light and darkness, inviting us to join her in remembering.

There are four main phases of the moon cycle that we tend to work with, and each of these phases is linked to a different archetype, and one of the four main phases of our menstrual cycle.

Moon cycle phase: Waxing Moon

Menstrual phase: Pre-ovulation / follicular phase

Archetype: Maiden


The Waxing phase is when energy begins to expand and shift outward, and creativity is high. This is a time to explore, play, create, and turn your inward intentions into a reality in the physical world.

Use your intention and energy to assist you, and combine your inner masculine and feminine energy to drive your creation forward.

Moon cycle phase: Full Moon

Menstrual phase: Ovulatory phase

Archetype: Mother


The Full Moon is a time of nourishment, expansion, and celebration. It can often be a really intense time, where emotions and feelings are heightened and magnified.

Everything you’ve been working towards up to this point is accentuated, so this is the time to expand beyond self-imposed limitations, and unleash the fierce feminine power within.

Move forward boldly and courageously, letting your heart and soul guide you, knowing and trusting you are always held by the Divine.

Moon cycle phase: Waning Moon

Menstrual phase: Pre-menstrual phase

Archetype: Wild Woman (also known as Medicine Woman)


Now is the time to begin your journey inward. Harvest what you’ve grown, and take some time to complete anything you want to finish by the end of this cycle.

Take a look at where you are now, what’s working for you, and what needs to be released, or given more attention.

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Begin to retreat, and give yourself time for rest and renewal.

Moon cycle phase: New Moon

Menstrual phase: Bleeding phase

Archetype: Wise Woman (also known as the Crone)


During the New Moon, the sun and moon are aligned, which signifies the merging of the masculine with the feminine. Energetically, this means it’s the perfect time to be still, tune in to what’s emerging within you, and plant new seeds of intention.

Give yourself space to receive the inner wisdom flowing through you right now, and connect with the Divine. Writing, journaling, and dreaming are perfect activities to indulge in to help deepen this connection, and tap into your intuition. Once you’ve decided on your intentions for this cycle, put them in writing.

This is a brief summary of the four main moon cycle phases, and the overall energy and theme of each one. There’s a lot more I could write about Moonifesting, archetypes, and our menstrual cycle – I could probably write a whole book! But this is a great start if you’re new to working with Her, and as time goes on you can deepen your learning and reflect this in your practice.

These four phases offer a powerful framework you can look to each moon cycle, and allow to guide and empower you no matter what you’re seeking to understand, create, or master.

The more you work with Her, and tune into this cycle (and your own), the more you’ll feel in flow with the natural timings and rhythms of the Earth.

This is how we can feel grounded, supported, and empowered as women.

What if you started planning and co-creating with Grand Mumma Moon, and her powerful feminine force, instead of the calendar months you find in your planner?

What if you chose to honour the divine feminine within you, and the Earth you walk on each day?

And what if you lived your life in flow with the natural tide, instead of always swimming against it?

By returning to and embracing our earth’s natural cycles (and our own), we become re-rooted in nature, and reacquainted with the ancient feminine wisdom we’ve lost over the years.

Living in harmony with the cycles allows us to deeply tune into our own wisdom, as well as revealing the Divine wisdom that guides us from above.

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  • Hi Shani, I find this super fascinating however I’m struggling to link this information to the information about the red, white, pink, and purple moon cycles as well. From what I understand, this info fits with the white moon cycle, however what about the women on the others? How can we all tune more deeply in to the moon and our Menstrual Cycle? I’d love to understand more! Thanks xo

    • Hi Christina!

      Yes this article explains a “typical” white moon cycle, but every woman has a slightly different cycle, which is where the red, pink and purple moon cycles come into play. We are all still deeply in tune with the moon and mirroring the rhythm of mother nature. There are certain things you can do if you want to try and move your cycle to a white moon cycle (moon bathing, seed cycling, etc.) but there’s really no need to do this – every woman is connected to the moon no matter what her cycle looks like (regular, irregular, or even during menopause).


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