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Here’s To The Wild Women
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Here’s To The Wild Women

Here's To The Wild Women She Rose Revolution

Here’s to the wild women.

The rebels, the misfits, the rule-breakers, the creators, and the disruptors.

The women who were born not to ride waves, but to make them.

The women who bend and break the rules and create their own, for they were not born to follow but to lead, and pave their own way through the untamed forest.

The women who look skyward, sync their heartbeat with Hers, and tune into their sacred rhythm. The women who honour their bleeding, and uncover their magick. They are remembering all that was forgotten. And they are taking it back.

Here’s to the wild women who live by their intuition, allowing their inner knowing to guide them through both rocky mountains and still seas. A bridge connecting their womb to the universe. The more they listen and trust, the more they are held.

The women who are seeding and tending to businesses, conscious enterprises, and movements. Backing themselves, and believing in their ideas. Stepping fully into their infinite potential.

To the women who are reclaiming the divine feminine that has been cast to the shadows, and are coming home. Embracing their sacred sensuality, embodying self-love, and returning to wholeness; without the need for another. Healing themselves, and in turn, healing our world.

The women who choose not to play games. Rising above comparison, manipulation, and competition. They believe there is enough for us all. And they do not feel the need to prove their worth.

Here’s to the wild women who live and breathe an authentic life. The ones who say how they feel, and presence what they see, even when they’re afraid to. The ones who are walking their soul path; not always the easiest path to take, but the path that supports their highest evolution.

The women who have reclaimed their sovereignty, breaking free from the chains that have bound them for far too long. Finding the beauty in their aloneness, and the freedom in their singleness. The ones who dare to walk this earth, in the arms of themselves. They are not seeking completion or love or security. They are seeking themselves. Their own love, their own money, and their own value.

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The women who dare to put themselves first. The women who chase what they want, and honour their deepest desires, and tend to their own well. Because they know that it all starts with them. If they are full, they can give fully. If they are nourished, they can nourish others. If they are rooted in their power, they can empower those around them.

Here’s to the wild women. The women who let go of anything that does not serve them, so they can make way for what does. The women who say no to jobs and to men and their parents; and say yes to doing what they love, to relationships that support them, and to opportunities that others may not like or understand.

The women who will journey to meet and face all of themselves. Their darkest shadows, their brightest lights, and everything in between. The women who seek out that inner work, and do not run from their past, but confront it. Because they know this is the path to healing. This is the path to transformation.

The women who let go of labels. Labels like daughter, wife, and mother. Pretty, and smart. Successful, and failing. They un-label themselves. They refuse to define themselves by a word. Because they are none of them, and all of them. They are everything.

Here’s to you, wild women.