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Journey To Meet Your Wild Woman

wild woman

Meet wild woman.

She’s wild because she needs to be.

Her wildness is what we fear, because we’ve been tamed for too long.

This enables her to journey deep, below the surface, and all the way to the edge.

Her wildness allows her to sense, feel, and intuit a sky of emotions rooted in our core.

And is the elixir that heals all past wounds and traumas.

Her wildness is the strength she needs to embrace, love, and accept all of herself.

And it’s her wildness that transmutes into wisdom.

But only if she gives herself permission to fully embrace every shade of the wild first.

The wild woman (or medicine woman as she’s often known as) is one of four archetypes that we cycle through as women in our days, weeks, months, and lifetimes.

Our menstrual cycle also has four main phases to it, which mirrors the four main phases of the Moon.

Wild woman is often the most repressed and shamed archetype of all.

Yet she is arguably the one we need to embrace most as women in order to feel comfortable within, and reclaim our forgotten power.

Wild woman rules our pre-menstrual phase; a part of our cycle which can bring up a lot of pain (physically, mentally & emotionally), darkness, denial, and destruction. PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) often occurs during this time, and is widely accepted as something we must simply accept and endure once a week, every month as women.

It’s also used as a scapegoat by the patriarchy anytime they’re confronted by a wild woman, as a way to inflict shame, and encourage us to turn down the volume of our emotions (thus taming ourselves); which keeps us separated from our feminine wisdom – their goal all along.

What if the frustration, pain, heightened emotions, darkness, and destructive behaviour that we’ve come to view as normal during this phase, were actually an out-pour of stifled and repressed emotions in our subconscious, that are desperate to come to light?

What if we witnessed our pain re-emerging, and chose to honour, heal and integrate it, instead of ignoring it or pushing it back down?

Most women are unaware of these archetypes they cycle through. So when wild woman does appear each month during the darkening Moon phase, we don’t know or understand what’s happening inside ourselves. And we can often project that frustration onto the outside world – meaning, the ones closest to us.

Even if we are aware of her, we may not have the right tools or wisdom to fully embrace her.

The more we ignore and repress our inner emotions and fears, the more power they begin to hold over us, and the more powerless we begin to feel – not only within, but externally out in the world, too.

This is how we become more susceptible to being influenced, manipulated, and controlled.

Your subconscious is directly linked to your conscious mind, and controls your thoughts and beliefs. You may be aware of what lurks there, and you may not be; but either way, your subconscious thoughts are ruling your mind.

These subconscious thoughts are generally rooted in fear, which is why they stay here un-confronted; and always end up influencing, obstructing, and meddling in our external lives.

Your inner wild woman knows there’s no sense in trying to battle on and move forward, until you take the time to properly turn inwards, and meet all that lives in your subconscious.

This reflection will inevitably stir up a mixed bag of emotions that none of us enjoy experiencing: fear, anxiety, stress, shame, guilt, resentment, jealousy, negativity, and overwhelm – to name just a few.

If you find it difficult to confront and sit with these kinds of emotions, I invite you to be mindful that all the emotions we experience and circle through on any given day are simply energy. Not good, or bad, just energy.

So, how do we reclaim our power, and fully embrace our wild woman?

We delve into and confront our shadows, and expose them to the light.

And sit with our most intense feelings, allowing them to fill us up, leaving no crevice unexplored.

We get to know ourselves in a way we’ve dared not to before.

And we go all the way to the edge of the woman we believe we are, and keep going.

For it is only by knowing our own depths and darkness can we know our light.

After reflection, comes acceptance.

In embracing and learning to love our darkness, we can move forwards with complete clarity, harmony, and an inner knowing. The more we devote ourselves to this practice, we begin to see that our shadows are not inherently bad at their core.

They are still pieces of you; pieces that that have been hurt and scarred, and avoided the light out of fear. But when we offer these parts of ourselves love, compassion, and acceptance, we can shift that energy, and stop it from continuing to cause destruction and mayhem in our world.

The very energy that you once ran away from, and held you back in life, is transformed into a powerful, magnetic force that helps you evolve and stride forward with confidence.

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Like all inner work, this is no easy task, and it’s unsurprising that most women continue to repress their inner wild woman. Because she knows that real healing isn’t as simple as popping a pill, slapping on a plaster, or telling yourself you’re fine, and soldiering on as normal.

She knows it requires much time and energy to get to the root of a problem, yet this is the only way a problem can be fully understood, and therefore solved.

But if you’re willing to step into the wilderness, courageously face the shadows buried within, and get comfortable with discomfort.

If you’re willing to cultivate a deep relationship with yourself, based on self-care and self-love, to value all of your feelings, and discover how to support yourself; she will create tidal waves of transformation in your inner and outer worlds.

This is the path to your most enlightened self.

You will barely recognise the woman you were before the rewilding.

Facing our shadows and reclaiming the power that lies there in our subconscious, is how we avoid falling victim to internal or external circumstances.

Regardless of how our culture dictates or demands women to think, dress, or act; or how much pressure is placed on us to tame our wild nature, and conform like a herd of sheep that can be controlled; a woman is a being who in her nature is always inextricably intertwined with the wild.

The woman and the wild can never truly be separated, so it is never too late to step outside the comforting world you’ve always known, and journey deep into the heart of the forgotten forest.

It’s in your wildness you’ll discover your voice, and grow confident in using it.

You’ll realise your body, your job title, and your house do not define you.

You’ll walk the bridge between the two worlds, and begin to hear the whispers of your soul.

Journey to the edge and meet all of yourself, and discover the courage to face everything that’s holding you back and keeping you small.

You’ll learn how to weave your feminine wisdom with your masculine drive, and create inner and outer harmony in your world.

You’ll meet other wild women along the way, who will support and inspire you, and be a mirror for the compassion, fire, and grace you cultivate within.

And remove yourself from the chains of the system that have bound you for too long, and carve your own definition of beauty, happiness, and success.

You’ll discover the inner love, confidence, and empowerment you’ve spent a lifetime searching for outside of yourself.

In coming home to our wildness, we find peace.

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