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Read This If You’re Waiting For Your Dreams To Come True
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Read This If You’re Waiting For Your Dreams To Come True

Read This If You're Waiting For Your Dreams To Come True She Rose Revolution

Do you feel like you’re endlessly waiting for your dreams to come true?

I’ve been blessed to watch many of my dreams come true at a relatively young age.

I quit my 9-5 job to make a living as a writer at 26. And less than a year later, my first book was published. I travelled the world, worked remotely from my laptop; and created the freedom to plan my days, weeks, and months. I started my own business, which you’ve found your way to here; growing it from a tiny seed in my heart to what it is today.

But as you probably know, when one dream comes true, a bigger and bolder one often takes its place.

This is natural, because as human beings, we continually strive for growth. Because if we’re not growing, we’re only dying. New dreams and intentions support this growth, pushing us to pass our self-imposed limitations, and strive for our highest evolution.

Today, my dreams are to grow She Rose Revolution into a multi-million dollar business, and empower millions of women worldwide in the process. I want to write a book that becomes a New York Times bestseller, that (again) reaches millions of women. And I desire financial freedom.

I’ve grown a lot over the past four years, and, as you can see, my dreams have expanded with me. But I’m just as far away from them as I was my smaller dreams.

What are your dreams?

I know you have at least one, even if you don’t allow yourself to think about it much.

Maybe you keep it hidden from the world because you’re afraid to declare what you really want in case it doesn’t come true; or you’re afraid that if you do make it known, people in your life will judge you.

Here’s what I’ve learned about dreams so far.

If a dream comes from your soul, it is meant for you in this lifetime. I cannot say when or where it will manifest, but if you trust that it will and you continue on your soul path, in time, it will become a reality.

But it has to come from your soul. It can’t be a dream your parents have for you, or a dream your partner has for you, or a dream you wanted ten years ago that no longer fully resonates with you.

It’s a waste of energy dreaming of becoming a millionaire, if that isn’t what you truly desire on a soul level.

It’s a waste of energy dreaming of running your own business, if you’re happier being an employee and having less responsibility.

And it’s a waste of energy dreaming of retiring today and moving to Hawaii, if you know you don’t like the heat, you’d miss your family and friends, and you’d be bored senseless having no real structure to your days.

So be sure the dreams you’re carrying around are actually yours; and that they align with who you are and the person you want to grow into.

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Now that you’re sure these are your dreams, next comes the waiting.

You know where you want to go, but there’s a big space between where you are now, and where your dream is. And maybe you know the steps you need to take there, or maybe a lot of the details are unclear right now. Both are okay.

Remember, this is your journey. And your journey is your growth. Your journey is what will shape you into the person you need to become to create that reality you dream of.

It sounds cliché to say, but what fun would life be if you clicked your fingers, and got everything you wanted in a heartbeat?

Really, wouldn’t this be unsatisfying? No work, no discipline, no hunger. Everything just falls from the sky into your open arms. No challenges to overcome, no growth, no sense of accomplishment.

We wouldn’t evolve; there’d be no need to. And isn’t that what life is, in its simplest form? Living, learning, and growing. This is the human experience. This is what we’re all here for. If your heart is beating right now, there’s a reason for it. Your mission is not done yet; perhaps it hasn’t even begun.

So, if you’re patiently waiting for your dreams to come true, that’s your answer; and that’s my answer too. We’re not done yet. There’s at least one more step, one more lesson to learn, one more obstacle to figure out.

This is an invite from the universe to keep going; to keep growing, and to keep moving forward on your path.