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This Is What It Means To Belong To Yourself
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This Is What It Means To Belong To Yourself

belong to yourself

Do you know what it means to belong to yourself?

Are you interested in yourself?

Are you committed to yourself?

Every relationship is an extension of the relationship you have with yourself. It is essential to cultivate a meaningful relationship with yourself before you embark on a relationship with a significant other.

When you decide to commit to yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself fully and uninhibitedly. Any other love only adds up to the reservoir of love you have created for yourself. No man, woman or job can make you more whole than you already are.

Truth be told, the world we live in is frightfully cliquish. You have got to belong to a certain group of people if you are to find happiness, or so it seems. You have to fit in even if it goes against your grain. If you are not part of a gang or circle, you are assumed to be standoffish, uncool, miserable or lacking in some way.

But how do you belong to someone or something if you don’t know to belong to yourself first?

Do you know what you love about yourself? Do you know to keep yourself company? Can you sit blissfully with yourself? Do you know to spend time alone?

Invest in yourself.

Discover your passions and pursue them diligently. Women who are motivated by their own passions are attractive. A woman who cultivates her own interests is inspiring. An interesting mind makes an interesting woman. Whether it’s writing, teaching, cooking, crocheting, painting, photography or gardening–find what fills you with joy and pursue it passionately. Let your creative energies flow unhindered.

Take care of yourself.

Take full accountability for yourself, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Do not let the insignificant actions of others influence the direction of your life. Becoming emotionally independent is more important now than ever.

Discipline yourself to eat right and exercise. Get rest. Stay hydrated. Make the lifestyle changes you need to make to feel fit. Discipline yourself to sleep a certain number of hours each night. Develop a deep, intimate relationship with Source; it will give you the strength to persevere through tumultuous times, it will empower you to soar above the storms of life.

Carve out some time for yourself.

Indulge yourself. Take yourself out on a date. Learn to spend time with yourself. Dress for yourself. Watch a film by yourself. What is weird to some is liberating to others.

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Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself. Fan the flame inside of you. Fan it until it burns brightly.

Be absolutely diligent in pursuit of a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit.

Belonging to yourself transforms every area of your life. When you belong to yourself, you are in a state of total contentment. Instead of obsessively clinging to your friend, cousin or partner and literally smothering them to make you feel loved, pampered and entertained; you take charge of your own happiness. You let people off the hook. And you won’t ever hold another person responsible for the way you feel, and that is incredibly empowering.

When you belong to yourself, happiness arises out of your very core; independent of any outer circumstance. Belonging to yourself is not escaping the world or being narcissistic, it is encountering yourself, loving yourself.

The prospect of belonging to someone, something or someplace is thrilling. But pause and ponder. Belong to yourself, first. Come home to yourself. Lead a revolution, today and every day of your life.

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