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The Awakening Woman
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The Awakening Woman

awakening woman

I am the words in the stories you read as a young girl. I am what you created. You are what I imagined. So where do we go together now? How do we make it count?

Do you ever think that being the women they told us to be made us into something else?

I do. I see it all around me. I see it in every conversation I have with a woman who has opened her eyes to truth, to wonder, to art, to sensitivity, to life between the lines.

I see it in you.

You are impassioned by the dance of life, and yet you linger on your wants.

What do you want? Why does that question suddenly always seem so difficult to answer?

Yet, when you were that little girl, you just wanted your future to blossom into a marshmallow factory, a puppy castle, anything bright, colorful, and alive.

Just a reason to keep smiling. To keep feeling the magic in the moments when you were breathing in life with ease, with desire, with true trust in what it was you didn’t know would come next.

I crave it all the time, those moments. The innocence. The naivety.

When I watched sad-looking adults interact, I often thought, “They don’t seem to be having fun at all.”

I couldn’t ponder a life where that was true for me. I wanted to run around, scream, laugh, and yell forever. Infinitely. I didn’t understand what kept those adults from doing so. Weren’t they children once? Weren’t they once like me?

So what now as our bodies have evolved into adulthood?

Why does it feel sometimes like we have become exactly what they were? Why don’t we smile as much anymore? Where did the laughter go? Why doesn’t everything or anything seem as funny these days? Where are our endless bounds of energy? Why are we so exhausted sometimes by just breathing it all in?

You and I, we ask these questions regularly. We open our minds to what the answers might be, even if they aren’t easy to hear.

You sigh, and I hold you. I hold you inside of me. You’re ok. I want you to know it’s all ok. It’s just the evolution of your spirit in your body, coming online to the reality created around you.

And there you are, still beating your brows at the sun that tells you to wait.

Be patient. You have time.

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You wonder what it’s all trying to tell you. You ask for all the answers at once. You’ve known, though, that it’s never worked that way. You live for the mystery of it all.

And that is why it’s always quiet in the air as the stars touch down on you. For in the quiet, they tell you it’s all for you to decide.

Inside your very body, you feel the answers alive in you.

They say, “You already know, my darling.” They tell you to not fear what others cannot see in you. In what you know is the truth inside your bones beneath the flesh at the center of your soul.

So together, we share the words that come from the core of our existence. Our heart wants to burst through the surface of our chest and declare its freedom and liberation of the chains that have kept it locked away for lifetimes.

So come with me, let’s go together. Sync with me. Hold my hand.

Let’s be the women they won’t be able to recognize. Give them nothing to talk about. Just do it for you. Just do it for the others like you who want to come too.

It’s time. Walk into the world and don’t look down.

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