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This Is How I Move From Scarcity To An Abundance Mindset
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This Is How I Move From Scarcity To An Abundance Mindset

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You’re nearly home. The walk was beautiful; the sun shining through the tree branches, the soft wind running through your hair, and distant smiles from the occasional passers-by. It’s peaceful, and life is good. For a moment, your mind is completely clear, and you’re focused only on your senses and the tranquil countryside.

You open your front door, sit in your favorite cozy corner and start to scroll through your phone. Instantly, your heart starts to race. A sense of dread fills your bones as you question what your next move will be. How will you keep up with these people?

Your life suddenly seems less picturesque, less positive, less calm. The sinking feeling of unworthiness builds until you feel completely powerless. “I’ll never be as good as them,” thoughts engulfed in envy.

You’re stuck in a scarcity mindset.

We have all experienced the feeling of not being good enough.

Comparing ourselves to others to the point where we feel completely paralyzed. We’re tricked into thinking the emotions we’re experiencing are permanent and that we’re stuck in an endless maintenance cycle of negativity.

When we continue to live with a scarcity mindset, things don’t change. Then, when they don’t change, we tell ourselves that “we knew it,” so the cycle continues. The scarcity mindset is our kryptonite, and it affects us all. But for women in particular, scarcity quicksand is powerful and threatens to swallow us whole.

Many times in my life, I’ve slipped into this mindset and there’s no doubt it harmed my education, social life, and self-esteem. For many years I changed my appearance depending on the “pretty” girl at school or in the media; a normal phase during puberty, you may think, but it can be the beginning of self-sabotage.

From a very young age, our society, entrenched in patriarchal and archaic views, teaches us to see other girls and women as our competition. We’re encouraged to compete for men, for jobs, for popularity, for beauty; we’re taught that there is not enough to go around. But that simply isn’t true.

Living with an abundance mindset will set you free. It’ll ease the comparison, feed your soul and help you regain control of your present and future.

An abundance mindset is believing tomorrow can be better than today, balanced with an innate gratitude for what you already have. It’s about believing in yourself and trusting you are held by a Universe that will always provide.

It takes time and practice to fully embrace this, but there are steps you can take every day to help it root within and grow.

My top 4 tips to cultivate an abundance mindset

1. Be self-aware

Every success I’ve had in my life has stemmed from being self-aware. Being mindfully conscious of how we show up every day, of our presence, our strengths, and our weaknesses. This allows us to embrace the unique gifts we’ve been given and worry less about where we fall short. We can see the path we need to take to achieve our goals and find comfort in knowing that every single path is slightly different.

2. Be kind

An abundance mindset isn’t about convincing yourself that everything is already perfect. It’s OK to identify areas in your life you want to improve, but be kind and offer yourself grace in the process.

Set goals and make a plan. Dream big, but also be realistic with your time. Don’t correlate your worthiness with your productivity. Remind yourself you are right where you need to be, and you’ll be free to enjoy your journey and cheer others on theirs.

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Remember, it’s not a race, and it’s not about stepping on each other to climb to the top. It’s about holding out a hand to pull each other up.

3. Be grateful

Every journey will have a few bumps in the road. It’s healthy to allow negative thoughts or emotions to come and go, like passing clouds. To remind ourselves of the good, even when the rain is pouring, we can use the power of gratitude.

I keep a gratitude journal and write three things I am grateful for every night before I go to sleep. Daily gratitude will help you identify all the good that already surrounds you, clarify what you want more of, and see that there is plenty of good for us all.

4. Monitor your inner monologue

Every day, we tell stories in our minds about ourselves, others, and the world around us. Some of these stories we’ve been telling ourselves for years have become ingrained in our belief systems. Others last only a few days, influenced by something we recently consumed.

Check in with yourself and identify these stories that pop up in your thoughts as you go about your day. Do these stories make you feel happy, motivated, or fulfilled?

If not, are they evidence-based? Can they be challenged?

An abundance mindset will open you up to infinite possibilities and your infinite potential. You’ll be stronger, more confident, and receptive to new ideas for personal pleasure and growth. You will be transformed.

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