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10 Simple Ways To Live A Richer Life Today
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10 Simple Ways To Live A Richer Life Today

ways to live a richer life

If my adulthood was a book, it would be titled “New Day, New Drama.” It’s funny how I find something new every day.

I am a full-time employee and a student, and sometimes I am scared that I will suck at both. Till now, thankfully, I have only excelled in them.

I’ve learned a lot from my teenage years. And I wanted to share some of my insights with you.

Here are 10 simple ways to live a richer life today

1. Shorter and better circles

Have friends who inspire you to be a better person. In my early teens, I used to make friends who provided me with all the juicy gossip. I used to call them ‘Best Friends Forever,’ but as I have grown up, I believe in the power of the people you spend your time with. It’s easy to make friends, but it’s always time-consuming. So choose wisely.

2. Follow your heart

I am a GenZ, and I used to live for the validation of what others think of me and their thoughts controlled me. I used to follow all the popular trends, even when I didn’t like them, just to impress my peers and fit in their groups. But now I know how important it is to be yourself. Doing things without seeking validation. Doing it only because you like it. For example, choosing a job, writing, and not being too available for everyone.

3. Do what’s scary

I had so many fears. A walk by myself, solo dates, local bus rides, taking a stand, or calling out body shaming. Each of these used to bother me, and it felt so scary. Every step required courage and acceptance. But, honestly, life is so short to be afraid of someone or something. Do what’s scary, and you will experience a sigh of relief once you conquer that situation. That feeling is surreal.

4. Help without expectations

As a kid, I would only help people who could give me something or were nice to me. No offense, but there was a time all of us helped people who could provide us any value in the future. But, my grandma taught me this quote, “Always help people selflessly, and karma always gives you what you give.”

From that moment, I realized how my small act of kindness can make someone’s day. Karma will always give you what you offer. It’s a cycle; it always comes back.

5. Write letters to your past and future selves

Writing is my love language, and it’s always the best way to express my feelings. Have you ever thought that if you could meet your younger self, you would tell her, “Don’t worry, you will win this battle,” or “I am proud of you,” or “Trust your intuition?” Yes, me too. I used to run away from my past self and blame her for everything. However, writing letters to her was key to forgiving her. It’s always helpful.

Another tip: if you are stuck emotionally or mentally, just write to your future self and tell her how you won this battle too. She will be proud of you.

6. Baby steps are still steps

Have you ever felt like you don’t have much time to do, learn, or explore new options? I have. But who needs a whole free day or month to achieve that dream or fulfill that goal? You can start by taking baby steps. They are still yours, and you can achieve your dreams with consistency. Baby steps help you manifest your dreams into reality.

7. One evening only for you

We have always been available or just a call away for everyone but ourselves. Have one evening only for yourself. No mobile phone, no distractions, no people. Just you and your cup of tea or coffee. In the beginning, it might feel boring to do this, but trust me, you will love acts of self-care once you start feeling that peace. You can read your favorite book that evening, sing music loudly, or dance like no one else is there.

8. Have a backup

Growing up, I understood the value of having a backup. Not just in my career but also for my mood. E.g., having a terrible day at work? Call your best friend. Watch that comedy show to boost your mood if she isn’t available. Stuck somewhere and can’t find Uber? Have a backup knowledge of local routes and buses.

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It’s easy since things and people are almost always available, and if they aren’t? Find something else.

You can’t stop. You won’t stop.

9. Breaks aren’t that bad

It’s common to keep going, keep pushing, keep doing, and ignore all the red flags. Suppose you work continuously for a whole day without taking a break. You may have had a very productive day, but maybe you were exhausted too? Now, you can’t find the energy to do the same work the next day.

It does happen. It’s not just about work; it happens in relationships, friendships and school. How often do we continuously work and ignore that we are fatigued and need a break? Once you feel completely exhausted, you just break down or snap. Give yourself some space to rejuvenate and take some rest.

10. Maintain balance

In my first job, I would only think about what my boss said or how my colleague talked to me. I used to think about my work and office all the time. Even when I used to study. It happened so often that I only talked to my family about my work and had nothing else to talk about. My mood depended on how my boss spoke to me.

But this kind of behavior is not beneficial for your work-life balance. Your family deserves your time and attention. It’s okay to focus on your work, but giving them your whole 24 hours isn’t helpful to them or yourself. The same rule applies to all other areas of your life.

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