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The Creatrix: Unleash Your Creativity
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The Creatrix: Unleash Your Creativity

unleash your creativity

If you found your way here, chances are you feel a deep desire within to unleash your creativity.

Usually there’s a few common scenarios playing out for women:

  1. You don’t believe you’re creative
  2. You don’t prioritise time and space to be creative
  3. And/or, you’re not sure how to begin tapping into your creativity

Let’s clear the first point up right now. We are all creative. But many of us believe that if we can’t draw or paint to an artist’s standard, then we’re not creative.

This is a lie so many of us continue to tell ourselves.

Release this limiting belief today.

Your inner Creatrix

The feminine is the Creatrix, but for some reason, so many of us women find ourselves creatively blocked, and feeling frustrated.

This can manifest in our lives in a physical, emotional, sexual, or financial way.

We end up feeling like we’re living a half life.

I believe one of the main reasons for this is because the feminine, and therefore creativity, is not currently valued or honoured. So we find ourselves dishonouring and turning our backs on this integral part of ourselves as women.

We dismiss our talents, question our right to create, and fail to prioritise our time each day to do so.

But we need it.

Creativity feeds us as women, while also feeding every person who finds beauty, meaning or inspiration in our creations. And this in turn is what inspires others to create.

Too many of us lack the self belief, confidence, or know-how to begin this journey of rediscovery, and tap into our deepest and most authentic selves.

But in doing so, we are able to honour our inner Creatrix, and the magic that has been stifled within.

Prioritise time and space to be creative

Many women learn that it’s their responsibility to take care of everyone around them.

Other people’s needs and wants are prioritised ahead of their own.

Some of us even believe that we’re being selfish if we ever think about what we want, or put ourselves first.

This is bullshit.

You do not exist in this world to take care of everybody else. 

Of course you want to take care of the people you love. But that is not your job. It’s not your sole purpose here.

And I want you to know that being selfish, and putting your own desires first sometimes is okay.

In fact, it’s important that you are selfish sometimes. Because if you don’t take care of yourself, then you won’t be able to give wholly to others.

You need to make sure your well is topped up and nourished, and then you can give abundantly. And when your needs are met, it allows you to be a better mother, daughter, sister, partner, and friend.

So the first step to unleash your creativity is to create enough time and space to do so. And that will look different to everyone.

For some of us, having just twenty minutes each day to be creative will be life changing. So think about where you can create this space in your day.

Maybe you can get up a little earlier, or skip that episode of your favourite TV show, or even make better use of your lunch break at work.

How to unleash your creativity

Paint, dance, sing, drum, garden, write, sculpt, build, cook, bake, knit, sew, or play.

These are all ways for you to unlock and embrace your creative life force, lose yourself in the magic of the moment, and make art.

So explore a couple or all of the above, and follow what inspires and excites you within.

Revisit your childhood, and seek out all the things you once loved doing. More often than not, they will still light you up the way they did all those years ago. 

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All of these expressions of creativity are doorways to our inner world. Our intuition, our wisdom, and our soul intent.

Since rediscovering my love for writing, I’ve found it to be a necessary outlet for my endlessly deep range of creativity, emotions and feelings.

I’m a writer, and writing is definitely one of my favourite ways to channel my creative energy.

When I’m excited, I write. When I’m frustrated or stuck, I write. And when I’m deeply inspired, I write. When I’m feeling hurt, I write. Whenever I’m feeling triggered by anything, I write.

Sometimes it might just be journaling some pages in a notebook, and other times it might take the form of an article or blog post, or even a book.

That’s how I confront and channel what’s going on inside me, make sense of it, and either release or unleash it.

This is what inspired me to create Wild Women Writing – an online writing journey designed to help women tap into their creativity, and write and birth a book.

Honour your inner Creatrix

The truth is, your creativity is there, and it always has been. You can’t lose it.

And creativity has value. Just as much as logic does. Never allow anyone to convince you it’s a waste of time.

If something brings you joy and fills your heart, you need to do more of it. Listen to and trust where your soul guides you.


  • Creativity matters
  • You are creative
  • Creativity feeds and nourishes your soul
  • You deserve time and space to prioritise your creativity

So I invite you to unleash your creativity today.

Embrace it. Have fun with it. Play, discover, and make art from your heart. See where it leads you.

And don’t be afraid to step off the path you’ve always known, and journey deep into the wild.

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