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I Am Everything
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I Am Everything

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I am the light that pours in through the windows as the sun rises at first dawn. And I am the aubergine silk glistening in the background, allowing the stars and the moon to twinkle and illuminate at midnight.

I am the soft and swirling lines of a weightless canopy of clouds drifting, peacefully, drifting. And I am the harsh, jagged edges of shattered glass, that effortlessly draws blood from your skin.

I am fluid like free-flowing water, spilling, spreading, and filling up every shape and space. And I am ever sturdy, like the bare earth that grounds me beneath my feet.

I am transparent like the delicate wings of a bumble bee; my deepest secrets, truths, and lies all laid out to air. And I am opaque like the heavy drapes that shelter you from knowing the world has long since woken.

I am open, like a red rose bud slipping out of slumber; blooming and scenting the sweet summer air in June.

And I am closed, like the sliding doors of a train you ran for, and watched leave.

I am strong, like the standing peak of an unmovable mountain. And I am weak, like the fragile sheet of ice that always dares to shatter, or melt.

I am still, like the sleeping wind taking rest in the middle of a scorching desert. And I am ever moving, like the raging flames of a fire, glowing, rising, and dancing.

I am loud, like the roar of an untamed lioness, sprinting across the vast, open woodland, to protect her cub. And I am quiet, like the mouse who softly scurries the street, barely noticed.

I am free, like the seedlings that scatter and sprout and grow wildly wherever they fall. And I am caged, like the bird with clipped wings who dreams of flight, and freedom.

I am love, like a mother cradling her baby for the first time, delicately in her arms. And I am pain, like an unwelcome visit from death, stealthily stealing and thieving in the night.

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I am him; the one who moves with focus, and builds, and values structure and logic. And I am her; the one who creates and weaves, and nourishes and receives, with fierce grace.

I am neither, and I am both.

I am nothing, and I am everything.

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