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I’m Over The Word God
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I’m Over The Word God

the word God

I’m over the word God.

And while we’re here, let me add Him. Father. Creator. And Lord to that list.

I’m tired of the male bias that rules countries and languages around the world, through the pretence of religion.

And I’m bored of the all mighty masculine undertones of the society I find myself living in. Which, by the way, only began around 2000 years ago with the popularisation of Christianity (Patriarchy).

Girls and boys who are born to religious parents (no matter which religion) are subconsciously taught that men are more important, powerful, and valuable than women. Through the continual repetition of He, Him, and God; and figures of all-mighty men in scriptures and places of worship.

And I’m over it. I’m over the word God.

I’ve reached the end of my patience when it comes to opening holy books, and seeing men raised up loftily on platforms. While women are cast as devils in disguise, damsels in distress, or whores who roam the streets at night.

I’m ready for the Great Goddess to rise once more, and for the divine feminine to be honoured in us all. My soul longs to enter places of worship, and recognise a piece of myself in the stories, places, and faces that greet me.

I’m hungry for equality. A religion that champions women just as much as men, and teaches us that our differences are our strengths. One that calls out history on its male bias, balances the record and restores harmony by sharing her story.

I want books of wisdom, and names of the Goddesses and Priestesses and Temple keepers, and a language that lifts women up, instead of pushing us down. Where a woman’s sexuality is both explored and embraced, and she is taught not to shrink but to roar. One that is not filled with should nots and do nots, but instead with welcoming invitations and the openness of encouragement.

The word God will still exist, but in unison with the word Goddess.

Words like Her, and She, and Creatrix, and Mother will be rediscovered; their true strength and power restored.

This is what I want to share with my future daughter someday.

And this is what I want for the next generation of women.

Because I’m over the word God. For me, it represents lifetimes of shame and oppression and dishonour that has played out against women. And it continues as I write this.

What I hope for is a world of true equality. One without shame and oppression and dishonour. A world where women are honoured and respected and revered, the same way we honour and respect and revere men today.

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A world where the word God means no more, and no less, than the word Goddess.

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