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Aquarius Rising Woman: The Unconventional Innovator
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Aquarius Rising Woman: The Unconventional Innovator

aquarius rising woman

Are you an Aquarius rising woman who wants to know more about what this birth chart placement means?

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, often confused with a water sign because it’s represented by the water bearer. Formerly ruled by Saturn and more recently ruled by Uranus, this sign usually has a conflicting, paradoxical nature due to the contrast of these two energies. But how does an Aquarius rising sign affect your personality and soul purpose here on Earth?

What is your rising sign?

Your rising sign, also known as the ascendant sign, is the sign that was on the eastern horizon the minute you were born. Because this sign changes every two hours, you must know your exact time of birth to be sure of your rising sign. Your rising sign is also the sign of your first house and determines where the rest of the houses fall, which is why it’s such a big deal. But often, astrology columns and updates only focus on the sun sign.

Astrology schools teach different things, but I believe that your rising sign represents what you’re here to learn and master in this lifetime, which is why it can play a significant role in your soul path and purpose.

In contrast, your Sun sign is usually the flavor of your surface-level personality and the vibe people get from you upon first meeting you. In addition, your Moon, Venus, and Mars signs can tell you a lot about other facets of who you are, what makes you tick, and the woman you came here to be.

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7 Gifts of the aquarius rising woman

1. She is unconventional

The Aquarius rising woman is unconventional to her core. She will never follow the crowd or tone things down to fit in. Uranus is known to be the quirky, out-of-the-box, unpredictable planet of our solar system, and this shows up in people with strong Aquarius energy in their chart. She is a rebel here to shake things up, break down what’s already broken and rebuild it with something better.

So whether it’s a belief, a system, a process, or a religion, she is not interested in how things have always been. The Aquarius rising woman is interested in fresh, new perspectives and ways of doing things; the more eccentric, the better. And this is why she warms easily to people who match this unconventional nature, whether they dress differently or have an out-there conspiracy theory to share.

2. She is skilled at protecting her energy

The symbol of the water bearer means that Aquarius signs are physically and mentally able to “hold” other people’s emotions and problems. Aquarius rising women are kinder and more compassionate than they get credit for. They will often show up for the people they love and can remain emotionally detached.

However, they recognize that being there for people, listening to their problems, and helping them is a drain on their resources and requires commitment. Therefore, they will not over-exert themselves or make promises they know they cannot keep. She refuses to be a sponge or dumping ground for energy vampires and is a pro at not being taken advantage of.

3. She learns by being the one to go first

The Aquarius rising woman is a leader mostly because she learns best by doing things and teaching herself rather than being taught or watching others. She has no patience for that and is far too independent!

Expect this woman to be labeled a weirdo for being ahead of the curve. Her high self-esteem means she can shrug this off and be comfortable not conforming to others. She will usually be the one coming to a group of friends or colleagues or total strangers with an out-there idea or innovation. If she hits on something epic that takes off, she will earn the reputation of a genius. Until then, she’ll be a weirdo.

But Aquarius risings have to be mindful and check their self-esteem because if it’s lacking, they might choose to only look for (and accept) information that backs up their personal beliefs, even if it’s wrong. Many of us are guilty of doing this, so it’s not limited to this placement, but it does occur more here because of Aquarius’s inquisitive nature.

4. She is here to invoke change

There’s a high chance that as an Aquarius rising woman, your soul path or destiny will involve experimenting and innovating to create meaningful change that benefits the world. Humanitarian and altruistic by nature, your challenge is to ground the airiness of your ideas and thoughts into something practical that can be put into action.

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5. She is devoted to her mission

Another high vibration of the Aquarius rising woman is her hard work, drive, and devotion to the causes and missions she commits to. While she will tend to keep other people at arm’s length to protect her energy, she will pledge herself fully to a project she believes in, especially if she can see it benefiting the greater good.

6. She strives to make the world a better place

This woman wants to leave positive footprints in the world, so she may gravitate towards caring professions, whether working in the health sector, as a life coach, or for a non-profit. You’re just as likely to find her starting multiple businesses because she is one of the most innovative signs and hungry to improve people’s lives.

Aquarius rising women are also super creative, frequently leading them to become artists, poets, writers, and even performers.

7. She will fight for the people she loves

The Aquarius rising woman loves to root for people, projects and causes she believes in and revels in the elation that comes from seeing someone achieve a milestone, a new law being passed that helps right wrongs, or a piece of technology being invented that makes everyone’s lives better.

While she is no people-pleaser and a pro at setting healthy boundaries, she will fight to the end to gain justice for the people she loves. She will leave no book or research paper unturned, put on her investigation cap, ask the hard questions that nobody else is asking, and keep going until she receives the outcome she is striving for.

Are you an aquarius rising woman?

Do you resonate with the unique gifts and traits on this list? What do you love most about this placement in your birth chart, and how do you think it’s serving you on your soul path? Share your comments with me in the comments below!

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