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New Moon In Gemini: The Paradox Of Change
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New Moon In Gemini: The Paradox Of Change

new moon in gemini ritual

Gemini is the first Air sign and the first Mutable sign of the zodiac, bringing change, movement, communication, and variety. Now is the time to explore ourselves and our world, make any changes we feel called to, try something new, and be more open when interacting with others.

If your moon sign is in Gemini, you will feel the energy of this new moon more strongly than most.

The energy of a new moon

A new moon always symbolizes a new beginning, a blank slate, and a fresh start. It’s a chance to close the door on one chapter and begin again. It’s also a time to slow down, reflect, and channel your energy inward. Let go of anything that feels heavy and no longer serves you so you have space for new people and opportunities to flow in. Set new intentions for the coming moon cycle and beyond.

When is the new moon in gemini 2024?

LA, United States: 6th June 05:37

London, United Kingdom: 6th June 13:37

Sydney, Australia: 6th June 22:37

Click here to find the exact time of the new moon in Gemini 2024, where you live.

Each moon phase lasts 2-3 days, so try and do your new moon ritual within this window so you can harness the energy available. I love to do moon rituals at night because the moon rules the night (while the sun rules the day). But do what you feel called to do.

What is the new moon in gemini 2023 about?

Refine your relationship with your mind

The new moon in Gemini invites us to witness and observe our minds and how our thoughts and beliefs affect our feelings and vibration. Without this awareness, it’s easy for us to become controlled by the mind.

On this new moon, bring more awareness to and be more conscious of the thoughts you think, your words, your tone of voice, how you start conversations with others, and how you share your opinions.

Can you observe your thoughts rather than identify with them?

Explore the details of your life

The new moon in Gemini invites you to reflect on and review all areas of your life: health, relationships, career, spirituality, money, etc. What’s working and empowering you? What needs some re-working or shifting? Which of these fragments contributes to the greater whole of who you want to be and the life you want to live, and which are holding you back from it?

Ideally, all areas of your life will exist in harmony and serve each other in raising your vibration and the frequency of all the people you encounter and the wider collective. Get really honest about which areas of your life need some work and transformation so that they can contribute to your dream vision and help you fulfill your soul mission.

What would you like to change?

The Mutable energy of the Gemini new moon encourages us to make changes, big and small. Whether you change your opinion about a belief, cancel plans, or switch your diet, follow what you feel called to change.

The thing about being human and evolving is that it’s almost guaranteed that you will change your mind about something at some point in your life. And that’s okay. Who you were yesterday is gone. Today’s version of you is colored with all the new things you’ve learned, the conversations you’ve had, and the experiences you’ve encountered.

Explore your multifaceted nature

Gemini is the sign of duality, and the new moon is a call to embrace the multifaceted nature that we all have. We all have parts of us that seem in conflict or wildly juxtaposed against other parts. We are all walking contradictions, paradoxes, and wholes made up of illogical parts.

Rather than try to hide or “fix” these parts of yourselves, can you embrace them? Whether you channel these through how you style yourself each day, the art you make, the place you live, or the hobbies you enjoy, expressing these hidden parts of yourself can be incredibly healing and liberating. Plus, it makes us less judgemental and more tolerant of other people’s duality.

Let your curiosity lead the way

Gemini is a sign of knowledge, intellect, curiosity, and communication. On this new moon, let your curiosity lead you wherever it may. That might be to books, teachers, courses, or even places. Can you move through life fully open to new experiences and be content soaking up all the newness available?

Give yourself permission to write a new story

We all carry our own set of “stories” about our strengths, weaknesses, fears, identity, and desires. These are usually formed by our parents or close friends’ beliefs and our childhood experiences. Our stories can either empower and open us or limit and make us feel small. These unwritten stories play a huge role in shaping our reality, whether we’re conscious of it or not.

The beautiful thing is that we can let go of a story that is holding us back and write a new story any time we choose. This allows us to shift our energy and vibration and, ultimately, the direction of our lives.

So bring awareness to your stories and whether they have a positive or negative effect on you. Allow yourself to begin a new story on this Gemini new moon.

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A new moon in gemini ritual for

If you’re looking for inspiration to create your own new moon ritual at home, I’ve collated some Gemini-infused ideas to help you harness and celebrate the unique energy of this time. As always, take and leave what you feel called to. Add in your own rituals and make sure your new moon ritual feels nourishing and invigorating to you.

Before you begin any kind of ritual. Take some time to physically and energetically cleanse your space of clutter and stagnant energy. You can do this by burning some herbs, scattering some salt, using sound, or using essential oils in a diffuser.

1. Dance

Light a candle or burn some incense. Create a soft, sensual music playlist that makes you want to move and press play. Close your eyes and take a few breaths. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your womb space. Allow yourself to move in whichever direction you feel the music taking you.

You can do this naked if you feel comfortable for an extra layer of freedom and openness.

2. Connect with your intuition

There are so many ways to connect with your intuition, so in keeping with the curiosity of this new moon in Gemini, pick one (or a few) that you feel drawn to and want to explore:

  • Create space in your life (physically and energetically)
  • Meditate
  • Surrender
  • Move your body (the dance ritual idea above is perfect for this)
  • Be in nature
  • Journal
  • Work with tarot or oracle cards
  • Record voice notes
  • Observe your dreams

3. Explore something you’re curious about

We’re all curious about learning (or experiencing) more of something. So pick one thing to explore and be open to where it takes you. Maybe that means you read a book you’ve had your eye on, enroll in an online course, head to a meditation class, or simply research a topic using the internet.

Make this experience fun and go into it without any goals other than to allow your curiosity to lead the way.

4. Write a brand new story

My final offering for your new moon in Gemini ritual is to think about the new story you wish to write, then write it. Spend some time dreaming and visualizing a new story that empowers you, encourages you to take up space in the world, and believe that you are infinite potential.

Once you’re done visualizing, record everything you saw, felt, heard, tasted, and touched. You can write it down, draw it, or speak it into a voice note. Refer back to this anytime you need a reminder of the new story you’re creating.

Ready to celebrate the new moon in gemini?

I’d love to know how you’re celebrating the new moon in Gemini with ritual. Share your rituals with me in the comments below, along with any thoughts or questions about the new moon.

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