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New Moon In Cancer 2023: Feel, Receive & Heal

new moon in cancer 2023 ritual

The new moon in Cancer July 2023 is the first new moon of the astrological year in a water sign and brings us all the feels. Now is the time to slow down, literally smell the roses, tune inward and receive the nourishment and security you need.

If you have a lot of water in your birth chart (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), you’re probably used to being more sensitive and emotional than most but expect this new moon to heighten your sensitivity and emotions.

Read on to learn more about the energy of the Cancer new moon 2023 and some ritual ideas to try at home and connect with Grandmamma moon.

The energy of a new moon

The new moon phase starts the lunar cycle and represents new beginnings. It’s an invitation to start afresh, turn a new leaf, and set new intentions for the coming moon(s). While the energy is high, it’s also an introverted type of energy (in contrast to the full moon, which is extroverted), which means it’s a time to retreat, go inward, and work on things in the subtle realm.

The moon rules Cancer, so she is at home in this sign. Expect a soft, feminine, emotional vibe to this new moon in Cancer 2023.

When is the new moon in cancer 2023?

LA, United States: 17 Jul 2023, 11:31

London, United Kingdom: 17 Jul 2023, 19:31

Sydney, Australia: 18 Jul 2023, 04:31

Click here to find the exact time of the new moon in Cancer 2023 where you live.

The new moon phase lasts 2-3 days, so aim to fit your Cancer new moon ritual into this window if possible. Although you can’t physically see the new moon, she rules the night, so doing your ritual at night tends to feel extra magical, but anytime works.

What is the new moon in cancer 2023 about?

Be willing to feel

The sign of Cancer holds many gifts for us, but we can only access these if we are first willing to feel the rainbow of emotions that live within. Your emotions can transform your life and the world around you. If you find the courage to feel it all, you can heal your heart, replenish your energy, and elevate to your soul destiny timeline. But it all starts with feeling all the feels.

Your emotions affect what you manifest

Many believe manifesting what we want begins with taking action in the physical realm, but this is not how manifesting works. It starts inside, in the subtle realm. The emotions you hold around your intentions are crucial to what you are trying to manifest. If you can’t feel the full spectrum of your desires and dreams and don’t feel like they can materialize or are already in the process of becoming your reality, you will struggle to manifest what you desire most.

So on this new moon in Cancer, channel your energy into your soul desires so that you fully embody and believe in them. Pay attention to any blockages holding you back, whether it’s a limiting belief, a self-sabotaging pattern, or past trauma keeping you small.

Honor the call to retreat

Cancer season is a time to journey inward, retreat from the outside world, and tend to yourself and your needs. We live in a world that celebrates action, and success is tied to everything that happens in the physical realm. But this level of external success is only sustainable and enjoyable if we have a strong inner foundation to return to and move from.

So on this new moon, if you feel the urge to crawl into your shell, honor that. When you take care of yourself on the inside, you will reap the rewards in your external world too.


Even if you feel the urge to get up, do, and take action, resist it. Be still. Allow yourself to receive this new moon. Receive your feelings, your intuition, and divine wisdom from the Universe that wants to flow through.

If there are any questions you seek an answer to, trust that all the answers reside within you. It’s your job to access them and to do this, you must find stillness, listen, and trust what you receive even when it doesn’t make sense.

Feel & heal past pain

On this new moon in Cancer, Pluto is in the opposite sign of Capricorn. Pluto is the planet of life, death and rebirth, and transformation. It also teaches us about our past wounds and trauma and where we still need healing.

Think about any past events or pain that still weigh heavy on your heart and keep your energy tethered to the past. Because when you’re living in the past, you can’t enjoy the present, and the power you need to manifest your soul’s desires is lost. So whether it was an event or a person that stole it from you, bring your awareness to it.

It’s okay if you’re still experiencing pain, but what you don’t want is to have that pain cause you suffering. The goal is to be able to sit with those feelings but not have them strip you of your power. So if you do find yourself suffering, this is a sign there is healing to be done.

Delve deeper into your dreams

Neptune is in the water sign of Pisces, a perfect pairing that helps us access our dreams in a bigger way. Create space to daydream and indulge in your wildest fantasies, especially the dreams you’re afraid to pursue. Distinguish between the dreams that keep you hopeful and make you feel good and those you want to pour your heart and soul into and manifest in the world.

Break up with the old

The new moon in Cancer 2023 is sextile with Uranus in Taurus. This placement helps us see any negative patterns, beliefs, or comfort zones we’re stuck in that keep us small and stagnant.

Sometimes, even though we know these things aren’t healthy, helpful, or good for us, we cling to these patterns and beliefs because they are tied to our identity. To lose them would be the death of who we think we are. And there’s a real fear of what we cannot see and do not understand, waiting on the other side.

But the new moon in Cancer brings healing energy that can help us break these old habits and beliefs that drain our energy and keep us small. The first step is being open to letting go of what is not serving you so that you can make space for something better that does.

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A new moon in cancer ritual for 2023

Below I’ve curated some ways for you to celebrate the new moon in Cancer 2023 with ritual. Do one or do them all, weave in your traditions, or do something completely different—it’s up to you. Tune into your intuition and celebrate however you feel called to. No moon will be the same, and that’s beautiful.

At the start of every ritual, I like to cleanse my space, physically and energetically. Burn some herbs, light a candle, put some essential oils in a diffuser, spray some salt water, or something else. Again, do what works for you.

#1. Let your body melt

The new moon in Cancer is the perfect time to get into your body, where we often hold a lot of emotions. Left stuck, this can lead to pain and suffering at all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). To allow these emotions and prana (life force) to flow freely, we need to give our bodies a release.

Yin yoga is the perfect practice for this because it works on getting into the connective tissues in the body. In Yin, we hold poses longer than a typical yoga class (1-5 minutes). If you can relax into the discomfort of the pose, your body will experience a full release as it lets go of any pent-up tension. Focus on your breath and find your edge (the point where it feels uncomfortable, but you’re not in pain). Blocks, cushions, blankets, and bolsters can help support your body in these poses.

#2. Set some mid-year intentions

If you see 1 Jan as the start of your year (which I no longer do), the new moon in Cancer always marks the halfway point in the year. So it’s a wonderful time to check in with the intentions you set at the start of the year and reflect on your progress. What you’ve learned, what you’ve healed, and how you’ve grown. It’s also a great time to set some new mid-year intentions.

But in keeping with Cancer season, these intentions should be focused on your private life rather than your external, public life. That could mean spending more time with loved ones, redecorating your home, or creating more space for acts of self-care.

#3. Be in water

The new and full moon is always a beautiful time to be in water because the moon rules the tides, and being in water helps us feel more connected to her. But when the moon is in a water sign like Cancer, you’ve got double the reason to be in water! That could mean running yourself a blissful bath, taking a tip in the ocean, walking by the lake, or even having a spa day.

#4. Show yourself love

There’s a lot of talk about self-love, but when we do love ourselves unconditionally, we can care for ourselves in our greatest times of need, fill our cups, stand up for ourselves, and be brave enough to make the changes in our lives that support the highest evolution of our souls.

So as part of your new moon in Cancer ritual, show yourself some love, whatever that means to you. The more you do this, the stronger, braver, and more confident you will be.

#5. Tend to your home

Cancer rules the home, so the new moon in Cancer is a time to tend to your home, redecorate, and fairy-godmother your shelter into a peaceful, nourishing, supportive sanctuary that feeds your soul. That could mean trying out a new paint color, investing in new soft furnishings, placing fresh seasonal blooms in vases, or creating a cozy corner just for you.

Ready to celebrate the new moon in cancer 2023?

I’d love to know how you celebrate this soft, maternal, nourishing-vibed new moon in Cancer 2023 with ritual. Share your rituals with me in the comments below, along with any thoughts or questions about the new moon.

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