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The Art Of Creating A Sacred Spiritual Space
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The Art Of Creating A Sacred Spiritual Space

how to create a sacred space

Creating a sacred or spiritual space in your home is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. It will encourage and promote soul connection, infuse your days with more calm, and offer the tranquility and nourishment most of us lack.

It amazes me how many people don’t invest money in making their home a beautiful space. We spend so much time at home; it’s where we eat, sleep, bathe, have sex, and enjoy personal time with loved ones. Your home should feel like a private sanctuary, a lush, peaceful oasis. Still, those of us who do pour effort into turning our homes into a comfortable space often only think about it from an outer perspective. We make it physically beautiful and comfortable, but this doesn’t automatically equate to a nourishing space for your soul.

A designated sacred space in your home will accomplish both. And you don’t need a huge mansion with a spare room or a large budget to create a sacred space, which means everyone can benefit from having a mini sanctuary (or several) like this at home.

What is a sacred space?

A sacred space is a designated area (in your home, a yoga shala, or on a retreat) designed to feel calm, grounding, and recharging so that you can engage in spiritual practices like energy clearing or setting intentions, sip on your morning cup of tea, meditate, journal, practice yoga, do your morning or evening ritual, cast spells, reflect, daydream, and pray.

Your sacred space might also be where you set up your altar, where witches and priestesses will pray, connect to their intuition, engage in rituals, celebrate the turning of the wheel, do personal oracle or tarot readings, and more.

I have set up several altars and sacred spaces around my home, most of which aren’t obvious to the eye. It might be on a shelf, on top of a coffee table, on a windowsill, in the corner of a desk, or on the floor in the corner of a room. As I wander through my home, I am nourished on all levels of my being: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

altar for ritual

Here’s why everyone should have a sacred space at home

Interior design is important to me (and something I take seriously as a former designer), and I invest a lot of resources in it. But while the visual and aesthetic of a space is important, there’s something more important: how it makes you feel.

The next time you walk into a room, pause for a moment and pay attention to how it makes you feel, the mood that washes over you, and whether you want to stick around or leave as soon as possible. Does it make your heart race and fill you with energy, or do you feel relaxed, cozy, and maybe even sleepy? Do you feel inspired or deflated?

How you feel is a reflection of the décor and energy of the space. This means you can purposely create a sacred space in your home that makes you feel nourished, restored, calm, inspired, connected, relaxed, and comfortable.

Aside from being a tranquil space where you can engage in daily rituals and self-care, a sacred space has several other benefits. It can reduce stress, boost kindness and compassion, increase self-awareness, help you foster a deeper connection to self and source, improve clarity and focus, help you work through painful thoughts and emotions, create more stability, and increase feelings of gratitude and abundance.

How to create a sacred spiritual space in your home

#1. Think about what you want from your sacred space

The first step to create a sacred space at home is to think about what you seek from the area and how you plan to use it.

You may want to meditate here daily, journal, or perform rituals and ceremonies. You may want a place to connect with family and loved ones or somewhere to rest and recharge. Or maybe you’d like a sacred space for several different reasons.

Once you know your intentions for the space, you can design and arrange it in the most supportive way.

how to create a sacred space

#2. Choose a designated space

Next, think about where you will create your sacred spiritual space. You don’t need a whole room, but if you have one, you might want to dedicate it fully to this.

A sacred space can be as little or large as you like, indoors or outdoors, up high or down low, ornate or minimalistic. Think about areas of your home that you already love or could do with a bit more TLC. Pay attention to where natural light flows in and where you have low foot traffic and the least distraction.

Shelves, windowsills, ledges, desks, bookcases, vanity tables, and room corners all work well. Think about creating mini sacred spaces for different areas in your home and your life. That might mean you have a dedicated sacred space in your bedroom, bathroom, garden, office desk, car, etc.

You can also treat yourself as a walking altar and sacred space and adorn yourself in clothing, jewelry, crystals, essential oils, and perfume that make you feel beautiful and connected on all levels. I see getting dressed and doing my makeup as a ritual and an act of love.

#3. Declutter & cleanse

Once you’ve decided on your space(s), carve out some time to get rid of any junk or objects that no longer bring you joy. If there is something you still love but don’t want to be a part of your sacred space, find it a new spot. Give everything a good clean: furniture, artwork, floors, etc.

Now that you’ve done a physical cleanse follow this with an energetic one. It’s equally important to do regular energy cleanses, in our homes and of ourselves, because everything collects energy over time, and not all of it is positive. You can light a candle, burn incense or some herbs, use a salt spray, a diffuser, or the power of sound to cleanse your sacred space. Do this regularly in between using the area to neutralize and banish unwanted energy and refresh the space.

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create a sacred spiritual space

#4. Collect sacred items for your space

Now you’re ready to choose some personal objects for your sacred space. In doing this, consider all your senses: sight, touch, smell, and sound. Here are some ideas of things you may want to weave in:

  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Relics and talismans
  • Incense
  • Essential oils
  • A diffuser
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Herbs
  • Something to represent each of the elements
  • A singing bowl
  • A lamp (like a Himalayan salt lamp)
  • Fairy lights
  • Soft background music (think spa or sound bath playlists)
  • Tarot and oracle cards
  • A journal
  • Books
  • Soft fabrics (a blanket, throw, cushion, bolster or pillow)
  • Spiritual figurines
  • Art (paintings, sculptures, pottery)
  • Photographs
  • Mirrors
  • Written intentions and affirmations
  • Anything else that is sacred to you and adds to the space

Go on a mini scavenger hunt around your house and garden and see what you can find before purchasing anything new. If you feel called to buy something like a new crystal or meditation cushion, go for it. Remember that you want this to be a blissful space that calls you to it and feels amazing to be in. So wonderful that you don’t want to leave.

Dedicate some time to arranging your objects and items until you’re happy with the layout. I love to regularly redecorate my sacred space depending on how I feel and the season we’re in. We are always evolving, and your space should reflect that inner growth.

create a sacred spiritual space

#5. Create a ritual

Now that you have your sacred space, the final step is to create a ritual or practice for the space you do regularly, whether daily or weekly.

For example, if this is a sacred space for meditation, your ritual might look something like this:

  • Cleanse the space (and yourself)
  • Light a candle or some incense
  • Put on some peaceful music
  • Plug into the earth & source energy (I always do a pillar of light energy practice)
  • Set an intention for today’s practice
  • Hold a crystal in your hand, or place it somewhere on your body
  • Close your eyes and meditate
  • Reflect on anything that comes up afterward in your journal
  • Give thanks for this moment

Your practice will evolve over time, just like with the physical objects in your sacred space. What works for you today may not work for you a month or a year from now. So let your intuition guide you and honor what you need.

tea ritual

Ready to create a sacred space in your home?

Creating a sacred space in your home is a powerful act of self-care that you’ll feel the effects of every time you use it. We all deserve a home that feels like a true sanctuary for the soul and offers endless nourishment, tranquility, and beauty. If you need inspiration, browse some interior magazines, hop on Pinterest, or watch a movie or TV show bursting with beautiful design. You’ll be surprised what lights you up within.

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