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20 Best Crystals For Motivation And Focus
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20 Best Crystals For Motivation And Focus

best crystals for motivation and focus

If you need to shake up your routine and shake off some stagnant energy, there are certain crystals for focus and motivation that can transform how you feel, inspire you, and reconnect you with your heart’s desires.

If you’ve been feeling a little low energy lately and are seeking a boost of motivation so you can tackle a new creative project, side hustle, or fitness regime, I feel you. Although my friends and family might look at me and think I’m super motivated all the time, I’ve had my fair share of slumps. I think we all have, especially if we tend to push and overwork ourselves and not take the time to pour back into our cups (raising my hand over here).

There’s only so long you can keep up that intense energy and motivation if you’re not taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

In this article, we’re bringing you the best crystals for motivation and how to use them.

Why do we sometimes lack motivation and energy?

One of the main reasons we become unmotivated is because we live in a masculine-dominant world right now that encourages us to do more, work harder, and keep pushing. But it’s unrealistic (and unhealthy) to think we can always be in this “doing” state. We can’t. We need a healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy, doing and being.

Being physically ill or having poor health, a low sense of self-worth, and being overly empathic can also contribute to energy issues and exhaustion. If you constantly feel tired and unmotivated, I’d recommend getting a blood test and looking at the core foundations of your life, which are food and your body. Are you eating a nutritious, balanced diet and drinking enough water each day? And are you moving your body every day, getting fresh air, and getting enough sleep?

Think about the root cause of your lack of energy and motivation. Pinpointing and addressing the root cause is the only way to fully solve the problem.

Most of us are living a life that is wildly out of balance. We stay on the treadmill as if our life depends on it, and eventually, we can’t keep up. Our energy dwindles, our passion and fire burn out, and we either choose to or are forced to get off. This is what burnout looks like. And once we’re in this place, we feel stuck, we lack purpose, and we lack the motivation to get ourselves in motion again. We still have our dreams and aspirations, but we feel trapped and small where we are, and everything we want feels out of reach. Anxiety and depression can kick in too.

So what do we do? We distract ourselves with junk food, mind-numbing TV, gossiping, tending to other people’s needs, and toxic social media scrolling. And we all have enough experience of all of the above to know that none of these things make us feel better. Often, they make us feel lousy.

This is when a fresh burst of energy can make a huge difference. And there are certain crystals you can work with in rituals to help clear away stagnant energy and move into motion.

20 most powerful crystals for motivation and focus

Whether you’re a crystal witch with a vast collection of stones or you’re just getting started, you might be wondering what crystals to use for motivation.

Because we’re talking about physical energy and momentum, we want to focus on unblocking and working the first three chakras in our bodies which are the root chakra (red), the sacral chakra (orange), and the solar plexus chakra (yellow). That’s why the majority of the best crystals for motivation and focus are a red, orange, or yellow color.

Here are some crystals to work with if you want to build your life-force energy back up and reignite your passion for the things you love.

1. Tiger’s Eye

First up on our list of crystals for focus and motivation is Tiger’s Eye.

This crystal helps to unblock and work with your solar plexus chakra (third chakra) by shaking off sluggishness, boosting your energy levels, willpower and motivation. It will gradually build a quiet sense of confidence and knowing within you so that you understand how to unravel and move back into motion.

Tiger’s Eye is also great for helping you create and stick to supportive routines and habits, grab life with your two hands, and juice out all the yumminess.

2. Citrine

citrine stone

Citrine, also known as the lucky merchant’s stone, is a bright orange-yellow colored crystal that can help cultivate a more positive attitude and give you a spring in your step.

It’s one of the best crystals for motivation, happiness, and optimism, and for those with Sagittarius in their birth chart. Those negative thoughts and gray clouds will have to work hard to stick around when Citrine is on the scene.

Because this stone is linked to the solar plexus chakra, it can aid your metabolism and digestion, fight chronic fatigue and help keep you physically well.

If fear is one of the things holding you back and keeping you stuck, Citrine will help build your confidence and encourage you to walk your soul path without worrying about other people’s opinions or endless “what ifs?”

3. Carnelian

Carnelian is another crystal that can improve your body’s vitality by working at a deep cellular level and helping you maintain a healthy, rhythmic cycle. It works with your root and solar plexus chakras to awaken and strengthen your core essence and improve your physical energy levels.

Carnelian is also a brilliant stone when you feel stuck or frozen. It will unleash your creative energy, encourage movement, and help you think outside the box.

4. Garnet

Garnet is a deep, velvet red-colored crystal that will ignite your fire, energy, and passion and give you that gentle nudge we all need to step up to the next level and move beyond our self-imposed limits. This is the stone to work with if you need to boost your confidence or motivation or shake off doubt. It can also help purify your organs and blood and help your body absorb vitamins and minerals.

5. Orange Calcite

Next up on our list of the best crystals for energy and motivation is Orange Calcite, which looks similar to a vibrant Fanta orange color.

This stone is the one to call on when you feel heaviness on your shoulders and don’t know if you’ve got what it takes to get up, make magic happen, and manifest the life you desire.

Orange Calcite will amplify your motivation, willpower, and confidence. It will fill you with renewed positive energy and help you reach your true potential.

6. Red Calcite

Red Calcite is connected to and can help activate your root chakra, boosting your energy, vitality, and motivation levels. It can also help to reduce fear and anxiety and create a grounded, protected feeling. Use Red Calcite whenever you want to cleanse the stagnant energy around you and amplify positive ones.

7. Sardonyx

Sardonyx is a crystal used for centuries to bring protection, strength, and good fortune. It stimulates the first and second chakras and boosts motivation, stability, discipline, and courage. If you have a tendency to be indecisive or unsure of which path to take, Sardonyx can help you focus and concentrate on what you truly want so that you can create a roadmap to get there.

8. Shungite

Shungite, also known as the stone of life, is a black, semi-metallic crystal packed with minerals that aid the life, death, and rebirth cycle. Because of all these juicy minerals (particularly carbon), this stone can help boost immunity, improve physical energy, and detox, purify and protect your body.

Shungite can also cleanse any limiting thoughts and emotions holding you back and make way for the positive, empowering ones to shine through.

9. Tangerine Quartz

tangerine quartz crystals for motivation

Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz are both popular and more well-known stones than their Tangerine sibling. Still, this crystal is a joyous, energizing one that will help you get inspired when you’re not, stay focused on the task at hand, and finish what you started.

If you enjoy starting projects but run out of discipline and motivation to see them through to the end, this is the stone to place on your desk or wear around your neck.

10. Ruby

Ruby is another one of the best crystals for energy, motivation, and focus. It will ignite your passion and courage to tackle an exciting new project and keep moving forward no matter what challenges life throws your way. This will work wonders for maintaining your drive and desire to manifest your dreams, no matter how lofty they are. When tiredness kicks in while working on a project, call on this stone to help you stay energized and productive.

11. Hematite

Hematite is a grounding stone that can help you release toxic energy, cleanse your inner body and boost your circulation, which can work wonders if you’ve been feeling sluggish lately. If you find yourself fixated on the past or future too much, this crystal can help bring your focus back to the present moment, the same way a challenging yoga class does.

Hematite is like a breath of fresh air and will infuse your life with radiance and energy, which can make a huge difference when you’re going through a rough patch.

12. Red Aventurine

The Red Aventurine crystal is less widely known than Green Aventurine. This stone will fill you with more interest and excitement for life, get your motivation going, and help you discover your true calling or mission here in this lifetime.

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13. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is most commonly known as a protection stone, which is why it’s used in protection spells and cleansing rituals. But this crystal can give you a powerful energy charge which will help break up any emotional blockages or limiting beliefs in your chakras (from past experiences or trauma). This will help you renew your confidence in your abilities to create the life you want and step into your highest essence and power.

You’ll notice how much more energy is available to you once you cut these emotional cords, let go of anything heavy and confront what’s lurking in your shadows.

14. Bloodstone

bloodstone crystals for motivation and focus

Bloodstone is a dark crystal flecked with shades of red and green and has long since been regarded as a stone of vitality. As its name suggests, Bloodstone works with the energy of your blood and can improve your physical health and stamina.

If you feel burned out and like you don’t have the strength or energy to keep going and achieve your dreams, this is the stone to work with. It can relieve stress and anxiety, fill you with renewed energy, and fight to stay motivated and keep going.

15. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is another black crystal well-known as a cleansing and protection stone. But this crystal also helps clear the root chakra, where we manifest our desires in the real world. Unblocking this area helps us feel more motivated to create the reality we want that is also in alignment with the highest evolution of our soul.

16. Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite is a purple and green colored stone that helps to soothe and clear your mind so that you can see your purpose with clarity and focus on it. When you’ve got a million things on your mind, it’s hard to stay motivated on anything, which is where this stone can help. Fluorite can offer you insight so that you can see the best, most efficient way to achieve your goal and harness the motivation to complete it.

This stone is perfect for when you’re revising for an exam or need to complete a specific task requiring a fair bit of concentration.

17. Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper has a leopard-printed pattern covering its entire surface. This stone will give you the courage and determination to achieve almost anything you can imagine. It’s also a crystal that offers protection and can increase your ability to magnetize things toward you.

18. Red Jasper

red jasper crystals for energy and motivation

Red Jasper is an empowering stone that improves our physical strength and emotional security. It activates the root chakra, grounding and stabilizing us and giving us the confidence to move forward. This is the stone to pick up when you feel doubt and negative thoughts creep in. It will inspire courage and a daring attitude to achieve whatever you desire most and reignite a fire of positive energy in your belly. It’s one of the best crystals for motivation and focus, particularly if you’ve got some challenges to face or need to make new plans.

19. Bumblebee Jasper

The final Jasper crystal on this list is the Bumblebee kind—a powerful earth energy stone that can cleanse and activate our solar plexus chakra. This crystal will replace stagnant energy and fatigue with a more hopeful outlook and high energy. With this stone, you’ll feel more comfortable with change, new opportunities, and making rational decisions your future self will thank you for. It’s one of the best crystals for motivation because it will inspire you to shake things up in your world, and sometimes that’s all we need to get out of a rut.

20. Almandine Garnet

The final stone on our list of the best crystals for energy and motivation is Almandine Garnet (also known as Almandite), which is associated with the root chakra. This crystal will help you access your personal truths, melt away your inhibitions and limiting beliefs, and motivate you to push forward and succeed using your natural gifts and talents. Work with this stone anytime you need to change “I can’t” and “I’m not” into “I am” and “I will.”

How to work with these crystals for energy and motivation

Now that you know the best crystals to work with for improving motivation, focus, and energy levels, let’s talk about how to work with your crystals. Here are some tips:

  • Place them on your witch altar where you can see them throughout the day
  • Work with them during a new or full moon ritual and harness the power of grandmamma moon
  • Wear a crystal as a piece of jewelry
  • Meditate with a crystal in your palms or on your body as you’re lying down
  • Pop them in the bath with you as part of a bath ritual
  • Create a crystal grid to surround yourself with positive, uplifting vibes
  • Practice affirmations or mantras with a crystal in your hand
  • Use crystals in spell jar recipes and witchcraft
  • Place different crystals around your home and workspace depending on the vibration you want to channel
  • Place a crystal on your yoga mat while you flow
  • Carry a crystal in your handbag or pocket as you go about your day or while you walk in nature

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Harness the power of crystals to motivate and inspire you!

I hope this article has given you lots of crystals to work with and integrate into your sacred practices next time you need a boost of motivation and energy to tackle a new venture in your business, start a healthier eating plan, or feel happier and more inspired in your current day to day life.

Which of these crystals for motivation and focus are you most drawn to?

Tell me in the comments below, and trust your instincts—the crystals you’re most drawn to are usually the ones you need most!

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