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How To Raise Your Vibration & Spirit Today
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How To Raise Your Vibration & Spirit Today

how to raise your vibration

Vibes, frequency, and energy are all buzzwords that many of us casually throw around in conversation. But have you ever wondered how to transform bad vibes and raise your vibration to a positive, harmonious one that helps you attract more of the same?

What is a vibration?

It’s energy. It’s how you feel intuitively when you’re in a place or with a particular person. It’s also the energetic frequency of a thought, belief, or behavioral pattern.

Have you ever walked into a room and had a bad feeling seep into your entire being? In contrast, have you ever spent time with someone and felt joy, warmth, and positivity radiating from their heart and soul? Maybe you can’t quite explain what they’re doing that makes you feel that way, but what matters is that you do feel that way in their company.

These are examples of high vibrational energy and low vibrational energy or good vibes and bad vibes.

Every human being on Earth has a unique vibration, soul essence, or soul frequency as I like to call it. And this plays a huge role in your life.

Why does your vibration matter?

According to the Law of Attraction, we attract what we put out into the world, which means that your vibration matters more than you think it does. The frequency of your thoughts, emotions, and actions directly affects the frequency of what you receive back from the Universe each day.

Plus, when you vibrate at a high level, you feel happier, lighter, and brighter. When you vibrate at a lower level, you feel lower, heavier, and darker. Of course, it’s not possible to be happy and positive all the time—that’s toxic positivity. But there is a fine balance between allowing yourself to feel and move through negative emotions and dwelling in them longer than needed and encouraging them to fester.

how to raise your vibration

How to raise your vibration today

1. Home

Clean & organize

Clear away any clutter and physically clean your home to symbolize a fresh start. Donate anything you no longer need or want. This will lower your stress levels and help you feel lighter. As human beings, we constantly evolve, so your home should evolve with you.

Light & air

Open your curtains, windows, and doors, and let light and fresh air flow into your space. This will immediately make you feel clearer and more positive, so try to do this daily.

Burn some herbs

There are many ways to energetically cleanse your space (and yourself), and one of my favorites is to burn some herbs or incense. Walk around with your lit herb bundle, ensuring you reach all the corners of your home. This helps to dissolve any negative or stagnant energy.


I love nothing more than lighting a candle, whether it’s night or day. There’s something very spiritual and peaceful about candles. Choose a calming scent like lavender or tea tree, or something energizing like lemon or grapefruit, depending on what you need. You could also opt for a special aromatherapy candle that uses essential oils for healing or pop some of your favorites into a diffuser.

Plants & flowers

Bringing fresh flowers and plants into your home is a wonderful way to clean the air, reduce stress, and make your space more beautiful. Splashes of green add life and color to any room and can help raise your vibration without you even realizing it.

I adore fresh flowers, so I treat myself to a bouquet of blooms regularly, just because. Every time I walk past them, they fill my heart and raise the feminine frequency within me.


Ensure your space reflects who you are and the frequency you want to emanate. Choose furnishings, colors, and art that inspire and comfort you. Work within your budget to make your home feel like a peaceful sanctuary that you love spending time in.

Click here for tips on how to create a sacred space in your home.

2. Energize

Each day we give a part of our energy away to thoughts, people, and places without even being aware. And if you’re particularly sensitive or empathic, you’ll do this even more than most people. You might even give your energy away to someone you don’t physically come into contact with, like a girl 5000 miles away that you saw on the news or a homeless man three blocks down. Each of these “attachments” depletes our energy reserves, takes us away from our center, and can lower our vibration.

So if you want to know how to raise your vibration, take time each day to call your energy back to your center. If you interact with people a lot in your work, you should do this several times a day, for example, between each client session.

You can visualize your energy coming back to you, use movement and physically “gather” your energy back, or even use scent—a few drops of essential oil—to center you.

3. Reflect

When was the last time you checked in with yourself about who you are, where you’re growing, and what you want and need?

Feeling low or in a slump could reflect the mismatch between who you are on the inside and your external world, i.e., your job, the place you live, your house, your relationship, your friendships, your clothes, your hobbies, etc.

Are there any areas of your life that feel out of alignment and could be a source of stress or negative emotions? Get honest with yourself, connect to your intuition, and follow through with bold decisions.

4. Rituals

If you’re feeling a little low or lacking joy in your life, it may be a sign that you need to add more routine and structure to your life.

A ritual could be lighting a candle on your altar and saying a prayer, sitting and enjoying a cup of tea for ten minutes, reading a book, doing a tarot reading, setting an intention for your day, going for a walk after lunch, taking a bath before bed, etc.

Rituals like this not only add structure to your day, but they help you stay grounded and give you things to look forward to, which can help to raise your vibration.

5. Gratitude

Even when your entire world is crumbling down, or you’re in a true dark night of the soul, can you find just one thing to be grateful for?

Maybe it’s your good health, a loving friend, a sunny day, plenty of food to eat, money in your bank account, etc. Once you start looking for the good, you’ll find plenty of it, and this will transform your vibration into a high-vibe state.

6. Breathe

woman meditating

Meditation has grown so rapidly in popularity and is starting to cross over into mainstream health and medicine because of all the research that now supports the many positive benefits of this practice that have been widely known since ancient times.

The word meditation can be off-putting if you’re new to the practice, so you can simply think of it as conscious breathing because that’s all it really is. Taking deep, mindful breaths can calm your nervous system, boost your mood, and raise your energetic vibration.

7. Kindness

Many of us are incredibly hard on ourselves. We’re kind and loving to our friends and family, but we struggle to extend that kindness to ourselves for some reason. And the things we think and say to ourselves directly impact how we feel, which is why practicing self-love and compassion is so vital.

So the next time you notice yourself thinking something negative about yourself, make a conscious effort to replace that thought with something kind. Practice self-care daily (many of the steps on this list count as self-care). Be good to yourself and be good to others. This is how you raise your vibration.

8. Sound

high vibrational energy

The right sound can raise your vibration too, and all you have to do is lie back and listen. Get a singing bowl and play it while you meditate or to cleanse the energy of your space. Listen to binaural beats while you walk or work. Put on some peaceful nature vibes like soft rain or ocean waves to help you drift off to sleep at night.

9. Nature

A lot of us spend more time working than anything else. If your work involves sitting at a desk indoors under artificial lighting, it can quickly lower your vibration and harm all layers of your being (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual).

Any time you need to shake things up and raise your vibration, get outdoors and immerse yourself in nature. Go for a walk in the park, hike in the forest, or swim in the lake. Drink in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, and give your eyes a much-needed break from your laptop or phone screen.

10. Water

Being in water is incredibly healing and therapeutic. It can help to cleanse you physically and energetically and act as a rest. This is why you might take a bath ritual on a new or full moon or to symbolize the closing of a chapter in your life. It’s also a wonderful way to relax during an evening ritual.

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You can do a shower or bath ritual or go for a swim (indoors or outdoors). If you are at home, add salts, essential oils, herbs, flowers, fruits, and anything else to make it feel nourishing and uplifting. I love to light candles, put on some tranquil music, and pretend to be in a spa in Bali.

11. Move

Moving your body each day is a brilliant way to raise your vibration and stay physically healthy. If you’re in a funk or feeling a little lethargic, doing some gentle stretching, going through a yoga flow, or heading out for a run can transform your state and boost your mood.

Always listen to your body. If you need something more restorative, opt for yin yoga or gentle dancing at home. If you want something more energetic, hit the gym for a sweat session or do some kickboxing.

It’s also important to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I gravitate toward passive ways of moving my body, like yoga, walking, and swimming. But when I force myself to run or attend a pole dancing class, it helps to switch on another part of me and increase my inner strength and confidence.

how to raise your vibration

12. Disconnect

Spending time mindlessly scrolling on social media or reading the latest news headlines always puts me in a state of fear, anger, or jealousy. And having notifications constantly popping up on your phone is a real drain of your energy. It stops you from focusing on what truly matters to you. It prevents you from being fully present in life.

So if you’re always looking at some type of screen, make an effort to have set times where you disconnect when you get home from work each evening, at the weekends, or something else. I mostly have my phone on airplane mode, and all notifications turned off, which works well for me. If you (think you) can’t live without your phone, challenge yourself to have a no-phone day and pay attention to how you feel.

13. Create

This is one of the less obvious ways how to raise your vibration, but the act of creating can release so many pent-up emotions and really help move stagnant energy. We live in a world that doesn’t value creativity the way it does logic, so many of us learn to suppress our creative energy, which leads to blockages in our energy centers.

When you’re in the middle of creating something, whether it’s baking a cake, painting, designing, singing, gardening, or something else, and you reach that flow state where you lose track of time and you feel totally immersed in what you’re doing, your brain gets flooded with happy chemicals that boost your mood.

So list creative outlets you loved as a child and pick whatever you feel most drawn to.

14. Nourish

What we put into our bodies has a huge effect on our vibration.

Low-vibe food (processed, meat, fried, refined sugar, alcohol) lowers our vibration. In contrast, high-vibe food (fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds) raises our vibration and makes us feel vibrant and alive. Pay attention to how food makes you feel afterward; you’ll notice a huge difference between plant-based and processed foods. And because we’re made of more than 60% water, hydration is essential, so drink plenty of water every day.

It’s important to note that balance is key. Sometimes your body will crave a bar of chocolate or a fresh Italian pizza, or a big helping of homemade mac and cheese. At that moment, that will be the highest vibrational choice for you. So this is not about slipping into a restrictive diet where you don’t allow yourself to enjoy food. It’s more about bringing mindfulness to eating and making the most nourishing choice whenever you’re hungry.

Nourishment doesn’t just come from food; it comes from everything, including people, ideas, art, TV, movies, books, music, podcasts, etc. So be mindful of what you’re consuming. How does it make you feel? Be selective with what you allow in.

15. Connect

As an introvert who spends most of her time writing, I am a natural hermit and can comfortably spend a lot of time on my own in my house without talking to or seeing anyone else. I know this is unhealthy because human beings are wired for connection. So I have to constantly force myself to get out, to stay in touch with friends, and to arrange meetups.

But at the same time, the quality of that connection matters much more than the quantity. Certain people will lower your vibration, and others will raise it. This can change as we evolve as people, and that’s why not all relationships are meant to last forever. To cling on to a friendship that is no longer serving you, just because you’ve been friends forever, is not healthy or supportive.

The right people will inspire you, challenge you, lift you up when you’re down, support you, and make you feel good within yourself. You will feel authentic around them, and there will be an alignment between your beliefs and values. It’s not easy to find people like this, so be patient. Be open to new connections and conversations.

How will you raise your vibration today?

I’d love for you to choose at least one of the things on this list and do it today. See how it changes your mood. Do you notice a lift in your vibration and outlook? Share your experiences with me in the comments below.

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