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How To Trust & Co-Create With The Universe
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How To Trust & Co-Create With The Universe

how to trust the universe

“Just trust the Universe” has become a cliché thrown around, often when we’re hoping to manifest something or experiencing a string of challenges and setbacks. It’s easy to say, and it’s easy to trust when things are going to plan, and all you’re getting are, as Matthew McConaughey says, greenlights. But truly trusting the Universe and believing in a higher power when things aren’t going your way or you’ve hit rock bottom is another story. This is when you are truly tested, and your level of trust is revealed.

What does it mean to trust the universe?

Many modern religions speak about “having faith,” but trusting the Universe and believing in a greater power is much older than all of these religions and dates back to ancient times.

To trust the Universe means that you believe you are a part of something much bigger than you, much bigger than all of us. It means that you acknowledge that while you have a certain amount of control over your life, your choices, and your soul destiny, there will always be a certain amount that is out of your control, and this is the Universe at work. Sometimes we get what we wish for, and other times we don’t, and trusting the Universe means keeping your faith through the ups and downs.

It’s about creating a connection with the Universe, surrendering to what is meant for you, and trusting that there is a greater plan for your life here that is ultimately meant to help you heal and reach your highest evolution.

It’s important to note that trusting the Universe is not about releasing all control of your life, believing you have no say in your destiny, and waiting for the Universe to make things happen for you. So trusting the Universe should not be in place of taking responsibility for your life.

trusting the universe

How trusting the universe can transform your life

When you trust the Universe and the greater plan for your life, you will experience a greater sense of peace, flow, and contentment. It becomes easier to stay in the present moment, trust the timing of things, and embrace unexpected obstacles. Better still, it will help you look for the opportunity in all of your problems. This is the foundation of the law of detachment.

Trusting the Universe can also help you connect more deeply to your intuition and trust it, even when it doesn’t make logical sense or you have no roadmap. As long as you can hear your inner guidance and trust that the Universe has a plan for you and will not steer you wrong, you will make soul-aligned choices that help you overcome fears and doubts and help you live your highest soul timeline.

To trust in the Universe means to always believe you are held, even if it feels like the walls are crumbling around you. And to believe this requires you to let go of any fears you have around this or scarcity and suffering beliefs. When you do this, you open yourself to bigger and better opportunities, deeper connections, and greater abundance.

How to trust the universe

1. Release

The first step to trust the Universe is to accept that you are not fully in control of your life. This will be testing if you’re a perfectionist or someone who loves to control everything (like me!). A perfect example of this in action is the family you were born into, the place you grew up in, and the health of your body (to a certain extent)—you had zero say in any of this when you were born.

This doesn’t mean resigning to be a victim of your life or circumstances. But when you release the need to control everything and surrender to the fact that a certain amount of things will never be in your control, you stop pushing and forcing, and there is strength and empowerment to be found here.

There may also be some fears, beliefs, or habits you’re clinging to that prevent you from trusting the Universe and stepping into the highest evolution of your soul. Common examples of this are limiting beliefs around money, which we often inherit from our parents, e.g., “money doesn’t grow on trees.” So think about what you need to let go of that is not serving you or your highest good.

2. Surrender

Surrender is a feminine quality, and because we live in a time where the feminine is oppressed and suppressed in society (in overt and subtle ways), many of us struggle to surrender or believe it’s weak to do so. But the feminine and her gifts are not weak; there is much strength to be found within the softness.

To trust the Universe, you must be willing to surrender to the knowing that there is an entity, a force, far bigger and greater than us as individuals.

So the question is, are you willing to surrender to it?

connect with your intuition

3. Recognize

This is one of the many issues I have with all modern religions. They teach us that the Universe or God lives outside of us, up in the sky somewhere and that we must visit a Church or some kind of Temple to connect with this higher power. This is bullshit and one of the many ways religion strips you of your strength and sovereignty.

The frequency of the Universe/Source/Goddess/God (whatever you choose to call it) can be found within us all, and it is always holding and supporting us. But it’s up to us to tap into that frequency and choose to work with it. So recognize that the Universe is you, is me, is every one of us.

4. Feel

The next step to trusting the Universe is to acknowledge what you desire most (I’m talking soul desires) and tap into the vibration of those desires.

So, if you haven’t already, spend some time journaling on what you desire most. Next, explore what feelings are linked to those desires. For example, one of your desires may be to write a book, and the feeling connected to that desire may be to feel creative, or to feel joy, or to feel purposeful.

Once you’ve gotten to the feelings of your desires, think about small things you can do daily to tap into those frequencies and bring more of them into your life. Set an intention each day to help you.

5. Connect

To deepen your trust in the Universe, make a conscious effort to connect with the Universe daily. And by that, I mean to connect with your intuition. The more we connect, the more intuitive guidance we will receive and the more clarity and peace this will bring us.

There are many ways to connect with the Universe: meditation, journaling, oracle, and tarot readings, paying attention to signs and symbols around you, and even through your dreams.

The truth is, we receive soul guidance all the time, whether it’s through gentle whispers in a window of silence, a random phone call from an old friend, a billboard on our drive to work, that book we randomly pick off the shelf, or that song that starts playing and happens to have the exact lyrics you need to hear in the moment. All of these things might seem like coincidences, but there is no such thing; everything in your life is divinely orchestrated.

An equally important part of receiving intuition is acting on the guidance we receive. Too often, we ignore what we hear because we are afraid to take action, usually because to do so means confronting a deep fear. But the more we trust and follow our intuition, the closer we move to our soul destiny and true purpose.

6. Pray

Once you know what you desire and how you wish to feel, it’s time to pray. Pray for what is in your highest good, the highest good of your soul, and the highest good of all. Because ultimately, this is what the Universe wants for you.

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When you accept this and channel your prayers in a way that acknowledges this acceptance, your prayers turn from frantic and grasping to peaceful and powerful in the surrender of it all.

woman praying

7. Commit

To trust the Universe does not mean you only trust sometimes or when you’re experiencing a run of good fortune. To trust means you commit to trusting fully every day, even when it feels inconvenient.

Connecting with your intuition and divine guidance will help you cultivate this daily practice and relationship with the Universe. And when you commit, you’ll notice how much clearer the guidance is, how what you desire flows to you with more ease and grace, and how the path to your soul destiny is illuminated so you can navigate your way.

8. Co-create

This is where most people struggle to cultivate a healthy relationship with the Universe. There are two camps: the first uses the “trusting the Universe” line to escape responsibility and avoid taking ownership of their life. The second can’t fathom the idea that they are not fully in control of their destiny, and we see this in the commonly spoken phrase, “I create my destiny.”

The truth is it is co-creation between us and the Universe. We have the power to create the life we want, but we must understand that this is not a solo game, and the Universe has a part to play. Once you accept this, you will see challenges and setbacks as opportunities for happy accidents, growth, and building strength.

9. Trust

To trust the Universe, you must first cultivate this deep trust in yourself and your intuition. That means tuning into, trusting, and following the guidance you receive, even when it’s scary or uncomfortable. Trusting that your heart will not lead you astray. Trusting that you have everything you need within you to walk this path and face any obstacles along the way.

Perhaps the biggest lesson of all in trusting the Universe is to trust that the Universe always gives you what you need, even though it may not necessarily be what you want. To trust that the Universe is always supporting and serving you is integral. Sometimes, not getting what you want can be the greatest blessing, and it can often take us much time to realize this and reflect in hindsight after integrating the wisdom that the event gifted us.

10. Gratitude

The final part of trusting the Universe is to practice gratitude. To be grateful for all the good in your life, all that you have, all that is working in your highest good. That doesn’t mean you don’t desire more or work to achieve bigger things, but it means you give thanks for where you are today and focus on abundance rather than lack. In doing this, we find greater levels of contentment, joy, and trust that we have everything we need to do what we came here to do.

Life is never without suffering. The mere nature of birth is the knowing that death will eventually follow. And sometimes the suffering may be overwhelming, for example, if you’re going through a dark night of the soul. But to keep yourself from being swallowed up entirely by the darkness and held underwater, bring your attention to the light. Eating a delicious bowl of pasta and savoring each bite, enjoying the sun dancing on your skin, or the warmth of a hug.

The more you revel in this abundance, the more space you make for more of it and the more welcome it feels to flow in.

how to trust the universe

Do you trust the universe?

Do you trust that the Universe has your back and supports and serves you at all times? I would love to know more about your level of trust and where you’re at in your relationship of co-creation with Her? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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