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59 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations For Confidence & Willpower
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59 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations For Confidence & Willpower

solar plexus chakra affirmations

If you’ve got a blockage in your solar plexus chakra, working with affirmations is one of the best ways to heal this and boost your confidence, courage, and personal power.

If you have a poor sense of self-worth or struggle to believe you can manifest your dreams, or you suffer from feelings of jealousy and find yourself wanting to control everything and everyone around you, you might be dealing with an under or overactive solar plexus chakra.

The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “disk” or “wheel.” Chakras are energy centers in your body, and each one is connected to and affects a different set of nerves and organs.

The 7 chakras:

What is the solar plexus chakra?

The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra. It’s associated with the color yellow as well as the element of fire. Its Sanskrit name is Manipura. “Mani” translates to “gem,” while “pura” means city. In other words, the Manipura chakra is the jewel city of our energy center.

It’s located around six inches above your belly button and a couple of inches below your breastbone. The third chakra is the center of our digestive system, rules our metabolism, and specifically governs the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder.

You can think of the solar plexus chakra as the powerhouse of your entire energetic body. This is where our sense of confidence, worth, acceptance, esteem, motivation, and courage comes from. In other words, it’s the chakra that rules your personal identity (your personality) and is also the fire of your willpower. This chakra helps us move forward on our path, take action toward our dreams and goals, and live a fulfilling life. A yellow aura represents the same things as this chakra.

An inactive or underactive solar plexus chakra means we lack fire and feel weak and purposeless. In contrast, too much fire and we can become arrogant, envious, and quickly burn out.

Someone with a balanced solar plexus chakra will exude warmth and friendliness. They will radiate confidence and self-esteem from within. They know their worth and walk away from anything that doesn’t meet what they know they deserve. A balanced third chakra also leads to a healthy balance of discipline and play, strong decision-making, and inner peace.

Symptoms of a blocked solar plexus chakra

woman in cave

Each of the seven chakras can either be underactive or overactive, both of which are unbalanced. Here are some of the common symptoms of both.

Symptoms of an underactive solar plexus chakra

  • Low confidence
  • Low self-worth and self-esteem
  • Feeling stuck in life/life is passing you by
  • Feeling held back
  • Your dreams and goals feel out of reach
  • Helplessness
  • Passive aggressive
  • Hiding from the world
  • Resistance
  • Inadequacy
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others
  • Lack of meaning to your life
  • Victim mentality
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive issues (IBS or constipation)

Symptoms of an overactive solar plexus chakra

  • “Doing” all the time
  • Need to maintain control at all times
  • Achieving outward success but still feeling unfulfilled
  • Aggressive or pushy
  • A need to be right
  • Perfectionism (from yourself and others)
  • Overly disciplined
  • Struggling to relax
  • Burnout
  • Obsessive behavior
  • Misuse of personal power

It’s also possible to swing back and forth from an underactive to an overactive solar plexus chakra. In this case, you’ll experience a mix of symptoms from both lists.

59 Solar plexus chakra affirmations

Affirmations are one of many spiritual tools you can use to heal a blocked solar plexus chakra.

I’ve put together a list of powerful affirmations you can choose from, or use these as inspiration to write your own!

  1. I am a confident woman.
  2. Confidence radiates out of me everywhere I go.
  3. I let go of the need to control.
  4. I believe in myself.
  5. I have the power to make all of my dreams come true.
  6. I use my power for good.
  7. I am worthy of my dreams.
  8. I am enough.
  9. I am complete.
  10. Everything I need to succeed is already within me.
  11. I choose my path with confidence and ease.
  12. I know my worth and won’t settle for less than I deserve.
  13. I take conscious action toward my goals.
  14. I am not afraid to fail.
  15. Failure is a teacher, and I am ready to learn.
  16. I am bursting with energy, fire, and power.
  17. I have what it takes to get through this.
  18. I am worthy of amazing things.
  19. I am in control of my actions, and that is enough.
  20. It is safe for me to slow down and rest.
  21. I have everything I need to be happy, healthy, and secure.
  22. I am strong enough to take care of myself.
  23. I am worthy of my dreams.
  24. I wake up feeling energized, motivated, and ready to enjoy the day.
  25. I am doing better than I think I am.
  26. I am always aligned with my purpose.
  27. I like myself.
  28. I love myself.
  29. I can do difficult things.
  30. I will not settle for less than I deserve.
  31. I release the need to always be right.
  32. I let go of the need to control everything.
  33. I am strong enough to make it through anything that comes my way.
  34. I believe in my strength, my wisdom, and my talent.
  35. I accomplish big things with ease.
  36. I trust myself.
  37. I am warm and friendly, like the sun’s rays.
  38. I am at peace.
  39. Mistakes are not failures if I learn and grow from them.
  40. Every action I take is a step toward my dreams.
  41. I move with confidence, courage, and will.
  42. I celebrate others’ successes.
  43. I release the need to be perfect and accept there is no such thing.
  44. I will not settle for less than I deserve.
  45. Amazing things come to me with ease.
  46. I am worthy of abundance, beauty, and joy.
  47. I am ready to walk my soul path.
  48. I give myself permission to relax and play.
  49. It is okay to take a break.
  50. I embrace the journey I am on.
  51. I walk this path with courage and confidence.
  52. I have everything I need to succeed.
  53. What awaits me is better than anything I left behind.
  54. I’ve got this.
  55. I deserve to take up space in this world.
  56. I am happy for the people in my life who are achieving great things.
  57. I am important.
  58. I am powerful
  59. I have enough, I do enough, I am enough.

How to work with these solar plexus chakra affirmations

healing solar plexus chakra affirmations

There are lots of ways to work with affirmations.

  • Meditate with affirmations
  • Journal on them
  • Do a yoga flow with them
  • Write them on sticky notes
  • Record them in a voice note

Additional practices to unblock and heal

Affirmations are great, but they’re best coupled with other practices to boost their effect. Here are some other things you can do to unblock and heal your solar plexus chakra.

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Practice yoga – Boat pose, plank, revolved triangle, and bow pose both support the solar plexus chakra. Kapalabhati breath (breath of fire) is also a great breathing technique to stimulate this chakra and get the energy circulating again.

Crystals – The best crystals for solar plexus healing are tiger’s eye, citrine, amber, yellow jasper, and yellow tourmaline.

Essential oils – Add essential oils into an air diffuser, to a bath, or massage them into your abdomen. Lemon, grapefruit, and juniper are all great for this chakra.

Meditate – When meditating, you could focus your breathing on this area or visualize yellow light flooding your body.

Diet – Although this isn’t a spiritual practice, your body is a temple, and treating it that way is important! Drink lots of water, and stay away from anything that is irritating your stomach. Add more fresh, yellow-colored foods to your plate (lemons, bananas, pineapple, yellow peppers, squash, and tomatoes).

lemon water jug

Heal your energy centers!

I hope you’re inspired by the list of solar plexus affirmations in this post and ready to incorporate these into your daily life so you can unblock and balance this powerful energy center.

Pick one or pick a couple to work with, depending on what you feel you need most right now. Feel free to change things up whenever you’re called to.

Drop your favorite affirmation in the comments below!

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