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Dairy, Motherhood & Domestic Violence
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Dairy, Motherhood & Domestic Violence

animal abuse in farming

We are sentient beings as humans. We are animals with hearts. And we feel strongly about our children because we are mammals. Motherhood is sacred to us, the gift of our feminine womb and breastmilk that provides nourishment to our babies right from when they are conceived until they grow up. We bond together, baby and mother, in a sacred connection that cannot be explained in words.

Imagine then the pain of a mother who has birthed a baby. Excitedly looking for the little one to caress, clean up and feed immediately until he gets up on his feet slowly over time. Only to have him snatched away as soon as he emerges out of the womb.

Wrapped in placenta, having barely opened his eyes, the baby, a male calf, is dragged cruelly into a slaughter truck for tender veal—something evil ones find delicious. The fate of a newborn—emaciated, separated from mother, crying for milk—seldom gets media attention. After all, he is not a royal prince. He is just a bobby calf bred to be killed because the dairy industry considers him disposable as per their cruel standards. Young mother, barely a child herself, cries for weeks and weeks, looking around to find him.

The farmers are inhuman and remorseless.

She is taken away to milking factories where machines are forced onto her nipples, extracting every bit of milk they can find in her artificially swollen udders made heavier by hormonal injections to increase milk supply abnormally. In pain, she lactates while grieving on and on, until a few months later when the same terrible cycle will be repeated and more babies born of her.

If the calf is female, she will be used similarly until she is tired and slaughtered for early death as a spent cow. All this for a bit of milk for merciless humans who simply cannot purchase oat milk for some unnecessary tea. No matter how many times you explain the above to them. No matter how many times you share free youtube videos of Land of Hope and Glory, Dairy is Scary, Dominion and Earthlings.

“We are already (almost) vegetarian!” they scarily insist.

“It does not taste the same,” they sadly signpost their relatives, hoping to be spared the boring vegan lecture.

“They are not killed immediately in organic farms,” insist the veterinarians.

The baby may get some access to his mother for a few weeks in limited amounts in some cases, although rare. Your supermarket milk bottles are most likely heavily sedated, causing you to clutch them close to your chest when you see an activist with a t-shirt saying ‘dairy kills mothers and babies’ walking past your shelf.

“We are Indian; we do not kill cows,” jubilate Indians on Facebook.

Rape is, of course, an unknown code word. Something that happens only in secluded places to human females who got off the train alone at night and probably wore high heels and sleeveless t-shirts.

They do not kill a cow; they merely sell her off to traders who journey them off to other cities where they will be killed legally in horrific ways. We share a PETA documentary by Pamela Anderson about how India leads in leather production due to dairy female abuse. The viewers are perturbed slightly. But they use leather and dairy regardless.

Domestic violence against mothers and children is a crime, but it happens regardless. Rape takes place before and after marriage in all countries of the world. It is legal in India to rape your wife. Although illegal in the UK, it still takes place unprosecuted due to lack of CCTV evidence.

It is perfectly legal worldwide to rape an animal of another species; it is called breeding.

Rough hands will inseminate her forcibly, as often as the farmer chooses for profit, to produce babies—for meat, re-breeding, exploitation, and milk. The mental abuse, coercion, control over the being’s entire life, willpower, and freedom snatched away, as they are exploited to breed babies, is not uncommon.

It also happens to us, human females.

When we report domestic violence even as human victims in developed and semi-developed nations, the main focus is on physical abuse and physical injuries for crime reporting.

The social care system insists, “do not let children watch the crime between hostile parents,” and blames the mother who must go to a refuge. Control and coercion continue at family courts and after as men remain in charge of your lifestyle and control your children.

Parallels are clear within the dairy and meat industry.

Animal welfare standards must be met. We must not allow the adults to be kicked, punched, hit, and injured because it will overburden the healthcare system. Most importantly, the victim mothers will be a nuisance, shouting, screaming, and crying day and night, which is why we make them homeless and shelter them in a refuge in some corner for a while to safeguard the man who deserves to be kept safe from self-defense. And keep the child away from all this, the child who must never feel empathy for the mother.

As for slaughter, it takes place very humanely in closed compartments where our eyes cannot see the terror and fright of the babies and mothers awaiting their dreadful fate in slaughter lines.

Imagine it happen to yourself or your children.

It does happen in domestic abuse. Women and children being killed after solid years of turmoil by abusive men are not uncommon. But, at least it is shunned by society and talked about negatively in the media, unlike violent slaughter of animals which is treated casually. Enjoyed over a cup of tea with conversations of, “Bacon though. I like my meat. Beef burgers taste awesome sometimes.

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The profiteers and capitalists make money selling vegan noodles in crowded supermarkets besides pieces of victims’ bodies. Ribs, legs, cuts from various body parts for children to choose from and eat because it is their human right (although completely wrong) to view, normalize, and be fed with violence. The government needs slaves who work for them as per their standards of violence which are very high.

Sadly empathy is scattered like rare jewels in sand at the local beach where rich couples are headed for summer vacations leaving bottle-fed babies behind with nannies. They will grow up with autism or even juvenile diabetes as children or slowly be initiated into a life of cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s because their parents gave them dairy, cheese, eggs, or meat unnecessarily.

A life goes wasted and obstructed even before birth in the mother’s womb. For those diseases that our abused children inherit from their moms and dads and from the dairy and meat they are forced to consume, countless innocent faces will be marked with the terror of rape and slaughter.

150 billion animals are killed each year by men, says the vegan calculator.

The clock is ticking but only on climate change. We need to keep the system going else humans will die, a few rebellions down the line. Carbon neutrality is the sole objective to keep humans in charge of the planet.

A child grows up in a world where violence is normalized. People remain aggressive, impartial to personal choices, absolutely certain that you cannot force someone to accept your views. However, we must force children to be unhealthy and plied with meat, eggs, and dairy. That domestic violence, rape, and abuse are heinous crimes is merely a personal view?

Why are these not illegal?

Why is there no action despite CCTV evidence and secret investigations of so many charities researched and exposed by Viva, Animal Equality, and Surge?

Because it happens to insects, spiders, and reptiles too in nature. We are humans, and only we are special. A reptilian point of view of domination.

Mother earth suffers, and the feminine soul within too.

Crimes continue. Thousands per second will be killed cruelly even as you read this piece and chuck it in the bin of your consciousness. Because your clever readers need something a little more entertaining, a bit more remarkable, jazzy, superficial, and tasteful (sinful) for social media shares and profitable advertising.

The focus is on Gay Pride this weekend and Women’s Periods next month. Meditation and mindfulness are tasteful.

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