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14 Best Crystals And Stones For Sagittarius
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14 Best Crystals And Stones For Sagittarius

best crystals stones Sagittarius

If you were born with your sun, moon, or rising sign in Sagittarius, you might be curious about what your birthstone is, along with the best stones and crystals to work with to channel the energy of the adventurous archer.

Everything you need to know about sagittarius

Date: November 22 – December 21 (if your birthday falls between these dates, then Sagi is your sun sign)

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Archer

Planetary ruler: Jupiter

As a fire sign, people with Sagittarius as one of their big three (or a stellium in this sign) are passionate, warm, and big-hearted. They love traveling to and exploring new places and having epic adventures. They’re curious, independent, and spontaneous creatures.

Sagittarius’s ruling planet is Jupiter, which symbolizes abundance, joy, and expansion but has a stormy side. Every sign has weaknesses, and Sagittarians tend to have a bad habit of overpromising and under-delivering. They’re so idealistic and optimistic that “yes” is their default answer to practically everything. They can be taken advantage of because of this kind nature.

What crystals are good for sagittarius?

These are the best crystals for Sagittarius signs:

  1. Turquoise
  2. Blue Topaz
  3. Iolite
  4. Aventurine
  5. Mookaite
  6. Sodalite
  7. Amethyst
  8. Lapis Lazuli
  9. Blue Lace Agate
  10. Beryl
  11. Citrine
  12. Black Obsidian
  13. Azurite
  14. Zircon

No matter where you are on your journey in harnessing the unique gifts or working on the challenges of the Sagittarius sign, there are specific stones and crystals you can work with to help you.

Crystals and stones that help strengthen focus and communication can be powerful and help Sagittarians be more direct and honest. Plus, crystals that encourage stillness and reflection encourage them to tune in and consider all sides of a decision before jumping into it. You’ll also find some stones and crystals that help you harness the luck, positivity, and abundance available to you with the Sagittarius sign and influence of Jupiter.

sagittarius birthstone

14 Best stones and crystals for sagittarius

1. Sagittarius birthstone: Turquoise

Turquoise is the most well-known birthstone for Sagittarius, but Blue Topaz and Citrine are also associated with this sign.

Turquoise is a beautiful bright blue stone full of healing water energy from the ocean and is strongly linked to the throat chakra. This crystal can help you open your throat, connect to your heart, and speak your truth.

Turquoise will give you a gentle nudge to start new projects and ventures but also complete what you start. It’s also known to promote calm and harmony in relationships and between your inner feminine and masculine.

2. Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is a birthstone for December, which is why it’s often considered a Sagittarius birthstone.

This is one of the best crystals for Sagittarius because it encourages truth, wisdom, and authenticity. Working with this stone can help you think more rationally and infuse softness and thoughtfulness into your communication.

If life feels hectic and like you’re constantly moving from one task to the next, Blue Topaz can be a wave of harmony and encourage you to rest and restore your strength.

3. Iolite

Iolite will calm your fiery emotions and soothe your mind. This is one of the best crystals to call on when meditating to feel zen or to connect to your intuition and higher guides. It will help you be more discerning, trust your inner voice, and act on the divine wisdom you receive.

If you’re new to spirituality or find it challenging to connect to that deeper part of who you are at a soul level, Iolite can work wonders. Combine the knowledge of your mind with the insight of your heart, and allow this stone to guide you to a higher level of awareness.

4. Aventurine

Aventurine is a wonderful crystal to attract more good fortune and new opportunities into your world. Whether you wish to make strides in your career, manifest a dream relationship, or magnetize a supportive circle of fierce women, Aventurine is one of the best Sagittarius crystals to work with.

Aventurine can help you move into a positive state of mind, navigate obstacles, and take decisive action so that nothing stands in the way of what you truly want.

5. Mookaite

Mookaite is a beautiful crystal that can enrich our connection to mamma earth and help ground us in nature. It’s perfect for fiery Sagittarians who could benefit greatly from being in the present moment and recognizing the beauty within and without.

This crystal coaxes the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius. It will unleash a desire to immerse yourself in the miracle that is our world—animals, plants, fruits and vegetables, landscapes, oceans, forests, the sky and the stars, the sun and moon—and lose yourself in the now.

6. Sodalite

Sodalite is another one of the blue-toned crystals for Sagittarius. This dark blue stone colored with splashes of white is connected to both the throat and third eye chakras.

A stone of logic and intuition, Sodalite can help you focus your energy and attention on the projects and goals that matter most to you, and prevent you from scattering or spreading yourself too thin. If you still have a lot going on after honing in on your priorities, this crystal can also calm your mind and combat overwhelm.

Sodalite also acts as an amplifier of positive energy. It can help you let go of anything that doesn’t feel good and increase what does.

This is also one of the best crystals to call on if you’re a Sagittarius who needs to learn the art of speaking your truth, but with caution, so you don’t offend anyone with harsh, unthoughtful words.

7. Amethyst

Sometimes people with Sagittarius in their birth chart can struggle to get out of their head and into their spiritual body. But with the right tools, they can cultivate a spiritual practice, experience a great awakening, and move to a higher consciousness. Amethyst is a crystal connected to the crown chakra and can unleash the spiritual potential of this sign.

It’s also the perfect stone to call on any time you feel restless and are caught in a loop of looking for the next best thing. Amethyst will soothe this anxiety and help you call in stillness.


8. Lapis Lazuli

Next up on our list of the best Sagittarius stones and crystals is Lapis Lazuli, a mystical stone that connects with the third eye chakra. Work with this crystal to deepen your self-awareness and tame your extroverted Sagittarian thinking.

Think about if the people, projects, and opportunities you say yes to are a true fuck yes in your heart rather than out of habit. Lapis Lazuli will help you check in with yourself and become aware of your deepest desires and intentions to make more aligned, conscious choices.

9. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is another blue crystal connected to the throat chakra. It’s one of the best stones to call on if that Sagittarius fire has left you in a state of anger or judgment, and you need a wave of water to dissolve this heated energy.

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This crystal also inspires confidence and clear communication. Work with it to express your thoughts and feelings more clearly, without letting your emotions take over. If you struggle with public speaking or being in the center of large crowds, Blue Lace Agate can calm those jitters and lend some much-needed emotional support.

10. Beryl

If your friends and family describe you as a whirlwind (that’s Jupiter’s stormy energy in action), then this is the stone for you. Beryl is a calming crystal that can soothe and center even the most off-balance Sagittarians.

Beryl is also a stone that can unblock and open up all the energy centers in the body so that energy can flow freely through all the chakras and leave you feeling happy, healthy, and harmonious.

If you’re a Sagittarius who has reached the point of exhaustion and burnout, this is one of the best crystals to restore and rejuvenate from the inside out.

11. Citrine

Citrine is another of the crystals that are frequently listed as a birthstone for Sagittarius. This sunshine-yellow stone will brighten the energy of any wintery zodiac sign. Think of it like a hit of vitamin D, but for your soul!

Sagittarians tend to be positive people, but Citrine will amplify this quality and leave you feeling lighter and brighter. If you’ve been doing a lot for others lately and channeling your energy outward, this crystal can act as a welcome reset and will leave you amped.

12. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is typically known as a protection stone used to clear away and repel negative energy. It can highlight our (sometimes subconscious) negative patterns and habits so that we can let go of them and call in new, supportive ones.

However, it’s also a grounding crystal that can help Sagittarius cultivate self-awareness and calm their excessive, excitable energy. Work with this stone to feel more secure and stable with who you are and where you are today.

Black obsidian

13. Azurite

Azurite is another of the Sagittarius crystals that can help strengthen your connection to your intuition and to Source/The Universe/The Great Goddess. This stone allows you to travel deep into your subconscious and meet the shadows that lurk there. Here, we find truths about ourselves that we have repressed and are blind to. This is the first step to healing and transformation.

If you struggle to make decisions or lack purpose, Azurite can clear the confusion, help you choose the right path, and guide you forward.

14. Zircon

Finally, on our list of the best crystals and stones for Sagittarius is Zircon, which also shares Jupiter as its ruling planet.

This crystal offers protection, a welcome energy for spontaneous and adventurous Sagittarians who often venture out into the unknown to refill their cup. Carry Zircon with you on your travels so that you stay safe and at peace throughout your journey.

How to work with these sagittarius stones and crystals

There are so many ways to use and work with crystals to harness their powerful energy and vibration:

  • Wear them as jewelry
  • Meditate with them
  • Practice yoga with them
  • Add them to a bath ritual
  • Place them on your sacred altar or around your house
  • Carry them in your purse or pocket
  • Add them to a spell jar
  • Work with them as part of a moon ritual

Ready to harness the power of these sagittarius stones and crystals?

Even if you don’t have any Sagittarius in your birth chart, you can still work with these crystals and stones. This can be particularly potent when the sun or moon is orbiting in Sagittarius.

Remember that crystals are tools to help you create a spiritual practice and connect to what already exists inside you. Everything you need is within—crystals simply shine a light on that darkness.

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