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A Full Moon Prayer For Release & Manifestation
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A Full Moon Prayer For Release & Manifestation

full moon prayer manifestation

Saying a full moon prayer on the night of the full moon is a wonderful addition to any full moon ritual. Whether you’re looking for a full moon release prayer or a full moon manifestation prayer, I’ve compiled some of my favorite personal prayers in this post. You’re welcome to swipe them for your next moon ritual at home!

What does a full moon mean?

full moon manifestation prayer

A full moon occurs roughly every 29 days. From a physical standpoint, it happens when the moon is opposite the sun in the sky. She reflects his light, which makes her appear as a beautiful, full, beaming sphere in the night sky.

From an energetic standpoint, a full moon is a time of illumination, expansion, gratitude, and celebration. Out of all the moon phases, outward energy is highest during a full moon. It’s a time to be with others, get outside, and do. Grandmamma moon shines her light on our shadows and asks us to meet whatever lurks beneath our surface: fear, guilt, shame, pain, trauma.

The full moon is also a time to celebrate how far you’ve come since the new moon and have gratitude for all you’ve manifested and all that’s good in your life today.

When can you do a full moon prayer and ritual?

The best time to do a full moon ritual is on the first night of the full moon and in the evening because the moon rules the night. But if you can’t do it that night, you’ve got a 2-3 day window to work with while the moon is still in its fullest phase.

Adding a full moon prayer to your moon ritual is a wonderful way to deepen your relationship with the moon and the divine feminine within you and add an element of sacredness to your life.

What is the purpose of a full moon ritual?

A full moon ritual can help you reconnect with your sacred cycle and the lunar cycle. Our menstrual cycle mirrors the moon’s 29-day cycle, which is why the moon phases are so significant for us as women. The full moon is linked to our ovulatory phase, while the new moon is linked to our bleeding phase. You can learn more about that here.

Over time, we have been forcibly disconnected from our natural rhythm and from the moon. But more and more women are rediscovering this connection and living in harmony with their cycle. And moon rituals are a beautiful way to deepen this connection and live and lead in flow.

The full moon invites us to release what’s no longer serving us, meet our shadows so we can heal, and celebrate how far we’ve come while acknowledging that we’re still climbing our personal mountain.

How to do a lunar ritual

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There are so many ways to do a full moon ritual, and no right or wrong. Rituals are personal and should be authentic to you and your needs. Because we’re constantly evolving, your needs and wants will change over time, so your moon rituals will naturally change over time too.

Here are some ideas that you might want to weave into your full moon ritual:

The power of a full moon prayer

A full moon prayer is a wonderful way to declare what you’re releasing, what you wish to call in, and where you’d like Grandmamma moon’s support over the coming weeks.

If you don’t like the word “prayer” because of religious connotations, feel free to swap it with something like “affirmation” or “declaration.”

Prayers to recite tonight

Below I’ve included some examples of what a full moon prayer might look like. Amend these however you like so they fit your personal guides and what you wish to release or manifest on the full moon.

You can write these out, recite them quietly or out loud, or even combine them with a banishing or manifestation spell.

If you write out a full moon release prayer on paper, it’s a great idea to burn this piece of paper afterward. This is common practice when doing any kind of releasing/letting go ritual.

1. Full moon release prayer

On the night of this full moon, I call on the support of Grandmamma moon, the Great Goddess, and the Divine Feminine as I release all that no longer serves me.

I release limiting beliefs and stories that are keeping me small.

I release pain, guilt, fear, and shame that are no longer mine to carry.

I release relationships that do not serve the woman I am becoming.

I release my hold on the past and the future, for there is only the present.

I release energy that is old to make space for the new.

As I exhale, I willingly release all of this tonight, so I can reclaim my sovereignty and move forward freely with strength, light, and grace.

I trust that you are watching over me and supporting me, always.

And so it is.

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2. Full moon prayer for shadow work

Grandmamma moon,

Tonight, I invite you to shine your light on my shadows.

My low self-worth.

My fear of failure.

My fear of showing the world who I am and being judged.

That voice in my head that tells me I can’t.

The limiting stories I tell myself.

My lack of belief in who I am and what I can achieve.

My fear of getting hurt again.

My fear of falling short of the woman I know I can be.

Shine your light on me so I can see who I truly am.

So I can heal and cleanse myself of these energies and beliefs that do not serve me.

I heal tonight under your nourishing glow.

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I feel my mind, body, and spirit rejuvenating.

I welcome in love.

I welcome in light.

I welcome in abundance.

And so it is.

full moon release prayer

3. Full moon manifestation prayer

Grandmamma moon,

I stand and bathe in your light and step fully into the flow of abundance.

I am ready to receive all that wants to flow to and through me.

I call in good health,



and money.

I trust that whatever I need will be given.

Please, illuminate my path to the abundant life I am ready to welcome with open arms.

And so it is.

Ready to say a prayer?

I hope this post has given you a great intro to full moon manifestation prayer and moon rituals! Remember that there is no right or wrong way to write and offer a prayer. Let your intuition guide you.

You might also want to let the energy of the moon guide you. For example, when the full moon is in Pisces, your full moon prayer might be focused more on your dreams or channeling your creative energy. When the full moon is in Scorpio, your full moon prayer might be focused on your shadows, passion projects, and spiritual transformation.

Got a question about full moon manifestation prayer or rituals?

Drop it in the comments below!

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