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18 Best Crystals & Stones For Manifesting
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18 Best Crystals & Stones For Manifesting

best crystals for manifesting

Crystals and rare stones are spiritual tools that can be used for many things: focus, healing, and manifesting. If you want to attract more love, positivity, or abundance into your energy field, this list of manifestation crystals will help you do it.

How to manifest with crystals

While it’s true that you don’t need things like crystals, tarot cards, and smudge bundles to change your life, these tools can help anchor and guide you on your journey and inspire and empower you as you transform your life.

The Law of Attraction hinges on three things. One, that you know what you want and that it comes from an authentic place in your heart. Two, that you believe in yourself and your ability to manifest whatever you deeply desire. And three, that you align yourself and your life with these desires.

Anyone who has ever achieved a dream knows the power of doing that deep inner work many of us put off and combining that with action in the real world. Crystals are one of the numerous spiritual tools that help us connect with our intentions and high vibrational frequencies. These create a shift within us, and this is where the magic happens. While there’s no shortcut to manifesting what you desire, crystals help us connect to our power and can speed up the timeline.

Here are the best crystals for manifesting money, love, luck, wealth, and abundance.

best crystal for manifestation

18 Best crystals and stones for manifesting

1. Pyrite

First up on this list of manifestation crystals is the glimmering gold stone, Pyrite. If you want to attract more wealth, abundance, and success, this is one of the best crystals for manifesting.

This stone will inspire you to take action toward your biggest dreams and open new doors that can lead to a wealthier sense of self, richer relationships, and extraordinary experiences.

2. Citrine

Citrine is a sunshine-yellow stone that will help you connect with and unblock your solar plexus (third) chakra. This chakra is connected to your motivation, confidence, courage, and self-esteem. A boost in these areas will give you the positive lift you need to banish those negative thoughts, stop playing small and finally step into your infinite potential.

If the thought of manifesting your wildest dreams has ever felt impossible, Citrine will help break down that conflict between the lies your mind tells you and the truth of your heart.

3. Peridot

Peridot is one of the best crystals for manifesting because it’s bursting with possibility, courage, abundance, and peace.

It will quietly remind you to lean into your divine feminine energy because manifesting is not just about doing and action; it’s equally about being and flowing. By finding a healthy balance between the masculine and feminine (we need both), we welcome more grace and ease in our lives and draw what we want to us without pushing and pulling.

If you’ve ever needed a reminder that abundance is your birthright, work with Peridot.

4. Black Tourmaline

Although traditionally known as a protecting, negative vibe-clearing crystal, Black Tourmaline will help clear any less-than-positive thoughts and beliefs that hold you back and swap these with tidal waves of positivity. This crystal will cleanse and charge your aura and set you up to make decisions and take actions that align with the life you want to manifest.

Plus, this is one of those manifesting crystals that will keep your feet firmly on the ground so that you’re manifesting from an authentic place of what you truly want versus what your ego wants.

5. Green Jade

Jade is also one of the best and most well-known manifesting crystals. Used since ancient times in China, this money stone is believed to bring wealth, abundance, and prosperity to those who wear it or have it close by. Jade will also bring peace and tranquility to your world and show you that manifesting doesn’t have to be loud to be effective.

green jade stone

6. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a brilliant crystal that will give you the confidence and boldness to pursue your wildest dreams, no matter how many obstacles and closed doors stand in your way.

Like a tiger with her eyes firmly set on her prey, this crystal will obliterate limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, connect you to your heart and give you the strong and stable foundation needed to manifest magic.

7. Amethyst

The purple crystal will help you connect to the spiritual realm and intuition of the third eye and crown chakras. Amethyst will assist you in gaining clarity of thought so you can visualize what you truly want to manifest and lead from that deep place of knowing.

If you’re looking for a manifesting crystal, but you know you need to spend a little more time figuring out what you truly want, Amethyst is a great stone to work with.

8. Red Garnet

Garnet is a regal stone that can help you manifest wealth and prosperity by giving you the courage and confidence to walk your soul path.

If you ever need to re-ignite that fire in your soul and reconnect with your passion and why, Red Garnet is the crystal to call on.

9. Carnelian

Next up on this list of the best crystals and stones for manifesting is Carnelian, also known as the artist’s stone. This bright red-orange stone is linked to the sacral chakra, where our creative and sexual energy comes from.

Tapping into this energy center is like tapping into your infinite life force and power. This stone will burn away any fears and doubts that linger, awaken your gifts, and motivate you to move forwards, plant your stake in the ground and claim what you want.

10. Rose Quartz

You probably think of love when you think of Rose Quartz, which is why this is one of the best crystals for manifesting richer relationships and attracting love into your life. This includes self-love, platonic love, and the romantic kind.

Oozing feminine energy, this stone will help you tap into unconditional love and open your heart to receiving and giving more love. If your heart chakra needs healing before manifesting the kind of love you desire, this is the crystal to call on.

rose quartz love stone

11. Selenite

Although Selenite is typically a crystal you call on to cleanse and detoxify your home or self, this simple act is important to slough off anything that no longer serves you as it makes space for wealth and abundance to pour in. This is why it’s also the perfect crystal to cleanse other crystals.

Whenever you feel heavy or stagnant, use Selenite to freshen things up.

12. Hematite

If you struggle to let go of toxic patterns and behaviors (or even people), call on the strength of Hematite to shake them off.

This grounding stone is connected to the root chakra, where we derive our sense of security. Balancing this chakra is essential because, without this, all our other chakras will be out of balance. Manifesting is all about moving from a strong, centered, aligned place, and Hematite will help you find the stamina to do so.

13. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, also known as the Master Healer, is an amplifying crystal. Whatever energy, mindset, or belief you radiate, this crystal will magnify it. On top of this, it can clear your mind so that you can manifest with clarity.

So whatever you desire most, use this manifesting crystal to fuel and mold it into an indestructible force that the Universe cannot help but feel and support you in realizing it.

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14. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is also a great crystal for manifesting, especially during moments of doubt.

We inevitably experience unease and adversity along the way to manifesting our dreams. If they were easy, they wouldn’t feel half as good when we finally accomplish them. But it’s easy to lose hope and faith along the way, especially if it feels like your dreams are not within reach and the Universe doesn’t have your back (she does).

In these moments, Red Jasper is the crystal to call on. This stone will push you to keep walking this path toward what you want most. It will also remind you not to play and dream small but to shoot for the moon, stars, and beyond.

15. Agate

Agate is a crystal of many colors, each of which has a unique and special property.

Green Moss Agate is a particularly powerful stone for manifesting calm, health, and a deeper connection with nature and all of life.

Blue Lace Agate can help you seek wisdom and truth to manifest from an authentic place instead of out of fear or lack.

Fire Agate can help awaken dreams that have been dormant for some time and reconnect you to your deepest desires.

16. Obsidian

Obsidian is a powerful crystal to draw negative energy out of your body and sacred space or create a barrier between you. Instead of second-guessing your dreams or thinking of all the reasons why you can’t do something, this crystal will remove those mental blocks and help you shift your mindset to “why the fuck not?”

“If not me, then who?”

Book that ticket to Costa Rica. Start that business you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever it is that you can’t stop thinking about, do it.

17. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a magical crystal for manifesting and is connected to the heart chakra. This stone will help you reconnect to your energy center, your life force (also known as prana, shakti, or chi), and start making decisions and taking actions that lead you towards your deepest heart desires.

This crystal also bursts with healing powers that can clear away any blocks that keep you stuck so you can walk your path with less resistance.

18. Lapis Lazuli

Finally, no list of crystals for manifesting would be complete without Lapis Lazuli. This lucky blue stone (also known as the Wisdom Stone) will remind you of your worth and give you the confidence to live an authentic, untamed life and put yourself out there. This is key to manifesting because we cannot manifest our desires unless we find the courage to speak our truth and stand in our light.

Working with manifestation & abundance crystals

manifesting crystals

There are many ways to work with these manifesting crystals and weave them into your spiritual practice:

  • Meditate with crystals
  • Practice yoga with crystals
  • Wear them as jewelry
  • Pop them in your pocket or purse
  • Place them on your altar or around your home
  • Make a spell jar with crystals
  • Visualize with them
  • Add a crystal to your bath water to amplify its manifesting properties

Ready to use these crystals for manifesting magic?

Remember that crystals are a great starting point for unblocking and healing toxic beliefs and patterns. But if you truly want to transform your life and manifest your desires, you have to combine this inner work with outer action. It’s all about balance. Balancing the inner feminine and masculine. Balancing the work we do in the spiritual realm with the physical realm.

Have you got a favorite crystal for manifesting with? Drop it in the comments below!

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