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How To Make Moon Water For Magic & Ritual
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How To Make Moon Water For Magic & Ritual

how to make moon water

Women worldwide are waking up to the power of working with the lunar cycle and harnessing the moon’s divine feminine energy. In ancient times, the moon was always revered and worshipped. We lived in moons instead of months. New moon and full moon rituals are a wonderful way to step into this feminine flow, set intentions, and manifest your deepest desires. Making moon water is a juicy step to add to any moon ritual, and in this article, I’ll show you how + all the amazing things you can do with it afterward.

Grandmamma moon & the feminine

divine feminine energy

Grandmamma moon, crystals, herb cleansing, spellwork, and all things witchy are having a much-needed renaissance. The feminine is rising, women are rising, and la luna is a simple yet beautiful way to tap into our feminine energy and add magic and ritual to our daily lives.

The moon has a 29-day (ish) cycle and four main phases. This mirrors the 29 (ish) days and four phases of our menstrual cycle. And these phases are linked (you can read more about that here).

New moon = Bleeding phase

Waxing moon = Follicular phase

Full moon = Ovulation phase

Waning moon = Luteal phase

Tuning into this sacred rhythm is a powerful way to tap into ancient, sacred wisdom and universal energy. Making moon water is a way to bottle this energy, drink it, bathe in it, cleanse with it, and perform spells.

If you’re new to working with grandmamma moon, one of the easiest ways to start aligning with her energy is to moon bathe when the moon is full. Lay in your garden, walk outside or dip in the ocean. Be with her. Let her soft glow wash over you.

You can find out when the next full moon is where you live by checking here.

What exactly is moon water?

full moon ritual

Moon water is simply water that has been supercharged by the moon’s light and energy.

You might know that the moon rules the tides and therefore rules water. This makes sense because feminine energy is tied to the element of water. In contrast, masculine energy is linked to the element of fire.

The moon = the feminine & water

The sun = the masculine & fire

On top of that, our bodies are more than 60% water. Being in water and drinking it is healing and therapeutic for us because we are water. Hence why we have such a deep connection to the moon.

Moon water can be used in various ways to strengthen your connection to the moon and your spiritual practice.

The benefits of moon water

Before I explain how to make moon water, let’s talk about why you would even want to.

Firstly, it’s a fun thing to do! If you love making things, DIY home projects, and all things witchy, then you’ll love making moon water.

Moon water also has a calming effect on the body, possesses healing powers, and can be used to cleanse (the same way you might burn sage to clear negative energy before a ritual).

It’s also a great way to make full use of the power of the full moon and use this to supercharge the intentions you set at the start of the cycle.

How to make moon water

how to make moon water

Choose a time

The best time to make moon water is when the moon is full. This usually lasts between 2-3 days each lunar cycle and happens roughly every 29 days. You want to wait for a full moon because her energy and light are strongest during this phase, which will infuse into your moon water.

Generally, you want to avoid full moon eclipses because an eclipse is about looking into our shadows and cleansing or releasing anything that no longer serves us. It’s a time to let go rather than take in.

Let the zodiac guide you

Each full moon will fall in a different zodiac sign, circling through all 12 signs each year. This sign will deeply impact the energy of that particular full moon and give us insight into what to focus our attention on that moon. And this energy will influence the energy of your moon water.

The full moon will always be in the opposite sign that the sun is in. So when it’s Cancer season, the full moon will be in Capricorn. When it’s Scorpio season, the full moon will be in Taurus.

Below are some brief top-line descriptions of what each zodiac sign symbolizes.

  • Full Moon in Aries = Energy, action, courage & adventure
  • Full Moon in Taurus = Stability, sensuality, grounding & beauty
  • Full Moon in Gemini = Communication, social, learning & change
  • Full Moon in Cancer = Home, self-care, family & sensitivity
  • Full Moon in Leo = Shining brightly, creativity & extroversion
  • Full Moon in Virgo = Practical, health, curious & being of service
  • Full Moon in Libra = Balance, peace & fairness
  • Full Moon in Scorpio = Shadows, truth, death & transformation
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius = Adventure, optimism, social & direct
  • Full Moon in Capricorn = Organization, structure, setting goals & discipline
  • Full Moon in Aquarius = Original, innovative & rebellious
  • Full Moon in Pisces = Dreaming, imagination & creativity

What you’ll need to make moon water

  • A glass jar or container (with a sealable lid)
  • Water (make sure it’s safe to drink if you plan on drinking it, but otherwise, rain water and lake water work well)
  • Something to cleanse your space with (herbs to burn + a fireproof bowl, a diffuser, or room spray)
  • Ritual tools (candles, an altar cloth, a wand or chalice, etc.)
  • Crystals (optional – if you want to add specific energy to your water)
  • Essential oils (optional)
  • Herbs (optional)


Before any kind of ritual, it’s a good idea to cleanse yourself, the space, and any tools you’re using (like your jar for the moon water).

You can burn herbs, put essential oils in a diffuser, or use a room spray. Be sure to open the windows and doors before you start. While you cleanse, visualize old, stagnant energy leaving.

Set up your altar

how to make moon water

If you have a sacred altar that you use already for ritual and spellwork, take some time to tidy it and set it up with everything you need to make your moon water. Arrange your tools, light a candle, and place your jar at the center of your altar.

If you don’t have an altar, you can use a cloth or tray or simply find a clean, sturdy surface (the floor is fine, too) to lay out your tools.

Fill your jar

The next step to make moon water is to fill your jar with your water of choice.

If you’re using rain water, you’ll need to collect this before the full moon. If you’re using river or lake water, dip your jar into the natural source to fill it up. And if you intend to consume your moon water, make sure you use tap or bottled water that is safe to drink.

You can also add crystals, herbs, and essential oils to the water if you want to infuse it with particular properties. Choose your items based on your intentions for your moon water.

Infuse your moon water with your intention

As you fill your jar, think about your intention for this moon water and this full moon. Is there something you want to manifest? Is there a part of your body that needs to heal? Is there an affirmation you want to repeat that will help you embody a certain quality or vibration?

You could even write your intention down, place it next to your jar, or tape it onto it. Take as much time as you need here until you feel your intention has infused into your water.

Carry this intention with you throughout the rest of this ritual.

Head outside

You can do this entire ritual outside under the moonlight if you have a private space and the temperature is okay. But if you were indoors, now is the time to head out and place your jar under the moonlight. A window ledge or balcony is the perfect place—somewhere off the ground that has a clear sight of the moonlight.

However, if you don’t have a private outdoor space to use or live somewhere very cold (where your moon water will become moon ice!), you can place your jar inside your house on a windowsill.

Also, don’t worry if it is a cloudy night and you can’t see the moon. She is still there, and her energy will penetrate through.

Give thanks

The next step is to move into a space of gratitude. Give thanks to the moon, the universe, and yourself for showing up in this moment. Let this yummy feeling wash over you.

Leave your moon water to charge

The final step is to leave your moon water to charge overnight. Make sure you bring it in before sunrise because your water will start taking on solar energy once the sun is out.

And that’s how to make moon water!

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9 Ways to use your magical moon water

Now that you know how to make moon water let’s talk about all the wonderful ways you can use this lunar elixir.

Remember that you can store your moon water in your airtight container for many moons and use it in future rituals.

1. Manifest your new moon intentions

The new moon is the best time to set new intentions for the coming cycle and beyond. But you can use the moon water you make at full moon to increase the energy and power of those intentions.

Repeat your intention as you fill your jar with water and visualize your life as though it has already come true.

2. Drink it

If you use safe drinking water, your moon water is perfect for sipping on or making tea. This can help realign your mind, body, and spirit and make it easier to reconnect to your inner feminine and sacred cycle.

3. Cleanse

Moon water can be used in the same way you might use a room spray to cleanse your space, altar, crystals, and yourself before doing a ritual. You could also clean your home with it. Pop it into a spray bottle to make it easier to use.

And if you’re cleansing yourself, you can anoint your body with it.

4. Charge your crystals

sacred altar work

Moon water is perfect for cleansing and recharging your crystals, just make sure they’re water-safe. Pop your crystals in a bowl, cover them with moon water, and leave them overnight.

5. Create

Use your moon water in the things you create, for example, while painting or cooking. This will infuse your creations with powerful lunar energy.

6. Add it to your diffuser

If you have a diffuser, add moon water instead of regular water, combine it with your essential oils of choice, and let it disperse into your space.

7. Add it to a bath ritual

Moon water is a lovely thing to add to any bath ritual, especially if you’re taking a bath as part of a moon ritual.

In Ayurveda, it’s common for people to bathe in moon water to absorb the full energy (prana) of the moon. This is not a new age practice; it’s an ancient tradition rooted in earth-based living.

If you don’t have a tub, you can place your moon water, salts, herbs, flowers, and essential oils into a bowl or jug, and pour this on you in the shower.

8. Make a moon water toner

Did you know that moon water can help your skin glow? Yes!

Make a simple DIY moon water toner by adding 10 drops of essential oil (your choice) and 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (jojoba, coconut, almond) to a glass spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with moon water, close it and give it a good shake to mix everything together.

Voila! You just made your own moon water face toner.

9. Water your plants

Did you know it’s said that plants grow in moonlight rather than sunlight?

Water or spray your house plants with moon water and watch them drink it and bloom. FYI: plants also love period blood.

How to store your moon water

Once you’ve completed your ritual and finished using your moon water, you’ll want to store it in an airtight jar or container and place it away from sunlight. This is because the sun will cause the water to take on solar energy and weaken the lunar energies you charged it with.

Making moon water and using it in rituals and spellwork is a simple way to connect to grandmamma moon and harness the power of her lunar energy.

How will you use your magical moon water?

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