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What Does The Triple Moon Mean & How To Work With It
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What Does The Triple Moon Mean & How To Work With It

triple moon symbol

What is the Triple Moon?

The Triple Moon is a Pagan and Wiccan symbol long associated with the Divine feminine, the Goddess, Priestesses, and witches. The Triple Moon is often known as the Triple Goddess or Triple Moon Goddess.

Let’s explore the Triple Moon symbol meaning in more detail as I explain what this powerful feminine symbol means and how you can work with it in your own sacred practice.

Remember, it’s okay if you don’t identify as a Pagan or a witch—you can still enjoy the magic of the Divine feminine and infuse ritual into your world.

What does the Triple Moon symbol mean?

Triple moon goddess

The Triple Moon symbol is inextricably intertwined with the Divine feminine and associated with energies of intuition, creativity, empathy, nurturing, wisdom and mystery.

The triple moon symbol (pictured above) is made up of a circle in the middle, cushioned on either side by two crescents. These shapes represent three different moon phases of the lunar cycle:

The left crescent = the waxing moon

The circle = the full moon

The right crescent = the waning moon

These shapes mirror the shape of the moon visible to us in the sky during the waxing, full, and waning moon phases.

Each of these moon phases also links to one of the maiden mother crone feminine archetypes:

The left crescent = the waxing moon = the maiden

The circle = the full moon = the mother

The right crescent = the waning moon = the crone

The maiden mother crone archetypes represent the three main phases a woman will cycle through in her lifetime. These archetypes can also be linked to a phase in the menstrual cycle, which you can learn more about here:

Understanding The 4 Menstrual Cycle Phases & Working With Them

The Triple Moon is often referred to as the Triple Goddess. In ancient cultures worldwide, a Goddess would represent all the three moon phases and archetypes. For example, the Greek Goddess Hera was a girl, woman, and widow. Others see each of the Triple Deity aspects coming from different Goddesses across cultures. For example, Roman Goddess Diana (maiden), Egyptian Goddess Isis (mother), and Hindu Goddess Kali (crone).

Maiden mother crone symbolism

maiden mother crone archetypes

The maiden

The maiden is linked to the waxing moon phase of the lunar cycle. She represents youth, innocence, fresh starts, and new possibilities. If she were a season, it would be Spring.

The maiden is bursting with new life, energy, and creativity. She is independent, confident, and optimistic. Her energy can help you get started on a new project or heart desire, live a more authentic life and reconnect with your true self.

The mother

The mother archetype symbolizes fertility, nurturing, expansiveness and self-love, just like a full moon. Even if you are childless, you still embody this archetype in the way you nurture friends, family, your sacred projects and give birth to new creations. Every woman is a mother in her own way.

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This archetype is all about learning to receive and give love in equal measure. Practice self-care so that you pour back into your own cup. Be there to care for and support the people and projects you care about.

The crone

The final phase of a woman’s life is symbolized by the crone archetype, which is mirrored in how the moon wanes towards the end of the lunar cycle. But although this marks the end of one cycle, a new one looms just on the horizon. This is the eternal life, death, rebirth cycle that we embody as women through our menstrual cycle.

The crone encourages us to transform all of our lessons and experiences into wisdom, let go of anything that feels heavy from the past, and create space for deep reflection.

You can read more about the maiden mother crone archetypes here:

The Four Female Archetypes & How To Work With Them

Using the Triple Moon symbol

Since this is a powerful, potent symbol for us as women, having this symbol near you can help you activate the Divine feminine energies and act as a gentle reminder of the sacred cycle you journey through each moon cycle.

Many women will wear a piece of jewelry with this Triple Moon symbol or place a representation of it on their altar to support their ritual work.

Immerse yourself in learning about the maiden mother crone archetypes and see which one you’re currently channeling. Is there one you feel more aligned with or one you don’t identify with? Think about how you can work with all three of these archetypes to live a fuller, richer life.

If you’re new to ritual work, attend a new moon ritual or a full moon ritual, or have a go at creating your own. Get to know the moon phases and track what phase Grandmumma moon is currently in where you live. Explore the magic of your menstrual cycle and how this mirrors the moon. Start living in harmony with the natural energy available to you each day of your cycle.

Whenever you see the Triple Moon symbol, let this be your reminder that you possess great power to co-create with the Divine, manifest your deepest desires, and connect with your womb wisdom.

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