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The Real Reason Why Scorpio Makes Us Think “Sex”

scorpio and sex

Ever wondered why the Scorpio sign immediately makes us think about sex?

I’m a December born Sagittarian whose birth straddles the month of November. Allowing me to happily bask in all the leftover energy of Scorpio season.

Every Scorpio is unique. In tandem with their individuality, I find that Scorpio’s also have a defining presence.

I’ve fallen for three Scorpio’s, and each of these November darlings identified as a different gender. I bring gender into this discussion because each of my past-lovers allowed me to experience a particular phenomenon.

Regardless of their belief in astrology, people feel they have permission to discuss sex when they discover someone is a Scorpio.

Sex imposes itself differently based on gender

When I was with a Scorpio man, his perceived sexual prowess was cause for celebration. He didn’t believe in astrology but was content when his birth date spoke for him. Being a Scorpio added points to his man card.

When it came to my other two partners – a woman and a non-binary person – the correlation between their star sign and sex was far more complex.

I won’t speak on the non-binary experience since I’m cis-gendered. Though it is important to acknowledge how being a Scorpio and transgender makes some cis-people think that they can ask questions. Questions they have no right to dive into.

As women, our sexuality is already burdened with strict guidelines

I’ve met many women-identified people who felt like their sexuality was “given to them.”

When sexuality is “given to you,” it infers that someone else created your sexual preferences. Thus giving them some say over how you proceed with this “gift”. In short, it’s a perception that fosters sexual oppression.

Sexuality is “given” to women through many different channels. Our parents. Our religious community. Culture. The media. If you are a Scorpio, then add astrology to that list.

Rarely is a woman conditioned from a young age to think about what she likes or wants. Thus, women and queer people grow up in a constant negotiation; between society’s expectations and their authentic sexual desires.

Being a Scorpio (which I don’t doubt is an incredible experience) can add pressure to an already complicated relationship with sexuality.

But what if I told you that we’ve actually misinterpreted the correlation between Scorpio’s and sex?

How the ‘Scorpio & sex’ myth started

Back in the 17th century, a school of physicians in Italy began to focus their study of medicine on anatomy, mathematics, and astronomy. They were called Iatromathematicians, which refers to someone who uses maths and astronomy to figure out anatomy.

Their detailed practice figured out which body part is associated with which astrological sign. In the 17th century, this was an experimental method used to understand and cure diseases.

Today, astrologers take this research and use it to understand how each person’s body attracts and holds energy. If you are a Sagittarius, you are ruled by the hips. Pisces, the feet. And Scorpio’s? The genitals.

Though it is a little more specific than that. Sagittarius is actually ruled by the hips, pituitary gland, thighs, liver, and sciatic nerve. Pisces: the feet, lymphatic system, body fat, and toes.

Scorpio is not ruled solely by the genitals, though this is usually what the Iatromathematician’s research is boiled down to.

In reality, Scorpio is ruled by the entire reproductive and excretory systems. This includes the uterus, all body parts that make or carry sperm, as well as the sex organs. And this also includes the bowels and urethra. So not just reproduction, but how toxins leave the body too.

This isn’t nearly as sexy as we’ve been led to believe.

I often see all this information reduced to just the genitals; which is then automatically associated with sexual activity or sex drive.

Sex is definitely a part of it, but it is only one chapter of a much larger book.

Scorpio’s super power: creation and detoxification

Scorpios are ruled by the reproductive system. So they are a sign whose bodies do create and attract sexual energy.

We can’t ignore that the reproductive system includes some pretty potent pleasure points. However, the reproductive system doesn’t just refer to our erogenous zones. The reproductive system includes many organs that work together to create and birth life.

Being ruled by the reproductive system, Scorpios actually carry a lot more energy with regards to creation. This could mean biologically but also translates to the birth of artistic endeavors or various forms of entrepreneurship. Anything with the possibility to create a life.

Don’t forget, it isn’t just the reproductive system that is ruled by Scorpio. So are the excretory systems: the bowls and urethra.

Scorpios can hold or attract a lot of energy. This makes them one of the most intense astrological signs.

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Scorpio’s are able to soak up all this electricity because of their connection to the excretory systems. They are natural detoxifiers, soaking up energy so that it can be expunged.

This doesn’t mean that Scorpio’s are toxic. Although it can be why this sign tends to be so perfervid.

It shows that Scorpios are resilient and strong. They attract toxins because they have the power to detox themselves and others. They are so much more than a high sex drive.

Scorpios are birthers and detoxifiers.

Scorpio is a water sign

Known for being secretive at times, intense, and yes, often sexual.

In reality, Scorpios are a sign that have a lot of emotional depth. They are sexual, but no more than anybody else. And they don’t hold a monopoly on sexual body parts.

Cancer’s are ruled by the breasts, while one of Libra’s body parts is the butt. You may have assumed that the derrière belonged to Scorpio based on what I said about the excretory system, but no. The bum is ruled by Libra, while the bowls are held by Scorpio.

Regardless of how much (or little) someone believes in the practice of Astrology, Star Signs are deeply embedded in our culture.

Astrological myths about each sign can either positively influence our psyches, or haunt them. 

While being associated with sex can bolster confidence, I also feel protective of young girls born in the season of Scorpio. At what age did they learn that they were inherently sexual, and how did that affect them growing up? I imagine it could’ve been very harmful.

That’s why it’s helpful to track where myths like these began.

Sex is exciting, funny, and delicious; but it’s also very complicated. There’s no need to put more pressure on the journey to understanding yourself, your body, and your sexuality.

Perhaps the next time we hear an assumption made about someone, we can take a leaf out of Scorpio’s book. By detoxifying negative assumptions that don’t serve us, we can birth better ideas into the world.

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