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17 Adventurous Quirks Of The Sagittarius Moon Woman
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17 Adventurous Quirks Of The Sagittarius Moon Woman

Sagittarius moon woman traits

Are you a Sagittarius moon woman? If you’re wondering what the gifts and lessons of this moon sign are, this post will explain all!

What is a moon sign?

Your sun sign is what you might know as your “sign.” It’s whatever zodiac sign the sun was in the day you were born. This changes roughly every 30 days. Your sun sign reflects how the world tends to see you—it’s the first impression you make on others.

Your moon sign is the sign the moon was in on the day you were born. This changes roughly every 2.5 days. It governs your emotions, feelings, and subconscious. This is your true self, but it’s also the part of you that you might keep hidden from the world. Most people won’t see this side of you unless they get to know you extremely well.

The Sagittarius moon sign

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer or Amazonian warrioress, as I call her. It’s the last of the fire signs and is a mutable sign. Mutable signs come at the end of each season, and Sagittarius marks the end of fall. These signs are comfortable with change and great at going with the flow.

Generally speaking, those with Sagi in their chart tend to be social, adventurous, and eternal optimists. When it comes to moon signs, many of the sun sign characteristics of Sagi will still apply, but they will have more of an effect on your feelings and emotions. Working with specific crystals can help you channel this Sagi energy and feel more grounded and balanced.

17 Adventurous quirks of the Sagittarius moon woman

1. She is a positive optimist

Her glass-half-full outlook is her greatest strength. No matter what challenges life throws her way, a moon in Sagittarius woman will remain positive and bright and pick herself back up again. This infectious optimism is one of the reasons people are drawn to you.

That being said, blind optimism can be your enemy. It’s not enough to naively believe everything will work out, then sit back and put your feet up because you think the Universe will do the work for you. Rational optimism combined with effort and action is your sweet spot.

2. She loves adventure

A Sagittarius moon woman is the most adventurous sign of the zodiac. At a soul level, she longs to experience new people, places, cuisines, and cultures. She might even be a gypsy or a nomad at heart.

This moon sign thrives on regularly traveling to new parts of the world. Where others feel unsettled and scattered by all this movement, she feels energized. She has the power to make a home anywhere. The freedom to experience new ways of living in new places satisfies a deep emotional desire for a Sagi moon sign.

3. She’s a truth seeker

Most Sagittarius moon women will be on a lifelong search for the truth. She’s likely to be honest with herself, even during difficult times, and equally candid with those around her. Many of us are deeply uncomfortable with the truth and will go to great lengths to avoid it, but not her.

On the flip side, she can become so consumed by what is true for her that she believes everyone should see things the same way. Keep this stubborn need to be right in check, and remember that life is rarely so black and white. Conflicting things can be simultaneously true.

4. The Sagittarius moon woman is a pleasure-seeker

She’s the woman who doesn’t want the party to end. She loves to travel because new surroundings feed her appetite for fun and adventure. You can guarantee you’ll laugh a lot and feel at home with a Sagi moon woman.

She just needs to be mindful of overdoing it, using up all her energy, and overindulging in her desires. Relaxing can also be fun!

5. But she needs more than fun and adventure in love

The moon in Sagittarius woman will tend to date the wrong men when she’s younger and end up in relationships with bad matches. Moving solely on instinct, searching for new adventures, and being impulsive can often lead her to people who aren’t good for her in the long run. She’s not thinking about the bigger picture—all she wants is to experience the feeling of love.

Once she learns from these mistakes and recognizes she needs a mate more aligned with her on the big things rather than small superficial things and starts using her head, she’ll find her way to real love and a lasting relationship.

6. She uses and trusts her instincts

Because of her optimistic outlook, a Sagittarius moon woman trusts in people and life. This leads her to trust her instincts and use them to guide her forward. She’s no stranger to taking risks when trying to follow the most meaningful path through life.

7. She is good with details

A Sagittarius moon woman is great at observing and analyzing little details and being meticulous when it comes to a specific task or project that she’s focused on. But she tends to ignore the whole picture, which can leave her weighed down by detail and prevent her from making real progress toward a bigger goal.

If this sounds like you, remember to take a step back now and then, shift perspective and take in the view from above.

8. She is kind, generous & full of life

Jupiter is the planet that rules the sign of Sagittarius, and Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, abundance, and play. A Sagittarius moon woman exhibits these Jupiterian qualities in her friendly nature, kindness, sense of humor, generosity, and playfulness.

Because she’s naturally enthusiastic and curious, she will be comfortable and confident talking to most people (and impressing them), even when she’s thrust into a big crowd where she doesn’t know anyone.

9. The moon in Sagittarius woman makes a great teacher

The Sagittarius moon woman is an expert at seeking and speaking the truth. She’s also a natural at sharing this truth and wisdom with others. Her positivity is infectious and inspires others to be the best version of themselves.

At the same time, her open-mindedness helps others see different perspectives. As a true freedom-seeker, she offers people the freedom to explore, experiment, and try different things to see what fits. This makes her an amazing teacher, mentor, and coach.

10. She’s sociable and easy to get along with

Being a social butterfly is one of the key Sagittarius moon traits. Not only is this woman super sociable and outgoing, but she’s also incredibly easy to get along with and tolerant of different cultures and world views. This stems from her open-mindedness and her desire to have new experiences.

Through people from different walks of life, she can go on an adventure without getting on a plane. This woman loves to jet-set, but she’ll make the most of any situation she finds herself in and bring the fun with her.

11. She’s independent & lives by her own rules

A woman with her moon sign in Sagittarius is an independent spirit with an innate desire to pave her own path in this world without anyone’s help. She makes and lives by her own rules. She will never give up on her dreams and will get there on her own terms.

In a relationship, she will accept the support of her partner, but she is not one to let her partner take control and dominate the relationship. She needs a modern man who is happy to stand on equal footing with her or even let her take the reins.

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12. She is extremely direct

Sagittarius moon women have an inner moral code that requires them to be strict and always state the truth. This can be a strength because people can count on her to be direct with them and not mince her words. And more often than not, there is great truth in what she shares.

But without tact, sensitivity or empathy, her words can be perceived as blunt or rude, especially to more sensitive water moon signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Less sensitive souls will quickly dismiss these moments and forgive because they enjoy this woman’s company. But aimed at the wrong person, her words can have a devastating effect.

13. A Sagittarius moon woman values freedom

A Sagittarius moon woman must live a life where she feels free to spread her wings and fly at a moment’s notice. This is the mutable aspect of this sign shining through—while some people find change uncomfortable, this woman thrives on it.

The last thing she wants is to feel stuck in a town, a job, or a relationship. She needs a career that brings her enough variety and lets her do things her way and a partner who is happy to let her explore, grow and have new experiences. At the very least, she might decorate her house eclectically, filled with special objects and art she has collected from her adventures around the globe.

14. She is open-minded

One of the things people love most about this woman is her open-mindedness. She’s likely to be friends with a diverse, multicultural group of people from all over the world. She’s able to hold a conversation with pretty much anyone. Her jet-setting nature means she’s more understanding and welcoming of differences that would alienate other people.

Don’t be surprised if her partner is from a completely different culture. While this would leave the more tame among us feeling anxious and apprehensive, it excites and feeds her craving for adventure and an exotic life.

15. She seeks a mate who is open-minded

Because the Sagittarius moon woman is so broad-minded, she needs an equally open-minded and supportive mate who will not question or judge her voracious appetite for exploration, adventure, and change.

Once she’s gotten through an initial phase of dating based on whatever excites her most this month, she will seek a relationship built on a strong foundation of love, trust, and growth. The worst thing a mate could do is hold her back, impose their rules on her, or fail to keep up with her energetic pace. If her partner is honest and loyal and respects her desire for adventure, play, and inner growth, they will stand the test of time.

16. A moon in Sagittarius woman loves to learn and grow

One of the Sagittarius moon traits is a thirst for experience, knowledge, and inner growth. A career that keeps her constantly captivated, learning, and exploring is a must. Any job that allows her to travel frequently will be a good fit (think air hostess, fashion buyer, model, actress, or influencer). It’s common for Sagis to gain several degrees and switch careers throughout their lifetime.

17. Challenges are great for her

While some people shy away from challenges, a Sagittarius moon woman loves them! She likes to test her limits, rise to the occasion, and accomplish something new. And because she’s so positive and optimistic and loves learning new things, when she puts her focus on a task, she’s likely to succeed.

She loves the internal emotional satisfaction that comes with this, and every time she successfully completes a new challenge, she believes that practically anything is possible—the sky’s the limit.

Are you a woman with a Sagittarius moon sign?

I hope this post has given you a deeper understanding of what it means to have your moon sign in Sagittarius. If you’ve ever felt like your sun sign doesn’t quite describe you, there’s a strong chance that your moon and rising sign will fill those missing pieces!

Are you a moon in Sagi woman? What do you think the greatest strength of this moon sign is? Tell me in the comments below!

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