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Full Moon In Virgo Rituals 2023: Discover & Share Your Gifts
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Full Moon In Virgo Rituals 2023: Discover & Share Your Gifts

full moon in virgo ritual 2023

The full moon in Virgo 2023 is almost here, but what does this mean for us at a soul level, and how can we celebrate this energy with ritual magic?

With the moon in Virgo and the sun in Pisces, there’s a beautiful contrast of energies that are stronger together than alone. This full moon is all about meeting our shadows, finding the balance between these opposite signs, and harnessing the higher vibrations they offer us.

The ever-perfectionist Virgo is asked to let go of the desire to be perfect all the time, find peace in mistakes, and discover and share her unique gifts with the world. Pisces reminds us of the interconnectedness of everything, to trust that even though our part may seem small, it contributes to the wider collective and that humanity needs this light and magic.

Read on for a more detailed energetic guide to the full moon in Virgo 2023 + a beautiful ritual to try at home.

What does a full moon symbolize?

A full moon happens roughly every 29 days, and energetically, it’s one of the most energetic phases of the moon cycle. This is why full moon rituals are so popular, though all phases have their unique gifts (which also happens to be one of the key lessons of the full moon in Virgo).

A full moon is linked to the ovulation phase of our menstrual cycle, the mother archetype, and the season of summer. In other words, we’re in full bloom, and energy is heightened (as are emotions) during this phase. We are called to expand, celebrate, and practice gratitude for all that has manifested since the new moon (or many moons ago).

Grandmamma moon shines her powerful, feminine light on us, including our shadows (another term for our subconscious). We are called to meet anything we have buried, repressed, or ignored out of guilt, fear, or shame. This is the inner work and is a precursor to healing and transformation.

When is the full moon in virgo 2023?

LA, United States: March 7th at 04:40

London, United Kingdom: March 7th at 12:40

Sydney, Australia: March 7th at 23:40

Click here for the exact time of the Virgo full moon in 2023, where you live.

The full moon phase always lasts for between 2-3 days. Plan to do your full moon ritual on any of these days while her energy is still potent.

What is the full moon in virgo 2023 about?

While the full moon is in Virgo, here’s what the other planets are up to and what this symbolizes.

Saturn shifts into pisces

On the same day as the full moon in Virgo, Saturn makes a big move into Pisces (where the sun is). This marks the end of his (almost) three years in Aquarius and the start of his new chapter in the dreamy, intuitive, fluid sign of the fishes. If Saturn was in Pisces in your birth chart, welcome to (and brace yourself for) your first Saturn return.

Saturn is the planet of rules, discipline, and structure, the polar opposite of Pisces’s laid-back, watery vibe. Hence why this is one of the most disruptive and unpredictable transitions of 2023. Prepare for your world to be rocked.

A mercury retrograde (without the retrograde!)

Technically, Mercury is not retrograding. In fact, all the planets are stationed direct. But during this full moon in Virgo, Mercury is also orbiting in Pisces and, like Saturn, does not feel at home here. Mercury, the messenger planet, likes to communicate, move fast, work through challenges, and get shit done. But in the sign of Pisces, it can’t do its thing.

So during this time, even if nothing seems to be going your way and you feel stuck in a traffic jam or like you’re butting up against a wall, find a sense of peace and accomplishment in the little things. Like a good night’s sleep, ten minutes of meditation or journaling in the morning, cooking a delicious dinner, a clean office desk, or warm, freshly laundered towels.

The change of a lifetime for pluto

As the farthest planet in our solar system, Pluto takes between 12 and 30 years to complete one orbit and change signs. Its’ time in Capricorn is coming to a close as it moves into Aquarius later in March.

Because it takes so long to circle the sun, this is the first time anyone living on earth will experience Pluto in Aquarius (the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was 1778 to 1798). Combined with Saturn’s big move, this can create an end-of-an-era feeling, which you might feel around the Virgo full moon.

Here are the general themes and lessons the full moon in Virgo always brings us each year.

Strong goddess energy

Virgo is the sign of the Goddess, and this energy is available for us to embrace and work with during the full moon. Reconnecting with the divine feminine within you is one of the best ways to access more of this powerful feminine energy.

She encourages us to prioritize ourselves, practice radical self-love, and pour back into our own cups, which is vital if we want to give, lead and be of service to others in the fullest, brightest way possible.

She also helps us to knock down anything that is no longer working or serving us and let go of whatever is no longer meant for us. This is key for opening and creating space for new ideas, people, and opportunities to flow in.

Free yourself from perfectionism

Virgo is a sign of perfection. On this full moon, we are being called to embrace our mistakes and failures and see them as an opportunity to learn, discover and grow. A lot of us feel shame around our fuck-ups, but making mistakes is a natural part of what it means to be human on earth in this lifetime. We cannot escape them because knowing every thing and doing the right thing every time is impossible.

When we can put our hand up and speak openly about our mistakes and failures, we find that others can easily connect with our experiences through their own or find solace or hope that they, too, can navigate whatever they’re going through right now.

So instead of replaying the details of your mistakes in a loop and obsessing over that time when something didn’t go quite as you wanted it to, shift your focus. What have you learned? Can you find something to be grateful for?

Surrender control

One of the shadow frequencies of Virgo is that it wants to control every little thing, but we can’t. Certain things in life will always be out of our control. We are here to show up and play our part, and then the Universe does hers. We are in co-creation with her. Sometimes we won’t get what we wished for, but she will give us what we need.

On this full moon in Virgo, can you surrender control of all that is out of your hands, even just a little bit? Can you learn to live more in flow instead of always pushing and pulling?

You are enough

This full moon in Virgo invites you to let go of any limiting thoughts or beliefs that you are not enough the way you are. Remind yourself that you are enough. You are good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, kind enough, successful enough. Enough.

Fall into the comparison trap, and you will quickly find reasons to feel inferior to someone else. But the only person you should ever be competing with is yesterday’s you.

Trust in your unique talents and gifts. Trust that you are exactly where you’re meant to be.

Discover what you are here to give

Virgo is a sign of service, so on this full moon, reflect on what you are here to give. We all have unique skills, strengths, and gifts that we are here to find, cultivate and share with the wider collective.

We often push our gifts to the back burner because they aren’t celebrated by the people around us, especially if they’re creative, mystical, or magical talents.

What could you spend hours doing with a beaming smile on your face as a child? What would speed time up and make it fly by in a heartbeat? What do you miss?

What do you gravitate towards in your spare time now? What books do you love to read (if any)? What Instagram accounts do you follow? What movies and music inspire you the most?

Look for the clues. Discover your gifts. Embrace them.

Share your unique gifts

We often don’t share our gifts because we don’t feel like they’re worthy of being shared. This is connected to the feeling of enoughness. When you feel good enough, worthy enough, and smart enough, you share without hesitation.

Maybe we’re waiting until we’ve “perfected” something (which is not possible!), or we feel a sense of imposter syndrome “who am I to teach this/speak about this/help others?

Now is the time to step fully into the abundance of your gifts, strength, and power. You are ready. Do not leave this world with your magic inside you—it wants to be shared.

Strengthen your boundaries

The full moon asks us to face our shadows, and one of the shadow sides of Pisces (where the sun is right now) is a lack of boundaries with the external world. This leads to an overflow of emotions and confusion as to which are our own. This might lead to escapist behaviors like mindless eating, bingeing TV, or even substance abuse—anything that helps numb all those feelings.

If this resonates with you, this full moon in Virgo, think about where you lack boundaries and how defining these can help you discern which emotions are yours and which belong to others.

Health & healing

Virgo is also a health-conscious sign, so health and healing are always integral to this full moon.

Old wounds may be brought to the surface and want to be addressed. Seek guidance from your intuition, the Goddess, and mamma nature (the elements, herbs, and food).

Now is also the perfect time to reassess your diet, do a cleanse, and make healthier choices that help you treat your body like a temple.

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A full moon in virgo ritual

There are infinite ways to do a full moon ritual and celebrate the full moon in Virgo 2023. Let your intuition guide you when planning your ritual. This shouldn’t be another thing you have to do, so keep it simple if that’s what you need right now.

Below, I’m outlining a 6-step Virgo-themed ritual, but you don’t have to do all the things. You may choose just one of the elements, and that could be your full moon ritual. There is no right or wrong.

Before doing any kind of ritual or altar work, I like to cleanse my space and light candles. This makes it feel sacred to me.

Tools to gather for your full moon in Virgo ritual:

  • A crystal (to represent the element of earth)
  • A herb bundle to burn (rosemary is perfect)
  • A jar of water filled with slices of fresh lemon and rosemary (save some extra for your bath)
  • A white candle (for cleansing and purification)
  • A journal or some loose sheets of paper
  • Optional: a healthy plant-based drink (a fruit smoothie or water infused with fruits and herbs)

1. Have a wellness day

This isn’t so much of a ritual as it is a whole day thing. As a health-conscious sign, Virgo invites us to cleanse on the inside and be more mindful about what we consume, whether it’s food and drink, the media, books, movies, other people’s chatter, etc. Each thing is either benefiting you, or it’s harming you. So on this full moon in Virgo, can you commit to being more mindful and only consume things that are good for you?

Swap that ten-minute social media scroll for a short meditation first thing in the morning. Swap that sugar-filled, processed cereal bar for a healthy smoothie for breakfast. Replace your usual moisturizer with a toxin-free product. Buy some beautiful flowers to place in your home. Cut out those two hours of late-night Netflix for a yoga class.

Whatever feels like wellness to you, do that.

2. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

Begin your full moon ritual with a deep physical and energetic cleanse. Declutter, tidy, and organize your home. Clear up your inbox. Donate things you no longer want. If you can’t devote a lot of time to this, commit to tackling one thing, like one cupboard or one draw.

When you’re done, open your windows and doors and burn your herb bundle of choice. Waft the smoke throughout your house to remove any stuck, stagnant energy.

3. Connect with your inner earth goddess

Virgo is an earth sign connected to the Goddess, so the full moon is the perfect time to be in nature and literally “earth” to the ground.

Take a walk in the park, drink in the fresh air, dip in a lake or the ocean, feel the sunshine on your skin, and pick a bunch of wildflowers on your way.

If the weather is mild enough where you are, you might want to take your entire full moon ritual outdoors.

4. Take a full moon bath ritual

I love taking a bath any time, but it’s a super nourishing thing to do on the new or full moon.

Light your candle (or as many as you like), run your water and add some slices of lemon and rosemary sprigs. This will create a fresh, cleansing, calming bath ritual vibe. Pop your crystal of choice into the tub (just make sure it’s water-friendly). And pour yourself a plant-based drink (water, a smoothie, herbal tea, cacao).

While you soak in the water, feel yourself being cleansed of thoughts or habits that no longer serve you. Stay here for as long as you like.

5. Journal

You might want to carry your candle from the bath for this part. Get comfy somewhere quiet, and allow yourself to free-write for ten minutes (or longer) on anything stirring within.

Here are some prompts to help you tap into the highest vibration of Virgo on this full moon:

  • What am I grateful for?
  • What have I learned from my biggest mistakes?
  • Where do I need to release control?
  • How can I live more in flow?
  • What are my unique gifts?
  • How can I be of service?
  • What boundaries do I need to define to better serve me?
  • What do I need to heal?

6. Make moon water

The final step of your Virgo full moon ritual is to make some magical moon water. Grab your jar, fill it with water, and some more slices of lemon and rosemary. You can also add your crystal to the jar. If it’s a crystal that dissolves in water, place it next to your jar or on top of it.

As you close the lid on your jar, think about how you wish to feel over the coming moons. For example, how would a woman who believes she is enough feel? How would a woman who values her gifts and believes she has something special to offer the world feel?

Leave your jar outside overnight (if it’s safe and won’t freeze!) or on a window ledge. Let it soak up the rays of the full moon in Virgo.

You can then store your moon water in an airtight container and use it in future spells and rituals, or add it to your next bath ritual.

Ready to celebrate the full moon in virgo 2023?

How will you work with the energy of the Virgo full moon? Share your rituals with me in the comments below!

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