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What Is Divine Masculine Energy + 19 Ways To Awaken Your Fire
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What Is Divine Masculine Energy + 19 Ways To Awaken Your Fire

divine masculine energy

I talk and write a lot about feminine energy, the divine feminine, and feminine archetypes. But as I always say, we need (and have) both the divine feminine and divine masculine energy within us if we want to live whole, awakened, balanced lives.

If we consistently lean heavily into the feminine, we will find ourselves drifting aimlessly in life with no purpose, struggling to set and protect boundaries, and placing everyone else’s needs above our own. This is why we need the divine masculine. The challenge is understanding and balancing both of these energies.

As people move away from modern, organized religions and awaken spiritually, they naturally gravitate towards the divine masculine and feminine aspects. This is because the vibration on Earth is rising, and we are matching this with our own evolution and energy.

So if you found your way here because you’re curious about the divine masculine and feminine, or you want to know how to tap into your divine masculine energy, this is a sign that you are on a journey of awakening. The Universe is calling you to delve deeper into your spiritual practice and harness the power of the divine masculine and feminine to live a more peaceful, aligned, and high-vibration life.

What is divine masculine energy?

Divine masculine and divine feminine energy can be found in all things (nature, people, animals, thoughts, actions, etc.) on Earth and can be accessed by us all. It’s important to clarify that we’re not talking about gender here; we’re talking about energy. Masculine and feminine energy is beyond gender.

The divine masculine is also known as shiva, father, fire, the sun, or yang energy. He complements the shakti, mother, water, moon, and yin energy of the feminine.

He is a strong, active force that governs structure, boundaries, logic, courage, taking charge, and the physical realm. The divine masculine relishes getting things done in the real world, fighting (peacefully) for justice, taking risks, and having great adventures.

While the feminine calls us to “be,” the masculine lights a fire in our bellies and inspires us to “do.”

Divine masculine traits

  • Confident
  • Protective
  • Mature
  • Disciplined
  • Responsible
  • Logical
  • Stoic
  • Assertive
  • Leader
  • Giver
  • Warrior
  • Action-orientated
  • Risk taker
  • Committed

Symbols of the divine masculine

what is divine masculine energy


  • Sun
  • Sky (air)
  • Fire
  • Thunder
  • Mountains
  • Tornados

Fire and air signs of the zodiac:

  • Aries (the Ram)
  • Leo (the Lion)
  • Sagittarius (the Archer)
  • Libra (the Scales)
  • Aquarius (the Water-Bearer)
  • Gemini (the Twins)

The planets:

Other symbols of the divine masculine:

  • God
  • King
  • Priest
  • Sage
  • Warrior
  • Lover

The shadow side of the divine masculine

The main reason you don’t hear about the divine masculine much is that there aren’t many positive examples of the divine masculine in action. Since patriarchy took hold, we have mostly been bombarded with a toxic (or shadow) version of masculinity.

In his shadow side, he is aggressive, controlling, domineering, power-hungry, angry, and perverted. We have seen this in the witch hunts, war, genocide, rape, murder, greed, corruption, sexism, misogyny, racism, terrorism, and the hierarchy of our society today (where the “royal” family sit at the top).

Unfortunately, most of these crimes and suffering have been caused by men exhibiting a toxic, immature version of the divine masculine. But it’s important to recognize that this is not true masculine energy; it’s a warped, distorted version of the divine masculine.

divine masculine energy

How to balance divine masculine and feminine energy

Just like every human being has a real-life mother and father, we also have an inner mother and father in the divine feminine and masculine. When we are tuned in to both energies and balance them, we feel harmony and peace. The problem is that many of us end up leaning more into one of these, often subconsciously through our life experiences, dynamics, and traumas.

So, how can we strive for a healthier balance between these two opposite but equally vital forces?

If you are running on more masculine energy, emphasize achievement and external success less and give yourself space to simply be. Get creative. Connect with nature. Meditate. Journal. Think about how you can be more compassionate and honor the feminine within you.

If you are running more on feminine energy, make it a priority to set boundaries, stand in your truth, and speak up. Take responsibility for where you are, your actions, and your life. Make a list of intentions you wish to manifest, and break these down into smaller, actionable steps, then start ticking them off one by one.

The power of the divine masculine

The purpose of this post is not to bash the divine masculine because when embraced the right way, he is a powerful force that inspires great change and growth in us and our wider world.

If you’ve ever experienced a life-changing event, a desire for greater meaning, or had a spiritual awakening, this is thanks to your inner masculine. At his core, he is a truth and freedom seeker, and he will do everything he can to seek spiritual guidance and his true path here on Earth. And if we want to feel empowered on our spiritual journeys, we need to harness his fierce fire. Doing so will bring us more confidence, groundedness, logic, critical thinking, balance, assertiveness, clarity, and self-discipline.

How to tap into your divine masculine energy

All this talk of energy can feel really inaccessible. How do you put this awareness into practice and harness your inner masculine?

Here are some practical ways to do just that.

1. Heal your father wound

divine masculine and feminine

If you grew up with negative experiences of the masculine (with your father, brothers, partners, or day-to-day interactions with men), then you might have a poor relationship with your inner masculine because you don’t believe the masculine within you is good.

Take some time to think about what your relationship to your inner masculine looks like. Is there a wound there?

Have you had mostly negative or abusive experiences with men? Have you had supportive male figures in your life? Or a bit of both?

Your own wounds and blockages will help you recognize if you’re holding onto any subconscious beliefs or prejudices towards men and the collective masculine.

2. Question your beliefs around masculinity

What have you been taught about what it means to be a man? What did you learn growing up from the people around you, TV shows and movies, books, and school?

Some typical beliefs we hold about masculinity include:

  • Men shouldn’t cry
  • Men should not express emotions
  • Men should be interested in sports
  • Men should be tall and muscular in build
  • Men must have a low, deep, loud voice
  • Men must dominate women (physically, sexually, and in their careers)
  • Men should be the primary “breadwinner” in their household
  • Men must engage in physical fights to defend themselves and others

It’s not just men who grow up with these beliefs; women too. But when we examine these more closely, we can see that these reinforce the toxic masculinity we spoke about earlier, where men are angry, violent, and greedy.

Now it’s time to redefine what masculinity means to you. What does mature, stable masculine energy look like?

This will help you develop a healthy connection with your inner divine masculine.

3. Give

The feminine is the receiver, while the masculine is the giver. To awaken your inner masculine, be generous in all areas of your life with your time, energy, love, and money.

Some straight men are selfish in bed, which is another sign of toxic masculinity at work. The divine masculine is a generous lover and allows his sexual energy to move up through his chakras, into his heart and mind.

4. Encourage

If you have a tendency to over-worry or be skeptical about your own ability to do things or other people’s abilities, then you’re suppressing your inner masculine.

The divine masculine encourages people to pursue their dreams and walk the path they’re meant to here, even if it’s the one less traveled and there’s some risk involved.

You don’t need to “save” people to prove your masculinity; let them make their own mistakes, learn from them and grow. Encourage people to move towards that growth because this is what life is all about, and this is a wonderful way that the masculine expresses love.

5. Set boundaries

I see so many women struggle to set boundaries (I did, too), and many of us don’t even realize that this is something we need to do. Too often, we only become aware of this when our boundaries are pushed or dishonored in a romantic relationship. And this cripples our self-worth.

Use your divine masculine energy to set clear boundaries that align with your personal values and belief system. These will look different for everyone. But generally, they revolve around what you are and are not willing to tolerate in life. The kind of life you want to live and feel good about, and the behaviors and actions that align with this.

6. Communicate assertively

Good communication is fueled by strong, healthy divine masculine energy because it requires clarity of thought, accountability, and assertion without aggression.

When channeling true masculine energy, you will not be afraid to speak up when you have something important to say and will not mince your words. You will be clear and direct but compassionate to avoid hurting others.

Communication is a foundational skill when it comes to building all relationships, and not just romantic ones. This is why awakening your inner masculine is so crucial!

Women have been hushed and oppressed by the toxic masculine for too long. Now is the time to use our masculine power to articulate how we have been wronged, have daring conversations, and unblur any blurry lines.

7. Take ownership of your life

To awaken your divine masculine energy, you must practice responsibility and accountability. Quit blaming others for what went wrong in the past or where you find yourself today.

As an adult, you are 100% responsible for your life, thoughts, actions, happiness, and success. When you realize this, it’s liberating because you know that the only person standing in the way of everything you’ve ever wanted is you.

How are you holding yourself back?

The only person you have control over is you, and the only person you can change is you. Next time you catch yourself in victim mode, reframe your thoughts.

8. Discover your gifts and master them

We are all born with unique gifts, talents, and strengths, some of which tend to be celebrated and revered more than others by our current society. But there really are no superior gifts. Your gifts were given to you for a reason, and it’s on you to figure out how to best use them and fulfill your potential. The divine masculine loves achieving excellence, moving forward, and growing.

If you’re unsure of your gifts, give yourself permission to try many things. Look back to your childhood and list all the things you loved that you stopped doing.

Pick something that matters to you and brings you a sense of joy and fulfillment, and commit to becoming great at it. Not for the money, praise, or external success you might receive but for the inner journey and growth.

9. Ground into the Earth

woman in nature

Because the divine masculine is stable and stoic, grounding practices can help you channel this energy and find more inner peace.

Spend time in nature (particularly hiking or mountain climbing), meditate, do some yang yoga (sun salutations will be beneficial), plant your bare feet on the grass, and maybe even do some gardening.

10. Work with masculine guides & archetypes

Think about what you want to work on and what part of the divine masculine needs strengthening within you. Look for a teacher, archetype, or deity that embodies this and can help you do the same.

This might be someone in your immediate circle, a famous spiritual teacher, a fictional character, or even a mythical archetype you are drawn to. Resist worshiping these guides and focus on admiring and learning from them.

11. Embrace your inner warrior

The warrior is one of the symbols of the divine masculine, but this archetype has been skewed and misrepresented in movies and books over the past centuries.

A true warrior has clarity of mind, is decisive, commits selfless acts of service, is humble, loyal, and has the courage to do what he knows is right even if it’s difficult. He is stoically calm and centered at all times, in touch with his emotions, generous and compassionate. A true warrior will make you feel safe and at ease in his presence, not oppressed or controlled. He does not want to physically fight or murder and will defend others peacefully yet assertively. His real strength is of the mind and has nothing to do with flexing his muscles. He doesn’t take any bullshit and can easily read between the lines and see what’s true and what’s not.

Think about how you can bring more of this warrior energy into your life. Vigorous exercises like boxing, martial arts, HIIT, running, self-defense classes, yang yoga, and becoming an activist for a cause you believe in can all help you embrace your inner warrior.

12. Nourish your mind

Logic and analytics are the divine masculine’s strengths, and flexing these skills helps him feel a sense of accomplishment and growth. Also, it helps him make better decisions and achieve his goals, which is key to a happy life.

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There are many fun ways to nourish your mind: read books, take online courses, learn a new language, attend a workshop or retreat, or try crossword puzzles or sudoku.

13. Look after your body

A desire of the toxic masculine man is to build the biggest biceps and look as physically big and strong as possible to signal to others that he is a strong “alpha” and more powerful than others around him.

But the divine masculine doesn’t really care about muscles. He is more concerned with nourishing and loving his body so that he’s as fit and healthy as possible because your health is your wealth. And yes, muscles will probably be a byproduct of this, but they’re not for drawing attention.

So, what does this look like?

Eating a nutritious, balanced diet, moving your body, and ensuring you get enough sleep each night. This allows you to show up as the best version of yourself in all areas of your life.

As women especially, it’s vital that as we learn to love and honor our bodies, we don’t fall into the trap of celebrating the unhealthy, whether extreme skinniness or extreme obesity.

Loving your body sometimes means eating that Hawaiian pizza and enjoying a glass of pinot, while other times, it means drinking that green Goddess smoothie and going for that run even though you’re feeling lazy. It’s all about listening to your body (not your mind) and learning to trust it.

14. Stand up for yourself

Being assertive means respecting yourself, your needs, and your boundaries and voicing them calmly. To do this, you must first know your needs and boundaries to know when they’re being unmet or crossed.

Women, in particular, struggle to say “no,” even when every inch of their being is screaming no. This is the feminine desire to nurture in its toxic state, where we over-give to everyone around us and don’t pour it back into our own cups or prioritize our needs, desires, and dreams. Many mothers will identify with this feeling.

If this is you, start by saying no to someone or something when your intuition tells you to. This will require courage, but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Sometimes this means you’ll unintentionally hurt others, and you’ve got to make peace with that. Because when we don’t stand up for what we believe in, we end up hurting ourselves.

15. Take care of someone or something

woman petting dog

Although the divine feminine is known as the nurturer, the divine masculine is the protector and loves nothing more than providing a safe space for people or even animals because he feels a responsibility to do so.

To strengthen this masculine trait, try adopting an animal, babysitting your friend’s kids, or going and volunteering in your local community.

16. Set clear goals

The divine feminine without the divine masculine is unstructured and unsupported because the masculine provides that structure to contain the fluidness of the feminine.

If you have big dreams and a vivid imagination but struggle to manifest things in the real world, you might benefit from breaking your big goals into smaller, bitesize steps. When we do this, our dreams don’t feel so lofty and out of reach. We know exactly what we need to do today, tomorrow, and next week to work towards making our dreams a reality. And that is powerful.

17. Take action

Are you the kind of person who is always getting ready and preparing to do something?

Meanwhile, other people have cobbled a plan together in a fraction of the time and launched themselves into action. And they’re reaping the benefits while you haven’t made any external progress.

Divine masculine energy centers on doing and progressing in the physical realm, in other words, getting shit done.

You’ll never feel 100% ready to do anything, and no scenario will ever be perfect. That leap of faith is where growth happens because you have to figure out how to land. And sometimes you’ll fall, and that’s okay as long as you learn from your failures.

So start taking the initiative, making plans, and working towards everything you want in your career, love life, finances, health, etc.

18. Take calculated risks

Taking risks is nothing to be afraid of, but the logical, sensible, mature thing to do is ensure they’re calculated risks. As in, you’ve weighed the odds and know that if things don’t go your way, you’ll still be okay.

The divine masculine is not afraid of a little risk here and there, which is what it takes to manifest your vision.

Trust that the Universe will hold you when you’re walking your soul path and that what is meant for you shall not pass you by. Now, go for it!

19. Bonus: if you’re a man, educate yourself on women

Nothing screams toxic masculinity more than misogyny and a total lack of respect or interest in women’s bodies outside of penetrative sex.

If you’re a man and you want to truly awaken your divine inner masculine, then learn about women.

Learn about our bodies, our pleasure zones (not from mainstream porn), our sacred cycle, and the divine feminine. Respect the women in your lives, whether they’re loved ones or total strangers. Talk to the women in your lives and meet their minds. The more you learn about women, the more confident and comfortable you will feel around them.

Ready to awaken your divine masculine fire?

Use these practical tools to harness the divine masculine within you and balance this fire with the water of your inner feminine.

Remember that we need both these powerful energies to feel in harmony, which is why our current world feels so out of balance today. Most of us channel either a toxic masculine or toxic feminine energy. But bringing awareness to this is the first step to moving out of the shadows and embodying the divine masculine and feminine in their true power.

I’d love to hear about your personal relationship with your inner masculine and how you’re awakening this fire within you?

Tell me in the comments below!

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