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Who Is Goddess Lilith + 8 Lessons She Can Teach Us
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Who Is Goddess Lilith + 8 Lessons She Can Teach Us

who is Goddess Lilith

Who is Lilith the Goddess, and what mysteries and lessons does she hold for women?

Goddess Lilith has been called many names throughout history. The Screeching Night Owl, The Night Hag, The Succubus Monster, and The Mother of Demons.

But she is deeply misunderstood. Lilith teaches women how to embrace their feminine power. She is the embodiment of the dark feminine archetype. She helps women heal from trauma, set clear boundaries, and embrace their sexual nature.

Who is Goddess Lilith?

There are a few myths about Goddess Lilith and where she came from.

The most popular and well-known myth is that Lilith is thought to have been Adam’s first wife. Adam and Lilith were initially created at the same time from the same material, making them equal.

Adam, however, wanted Lilith to submit to him. She did not like that and decided to leave The Garden of Eden, thus becoming vilified and demonized through the lens of Christianity.

To prevent Lilith from inspiring other women to seek equal rights, men vilified her.

Multiple crimes were attributed to her, such as causing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, miscarriages, seducing married men, and birthing demons.

Before that, myths date back to Mesopotamia, where she is believed to have been the Goddess Lamashtu and one of the Lilitu (wind demons), tormenting women during childbirth.

In the Kabbalah, Lilith appears as the evil reflection of the feminine aspect of God. However, many Jewish feminists today have reclaimed Lilith as a symbol of autonomy, independence, and sexual liberation, finding inspiration from her freedom of expression.

8 Lessons Goddess Lilith can teach women to reclaim their power

Below are some lessons from Lilith, brought to me in a meditation, to help women find their inner power.

1. Love who you are today

Never change who you are. You are good enough the way you are, and you should not change yourself to please others. It may be hard sometimes to feel accepted, but losing yourself can cause much more pain in the long run.

Love yourself the way you are because you deserve it.

2. Reconnect with your sacred cycle

Goddess Lilith is deeply in tune with her body’s natural rhythm and cycle, and she calls us to reconnect to our sacred menstrual cycle.

One of the reasons so many women today suffer from period pain, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, and trippy menopause because we still carry generational shame and trauma around menstruation. This manifests in hormonal imbalances (the pill contributes to this, too) and leaves us feeling totally out of sync with ourselves.

What if your period was not something you dreaded each month but something you were in awe of? What if you chose to slow down while bleeding, speed up as you move towards ovulation, slow down again, and follow the natural rhythm of your cycle?

Keeping a moon journal or using a period tracking app to track your cycle is the first step to reconnecting with it.

3. Fight for your freedom

Freedom should be every person’s natural right, but sadly that’s not always so. Women have fought for centuries to be seen and respected. In many places, they still aren’t, and are only seen as property and an object.

Never stop fighting. You are worth far more than any object could ever be. And you deserve to be respected, heard, and free. Goddess Lilith is always standing by your side fighting with you.

4. Shine bright like a diamond

You are unique and perfect the way you are. Women are often told they are too loud or too much or aren’t allowed to be funny and outgoing.

Don’t listen to people who make you feel that way. Don’t ever feel you need to tone it down simply because it makes others feel uncomfortable.

Be who you are. Let your light shine brightly and illuminate the world.

5. Define yourself

Society has harsh expectations when it comes to women. They need to look a certain way, have a certain BMI (which is BS anyway), be married, have children, have a career (but without focusing too much on it, because they are meant to stay home and look after the kids too), have a perfect house… the list goes on.

It’s draining. Trying to live up to society’s standards can make you lose yourself. Lilith the Goddess did whatever pleased her. Always do what YOU want to do. Don’t do anything because someone or society made you think you should. Live trying to please others, and you’ll lose your whole life, never being able to truly enjoy it.

Make peace with paving your own path and living the life you want to live.

6. Explore & embrace your sexuality

Women are often shamed when they talk about their sexuality and their sexual needs. Society expects women to be timid and quiet about sex.

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If a woman is known to enjoy sex with multiple partners, she is often called a “slut,” or other derogatory terms. Men, on the other hand, are often praised when they brag about their sexual conquests.

This double standard leaves many women unable to fully explore their sexuality or satisfy their sexual needs. Many women are even scared to acknowledge they have needs at all.

You deserve to fully indulge in pleasure and live life to its fullest.

7. Know your boundaries and respect them

It’s healthy to have standards and boundaries. Many women feel they need to bend backward to please people. But this will quickly drain you and leave you feeling disrespected.

Write a list of your boundaries in all areas of your life: work, relationships, at home, etc. Communicate these boundaries to the people in your life. If someone crosses a boundary, tell them.

Forgive if you feel called to, but don’t ever feel scared of cutting people out. If someone doesn’t respect your boundaries, they don’t deserve to be in your life.

8. Take the time to heal, and you will love again

Goddess Lilith is a powerful archetype to work with when trying to heal any kind of trauma, especially sexual trauma.

Many people worldwide work with Goddess Lilith to heal from sexual trauma, religious trauma, and the trauma that stems from gender inequality. She helps women reclaim their voices. She helps women see that they are sexual beings who are allowed to sexually express themselves and enjoy pleasure for pleasure’s sake without fear of societal repercussions.

Trauma changes us as people and can close us off, but it’s important to remember that you are stronger than any trauma anyone could inflict. You are not your trauma.

Learning to trust again after a traumatic experience can be really, really hard. But if you can do the inner work to heal, define your boundaries and honor them, you will find trustworthy people.

Once you’ve found them, it’s important to not let fear control you. Let yourself trust. Let yourself love again.

Are you ready to learn the lessons of Goddess Lilith?

What is the greatest lesson Lilith the Goddess has helped you learn? What are you seeking her help with today?

Share your story in the comments below! And take a look at your Black Moon Lilith placement to learn more about your hidden depths and how to reclaim the wild, sovereign woman within.

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