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Your Black Moon Lilith Sign Is An Invite To Explore Your Darkness
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Your Black Moon Lilith Sign Is An Invite To Explore Your Darkness

black moon lilith sign

The term “Black Moon Lilith” has blown up on #witchtok, but what does it mean? Most of us know our sun sign. Those who feel a pull toward astrology probably know their moon and rising signs and may have explored their whole birth chart. But what you won’t have found there is your Lilith sign.

This “placement” is a window into the darkness. She can teach you about your deepest desires and the aspects of your personality that you keep hidden from society and maybe even your conscious self. This is where you can reclaim the repressed parts of yourself and live a more authentic life.

Who is goddess lilith?

The archetype of Lilith dates back to Mesopotamia and has gradually evolved and twisted over time to suit the patriarchy’s narrative. Female sexuality is powerful. In ancient times, the Priestesses were well versed in sex magic, sacred union, and connecting to Source through lovemaking. Female sexuality, and women in general, were deemed a threat to everything patriarchy stood for. So any sovereign, powerful woman like Lilith had to be vilified.

Lilith was rewritten as Adam’s original mate in the Garden of Eden story. They both emerged as individuals from the soil, unlike Eve, who was supposedly born from Adam’s rib (which is another pile of bullshit you can explore further in my book). Lilith was eventually exiled because she was too sexual, refused to submit to a man, and returned later as a snake and seductress.

For centuries, Lilith was painted as a hag, a monster, a corrupt, demonic, evil spirit. She represents the classic witch archetype—a liberated woman connected to her magic and powers but taught to be feared. Over the past few decades, Goddess Lilith has been reclaimed by feminists who have uncovered the truth and are righting the shady narrative.

What is black moon lilith?

Unlike the sun and planet positionings in your birth chart, Black Moon Lilith does not physically exist. It’s a location or placement based on where the furthest point of the moon is located in your natal chart. This is why it’s sometimes known as the Dark Moon placement.

To explain this in more detail, the moon has its own orbit. It’s not circular (because Earth is not the center of the moon’s orbit), which means sometimes the moon is closer to Earth and other times it’s further away. When the moon is most distant from Earth, it’s at what is called the lunar apogee. Your Black Moon Lilith placement can be found at the point that mirrors Earth’s location in the moon’s orbit on the side of the lunar apogee.

How do I find my sign?

You’ve got two options. You can either have your birth chart read by an astrologer who knows how to read this placement or if you need answers now, you can head to Cafe Astrology. You will need to know your birth date, exact time (to the minute), and place of birth.

What does this placement mean for me?

Your Black Moon Lilith sign offers a glimpse into your untamed self. This is often interpreted as sexual desire, but it’s much more. It’s all your deepest desires, passions, shadows, and primal nature. The things that feel taboo, the things you’re ashamed of or fear will make other people uncomfortable. It’s the parts of you that feel misunderstood or attacked. It’s the parts of you that you have repressed over the years. The raw, wild woman within you who clashes with everything you’ve been taught about what it means to be a good girl.

These core parts of your personality deserve to be met and expressed in a healthy way and are fundamental to living an authentic life where you don’t feel stifled or censored. Owning and exploring your desires, guilt, shame, fear, and pain is essential if you want to evolve into your highest self. With enough acceptance and healing, we can transmute these emotions into personal power.

Find where Black Moon Lilith is located in your birth chart, and you will gain insight into where to begin the reclamation of your abandoned self. That’s all Lilith wants, for you to be your true self. This is your birthright.

What each of the BML placements mean for you

Black moon lilith in aries

The Aries Lilith sign is assertive, fiercely independent, and a natural lead-taker. They will feel a need to do or act, make decisions, and win in all areas of their life. Conflict in this sign can happen if they were made to feel wrong for asserting themselves, taking the lead, or making self-centered decisions. There may be fear around these things but also an innate desire to do them.

Remember that it’s okay to put yourself first (we all should) because you cannot give from an empty cup. And you deserve to achieve everything you want in life, so it’s time to get off the guilt train.

Black moon lilith in taurus

Taurus is the earthy, grounded, sensual sign of the zodiac that loves beauty and indulges in pleasure. A Black Moon Lilith placement in Taurus could mean you have been shamed for self-indulgence, enjoying yourself, and delighting in physical pleasures. This could mean slow, passionate sex, delicious food, a blissful bath, a cashmere jumper that feels divinely soft against your skin, bamboo bed sheets, a luxurious spa break, or a night in a regal hotel.

Have you ever denied yourself these luxuries or permission to indulge and immerse in pleasure? Has anyone made you feel guilty for doing so?

Common issues with this sign are the struggle to ever feel fully satisfied and fear or guilt over wanting. Human beings are pleasure-seekers, and a healthy sprinkling of luxury (within your means) makes for a more beautiful life.

Black moon lilith in gemini

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is about clearing the throat chakra and reclaiming the power of your words and your voice. You may have experienced shame around being too loud or not speaking enough. Is there something you’re not saying or a place where you continue to censor yourself? Or are you the kind of person who likes to fill the silence with chatter rather than be comfortable in the pause?

There may also be wounds around your intelligence (fear of not being smart enough) and social skills. Remember that intelligence does not apply solely to school topics like math and science.

Work on clearing any blockages in your throat chakra and self-acceptance. Practice discernment when in conversation in different situations. There are times to speak up and others to remain quiet or just listen.

Black moon lilith in cancer

If your Black Moon Lilith sign is Cancer, you might have an innate desire to care for others and embody the mother archetype. But you might let your own well run dry in the process and place everybody else’s needs ahead of yours.

You might feel shame around being needy or dependent on others, likely rooted in your childhood and your relationship with your parents. If you struggle to ask for help or even feel anger towards people who are more on the needy or codependent spectrum, there is probably a wound around nurturing. And in turn, this has stifled your ability or desire to nurture others and be in relationships. Remember that being vulnerable is a beautiful thing.

There may also be suppression of creativity. Perhaps you were taught that painting, writing poetry, or playing the guitar is a waste of time. Think about the creative outlets you gravitate towards and are naturally good at. Give yourself permission to explore these again and enjoy creating without any end goal.

Black moon lilith in leo

Black Moon Lilith in Leo may have felt shame around their desire to be in the spotlight and command attention. This can lead to different extremes like desperate attention-seeking behavior or great discomfort with others who display these behaviors. But your desire for applause is nothing to run away from. Practice acceptance as well as moderation. The sun wants to shine on you.

You might also feel fear around accessing and expressing your creative gifts and truly letting your inner lioness roar. But don’t let your fear of rejection hold you back.

At some point, someone may have made you feel silly for whatever makes you feel fabulous, but who is anyone to judge what lights you up inside? Even if it’s something superficial, that’s okay!

Black moon lilith in virgo

The Black Moon Lilith in Virgo placement craves organization, structure, and perfectionism. But there can be shame around this attention to detail and wanting to have a routine and be organized. You may try your best to prove to others that you’re chill or be easily pressured into ditching your routine. But this only throws you off course. So don’t be afraid to set boundaries and honor them. You don’t need to be chill; embrace your high-maintenance self. This is essential for your wellbeing.

Likewise, you don’t need to be perfect. None of us are. So if you procrastinate on completing things because you fear they won’t be “perfect,” remember that nothing ever is.

Virgo is also a sign of devotion and service, but the danger is that this desire gets exploited. Direct your devotion to your sacred and spiritual work, but don’t be a slave.

Black moon lilith in libra

If your Black Moon Lilith sign is in Libra, your desires, fears, and shame will center around balance and equity. You may have people-pleasing tendencies that throw out the power dynamic in your relationships. Remember that you do not need approval from others.

On the other hand, you may view compromise and dependency on others as weak yet have a real desire for companionship.

Finding a healthy balance in all areas of life and our relationships is a real challenge and the work of a lifetime. There will naturally be times when things feel out of balance, but when this happens, do your part to restore equilibrium.

Black moon lilith in scorpio

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio is one of the placements that relates most to sexuality. For this sign, sexuality and spirituality are deeply connected, so for a sexual experience to be fulfilling, it must go deeper than the physical. There must be deep levels of intimacy and attachment and a safe space to own your sexual power and true erotic nature.

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Capricorn moon sign woman

This placement may feel shame around this need for intimacy and depth and uncomfortable around anyone who is particularly passionate or attached. They might also feel wrong any time they feel jealous or possessive.

Channel your passion into better understanding your shadows, reclaiming your sexual power, transformation, and growth.

Black moon lilith in sagittarius

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius often feels shame around their curiosity, restlessness, and need to challenge and question everything they’re taught about the world. But you are right to be cautious of other people’s beliefs and to trust your inner wisdom.

Channel your wild, expansive nature into learning something new or jetting off on your next adventure. Exploration feeds your expansion.

People with this Lilith sign have often been shamed for their charisma, and this can lead to them dulling their sparkle. But you are here to shine your light. Don’t be afraid to.

Black moon lilith in capricorn

If your Black Moon Lilith sign is in Capricorn, you may feel shame around your lofty ambitions and your desire to excel and succeed in all areas of your life, particularly your career. Maybe you’re not allowing yourself to fully hold your dreams and be open to manifesting them. A part of you may also base success, accomplishment, and self-worth on the recognition of others.

This Capricorn wound makes you uncomfortable around anyone who is very ambitious, business-oriented, or materially successful. Remember that even if someone else has achieved what you desire, that doesn’t mean fewer opportunities or abundance for you.

Capricorns are the most hard-working of the zodiac, but they also love a party and a chance to celebrate. If you learn to repress these urges and live a mundane and steady life or throw yourself too much into party mode, you will feel out of balance. Do what you need to do to achieve everything you want to in your work, but don’t forget to enjoy your life outside of work too!

Black moon lilith in aquarius

This placement will often feel shame for being part of the crowd and wanting to be a part of a team, tribe, or community. This leads them to distrust anyone who displays these tendencies. But being in a community and connected to others is a basic human need—we all need connection and to feel like we’re a part of something greater than ourselves. Resisting this natural urge may lead to a toxic cycle of immersing yourself fully in a social group, then feeling guilty and isolating yourself.

Allow yourself to plug into the collective consciousness. But also set boundaries and make sure you have enough alone time. Aquarius is known for being an innovative, humanitarian sign that can truly change the world. So don’t be afraid to collaborate, let your unique gifts shine, and work towards a meaningful mission.

Black moon lilith in pisces

The final Black Moon Lilith placement is in the creative, dreamy sign of Pisces. This sign may have felt shame for their spiritual nature, compassion, and fluid, away with the fairies’ vibe. And this can lead to you hiding your gifts in a big to appear “normal.” But what the heck is normal anyway? Make time to connect to your intuition and look for hidden messages in your dreams. There is precious insight and pearls of wisdom to be found here.

This sign is also likely to be highly creative but doesn’t give their creativity the time and space it deserves. Maybe you think you need to be more responsible and not indulge in childish activities like arts and crafts, painting, or singing, purely for the joy they bring. But to rob ourselves of these priceless pleasures is to deprive ourselves of happiness. Take care of your responsibilities, but unleash your Creatrix.

What’s your dark moon sign?

It’s always important when writing about astrology to mention that there are no good or bad placements. Each one has its own gifts and lessons, and we all have these signs within us, some more strongly than others.

The key with your Black Moon Lilith sign is to find whatever you fear or feel shame around and offer acceptance to it. From here, you can explore different ways to integrate these parts of you into your daily life. It’s about reclaiming what you’ve been shamed for, allowing full expansion of yourself, and moving toward a more authentic existence.

What’s your Black Moon Lilith sign? Drop it in the comments below, and if you feel called to, share your thoughts, fears, and shame woven in this placement.

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