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The Purple Aura Color Meaning: Spirituality & Intuition
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The Purple Aura Color Meaning: Spirituality & Intuition

purple aura meaning

Have you just done an online or in-person aura reading, discovered you have a purple aura, and want to know the deeper meaning behind this color?

Have you ever met someone and gotten a really positive, warm vibe from them? Or, have you ever walked into a room of people and felt uncomfortable or unsafe, but you couldn’t explain why? These feelings we get in the company of other people are based on someone’s aura.

An aura is an invisible field of energy around every living being on Earth. It represents someone’s resting mood, emotions, gifts, and nature. Everyone has a dominant aura color, but this can change depending on what you go and grow through in life. A few people with special abilities can see auras and do aura readings for others.

What are the aura colors?

The purple aura color meaning

The meaning of a purple aura is spirituality, intuition, and depth. Someone with a purple aura is likely to be spiritual in some way and seek out something greater than themselves, whether through regular meditation practice, the joy of yoga, or the Priestess path.

Purple auras believe there is more to life than meets the eye, much more than what we can see in the physical world, and therefore they tend to have rich inner lives. They are also likely to be blessed with spiritual gifts, including strong intuitive powers and empathy.

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Pale or pastel purple aura color meaning

People with a pale or pastel purple aura usually display the typical gifts and behaviors of a purple aura, including being very intuitive and empathetic. However, they tend to be blessed with being able to discern between their own emotions and other people’s and set strong boundaries so that it doesn’t affect their mood or life.

Lilac aura color meaning

This color aura may sound similar to a pastel purple aura, but the meaning of this shade is very different. People with a lilac aura color tend to internalize emotions (their own and others) and can spend hours pondering them. They also tend to be very creative and frequently end up working in creative fields. Lilac auras have a dreamy, mysterious vibe to them, much like the zodiac sign of Pisces, and you will often find them immersed deep in their own thoughts.

Violet aura color meaning

People with a violet purple aura are deeply spiritual and have often spent years walking this path, personally or professionally. They have chosen to reincarnate in this lifetime on Earth to be of service and help raise the light of the planet. They don’t do this in the hope of finding fame or money (although these can be by-products); they do it because it is their purpose.

Violet auras are inspiring, mysterious, and curious people. They have a strong sense of intuition and are likely to have psychic gifts, whether they have tapped into them yet or not.

Dark purple aura color meaning

People with a dark purple aura tend to be spiritually minded but can also be disconnected from their spirituality. There may be fear and anxiety about the past or future and a struggle to live in the present.

This aura can also sometimes feel alienated and disconnected from others. But as long as they stay centered and use their intuition to connect and build relationships with like-minded people, they will feel a sense of belonging. And there may be a personal obstacle they must overcome before they can hold the full power of their gifts.

Indigo aura color meaning

People with an indigo color aura often display a mix of purple and blue aura traits. They have the spiritual nature of a purple aura combined with the strong communication skills that blue auras tend to possess. This enables them to better help others with emotional problems and also introduce spiritual ideas to people who are new to this world.

purple aura meaning

Strengths of a purple aura

  • Intuitive
  • Empathetic
  • Psychic gifts
  • Creative
  • Spiritual
  • Deep
  • Peaceful

Challenges of a blue aura

  • Weak boundaries
  • Anxious/prone to worry
  • Struggle to prioritize themselves

Is a purple aura connected to the third eye chakra?

Yes! All aura colors are connected to the chakra of the same color. So the purple aura is connected to the purple chakra, which is the third eye chakra. This chakra is the center of intuition, self-awareness, and consciousness.

When this chakra is open and balanced, you can easily tune into and trust your inner voice, view your life with self-awareness and emotional balance, and make decisions that align with your soul’s purpose.

6 Things to know about people with a purple aura

1. They may have spiritual gifts

The primary meaning of a purple aura is spirituality and spiritual gifts. People with a purple aura are deeply spiritual and believe there is more to life than we can see. They believe in the spiritual realm, the idea that we are all co-creating our lives with the Universe. Our toxic masculine-led society keeps most people disconnected from this truth and, therefore, from themselves and Source power.

People with a purple aura are likely to be spiritually gifted, whether they can read auras, see into the future, look at someone’s past lives, or simply feel a person’s emotions without being told.

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2. They are highly intuitive and empathetic

People with a dominant purple aura are incredibly intuitive, leading to great levels of empathy. You know you have a friend with a purple aura when they can read your thoughts and emotions without you saying a word.

Intuition is like a sixth sense, and it’s a spiritual gift. Those with purple auras are used to tuning into their inner wisdom and following the soul guidance they receive, even when the roadmap is unclear and it requires a leap of faith. We live in a world where the head is valued over the heart, but learning to value what our heart says first and then use our heads to figure out the details is how we follow our intuition and walk our soul path.

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3. They are kind and peaceful people

Because people with purple auras are so intuitive, they can read those around them with ease and will want to help people with whatever they’re struggling with. At heart, they are kind, loving people, and you won’t often find them in the middle of drama or conflict.

They are also likely to love being in nature because it aligns with their calm, peaceful vibe and helps them ground and center.

4. They are looking for deep connections

Because people with purple auras are so spiritual and believe in the deeper meaning of all things, they seek deep connections with people. They will probably loathe small talk and love engaging in a soulful conversation with a complete stranger. But for some people, this is too much because it requires an openness and emotional intensity that many are uncomfortable with.

5. They may struggle to set boundaries

People with purple auras will take on other people’s energy and baggage without even being conscious of it. And they will often prioritize others’ needs ahead of their own. But this will leave them feeling emotionally drained and prevent them from being fully energetically present within themselves. To prevent this, purple auras may sometimes isolate themselves, but this is not a healthy long-term solution.

Purple auras must work on setting and honoring boundaries, and this begins on an energetic level. Think about your boundaries and what you are willing and not willing to tolerate, and embody these boundaries every day in how you show up. Regularly cleanse your energy the same way you physically cleanse your body.

It’s equally important in a relationship to honor your partner’s boundaries. Your intuition and capacity for empathy may lead you to think you know what’s best for someone, but you must allow them to make their own decisions and act when they feel ready to.

purple aura meaning

6. They want to help others

The final thing to know about the meaning of a purple aura is that these people often have an innate desire to help others. They may do this primarily in their inner circle, their local community, or on a larger scale as part of their sacred work.

Purple auras often become counselors, therapists, healers, coaches, and psychics. They gain a sense of joy, fulfillment, and purpose from giving people a greater insight into themselves and helping them work through any wounds or trauma.

What color is your aura?

Do you have a dominant purple aura? Now that you’ve read more about the meaning of a purple aura, I’d love to know if it resonates with you? Or do you have two dominant colors and feel a mix of these traits? Share all your thoughts and questions with me in the comments below!

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