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The Orange Aura Color Meaning: Creativity, Play & Risk
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The Orange Aura Color Meaning: Creativity, Play & Risk

orange aura color meaning

Have you recently done an aura reading, and you’re now wondering what the meaning of an orange color aura is? Your aura is the frequency you’re vibrating at an energetic level. It’s your resting state, the energy you radiate when you walk into a room, and how you make people feel. Most people are born with one dominant aura. Still, your aura can change depending on your circumstances, what you’re going and growing through, and your life experiences.

What are the aura colors?

What does orange mean in your aura?

The meaning of an orange aura is typically a person who is highly energized and creative, and ready to take action. They are adventure and pleasure seekers with a child-like spirit and a zest for life. When you’re feeling inspired, creative, and ready to take on the world, there will likely be orange in your aura.

It’s not common to be born with an orange aura or have it be your predominant color because periods of high energy like this are usually sporadic. It’s also more common for children to display this aura and gradually lose it as they grow up (more on this later).

What does orange mean in your aura?

Peach orange aura meaning

A peach orange aura is usually linked to someone who is open, has strong communication skills, and can clearly articulate their ideas. This aura is often found in public speakers, writers, or even teachers.

Tangerine orange aura meaning

A tangerine orange aura is linked to someone who is ambitious, has a strong sense of what they want, and sets goals to achieve it. They usually make it seem easy to get what they want and tend to be charismatic.

Pumpkin orange aura meaning

A pumpkin orange color aura usually symbolizes someone who is hard-working, disciplined, and has a great eye for detail. They love a challenge and are enthusiastic, making them an asset on any team.

Burnt orange aura meaning

A burnt orange aura is found in someone looking for a change in life and a new chapter. A bright orange aura is associated with inspired and passionate people, but a burnt orange aura usually means the opposite: this person feels stuck in a rut and lacks energy.

Yellow orange aura meaning

A yellow orange aura indicates a person with lots of energy and a strong sense of adventure. They are drawn to anything that gives them an adrenaline rush and live life on the edge.

Orange red aura meaning

An orange red aura is one of the most common orange auras and is found in someone who is confident and has a strong sense of personal power. These people will often make great leaders.

Strengths of an orange aura

  • High energy
  • Fun to be around
  • Get things done
  • Resourceful
  • Adventurous
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Inspiring
  • Eager
  • Social
  • Likes to try new things
  • Live life to the fullest

orange aura color meaning

Challenges of an orange aura

  • Prone to burnout
  • Impatient
  • Rush into things
  • Hotheaded
  • Fear of losing control
  • Recklessness

Is an orange aura connected to the sacral chakra?

Yes! Just like all the different colored auras, the orange aura is connected to the orange chakra, known as the sacral chakra. This is the chakra associated with creative energy. For women, it’s also the center of our sexual energy (a man’s sexual energy center is in his root chakra).

If you have a bright orange aura, you are fully embracing your creative and sexual life force, which means your sacral chakra is probably clear and in flow.

If you feel the opposite of this (lacking creativity or detached from your sexual energy), there’s a strong chance your sacral chakra is blocked.

6 Things to know about an orange aura

1. They have a youthful spirit

I mentioned earlier that the meaning of an orange aura is connected to someone with a child-like spirit who has retained a child’s playfulness, youth, and optimism.

As the years go by, we grow up, take on more responsibilities, have our hearts broken, and maybe the dreams we once had have slipped away (or at least we think they have). This is one of the main reasons why most of us struggle to retain this youthful optimism. But the few of us who do are likely to have an orange aura. These people are a breath of fresh air to have around and can help you let your hair down and have fun, even if you can’t quite remember how to!

2. They are yes people

People with orange auras like to please others, have new experiences and take risks. This means they will rarely say no to anything unless it’s something they’ve done a million times already and don’t enjoy.

Their passion and playfulness are intoxicating and can help others step outside the box and do something they’ve never dreamed of going.

They just need to be mindful of their energy levels, avoid overdoing it, and take time to refill their well.

3. These people are tapped into their sensuality & sexuality

Another meaning of the orange aura is directly linked to the sacral chakra and sensual and sexual energy. People with this aura tend to be tapped into all their senses and enjoy a world of sensual experiences and pleasure.

You don’t need to tell them there’s so much more to sex than the act of sex; they know this instinctively and are here to channel their sexual energy into everything. This means they often make amazing lovers and partners.

sensual woman

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4. They are inspiring

Because of their yes-mentality, attraction to adventure and risk, and playful and passionate personality, people with orange auras tend to inspire others around them. They’re the friend who quits their corporate job to start a cupcake business or the one who just got back from a month-long yoga teacher training in Bali and is now off to Costa Rica to work with turtle conservationists.

They follow their heart. And sometimes, they would do better paying a little more attention to the risks involved and weighing their options before diving off the deep end. But at the same time, this energy inspires many of us who are afraid to jump into the unknown but could benefit greatly from doing so every now and then.

5. They are creative

The sacral chakra is also connected to creative energy, which means that orange aura people are often very creative.

They might channel this creativity into their career and work in the arts or design world, or they might simply enjoy pursuing creative hobbies in their spare time, like DIY projects, baking, gardening, making jewelry, etc. Maybe they even run their own Etsy shop on the side, making candles or soaps from their kitchen.

woman painting

6. They like to take charge

The final thing to know about the meaning of an orange aura is that these people are confident, charming, and will naturally assume a leadership position in any team situation. They love taking the reins and the challenge and risk that comes with it. Their passion, energy, and inspiration help rally people around them, believe in the mission and get the job done.

You’ll often find people with an orange aura in leadership positions, either in a company or in their own venture.

Explore your aura

If you want to know what your current aura color is, you can:

  • Get an aura reading
  • Have your aura portrait taken
  • Take an online aura color quiz

Remember that even if you have an orange aura right now, your aura is always changing depending on what’s going on in your life.

Do you have an orange aura? If so, tell me if the above traits and gifts resonate with you and what you love most about your aura?

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