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The Green Aura Color Meaning: Balance, Health & Transformation
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The Green Aura Color Meaning: Balance, Health & Transformation

green aura color meaning

Ever wondered what the meaning of a green color aura is? We are all born with an aura. While some of us maintain a dominant aura (a soul aura) throughout our lives, this tends to change color depending on our circumstances and life experiences.

A person’s aura is one of the contributing factors to the energy they radiate. You know how sometimes you instantly click with someone, and other times you immediately get a bad feeling? Aura plays a large role in this. You can’t see it, but you can feel it.

What are the aura colors?

What does a green aura mean?

Generally, a green color aura relates to love, energy, peace, healing, and nature. People with green auras typically go through a period of change or transformation in their life (a new career, the end of a relationship, becoming a parent, etc.) and seek balance.

A green color aura also means health and wellness—someone who takes care of their physical and mental health, prioritizes self-care, and is a self-healer. This is also the aura that bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual world.

But there are many shades of a green aura, and each one carries a slightly different meaning. Let’s explore these in more detail.

green aura meaning personality

Bright green aura meaning

A bright green color aura can usually be found around someone happy and content with their current circumstances. Full of light, these people radiate love, have strong, healthy relationships, and feel healthy and abundant.

Light green aura meaning

The meaning of a light green color aura is growth. This person is new to self-development, growth, and healing, but they are open to it and hungry for it. They may be about to embark (or recently set out) on a personal journey of healing trauma and learning to love themselves.

Dark green aura meaning

The meaning of a darker green color aura is often jealousy and resentment, which stunts your personal growth.

Perhaps you’re stuck in a victim mindset following criticism or abuse and struggling to heal and move on. Maybe you blame others for where you are in life and avoid accepting responsibility. Maybe you’re in the comparison trap, constantly looking at those around you and focusing on what you lack versus all that you have and are.

Lime green aura meaning

A yellow green or lime green color aura is usually found in energetic, positive people who adore life and focus on living it to the fullest. They are highly creative and expressive and have a strong sense of self.

Blue green aura meaning

A blue green color aura (also known as turquoise) symbolizes healing energy and compassion. It will usually be found in people who help others for a living. Think therapists, holistic healers, doctors, coaches, etc. An air of calmness and grounding can be felt around these people.

Olive green aura meaning

An olive or grayish green color aura can point to someone consumed by themselves, selfish, stubborn, and potentially ignorant of others’ needs (especially in relationships). They may have difficulty trusting others and be over-cautious.

Mint green aura meaning

A mint or aqua green aura tends to be found in someone seeking spiritual growth. They are very intuitive, awakened, and connected to their own counsel. They might be sensitive and on a mission to improve our world and the lives of people in it. Truth and wisdom are values that mint auras place highly.

Apple green aura meaning

An apple green color aura radiates healing energy. These people tend to be extremely kind and compassionate, with a desire to be of service. They are givers in their work, relationships, and communities.

Shimmering green aura meaning

A shimmering green aura can typically be found in someone who is very social, loves to be in the company of others, and builds strong relationships. They enjoy communicating and are charismatic, which is why people are drawn to them.

Emerald green aura meaning

An emerald green color aura is magnetic and pulls people towards them. These people radiate unconditional love and have a purity and warmth that brings comfort and joy to those around them.

Strengths of a green aura

  • Balance and harmony
  • Healing energy (of yourself and maybe others)
  • Emotional and intuitive
  • Compassionate and loving
  • Growth-oriented
  • Connected to nature
  • Generous
  • Thoughtful
  • Desire to be of service
  • Creative

Challenges of a green aura

  • Jealousy
  • Resentment
  • Insecurity
  • Possessiveness
  • People-pleasing
  • Clingy relationships
  • Emotional dependency
  • Being your own worst enemy
  • Incredibly high expectations (of yourself and others)

Is a green aura connected to the heart chakra?

heart chakra

Yes—every aura is connected to its corresponding chakra. E.g., The yellow aura is connected to the yellow (solar plexus) chakra. Similarly, the green color aura is connected to the green chakra, which is the heart chakra.

The heart chakra governs the love we give and receive. Someone with a balanced heart chakra will be compassionate, forgiving, and full of love and joy. They will form and maintain strong, healthy relationships. The green aura will affect not only your relationships with people but your relationships with everything: your body, money, work, abundance, spirituality, and more.

The heart chakra bridges the three lower “earth” chakras and the three higher “spirit” chakras. It brings the physical and spiritual world together through transformation. And this is a key part of the green color aura.

The green aura is strongly associated with healing energy. This connects to the heart chakra in how we let ourselves be vulnerable, master forgiveness, learn to let go of grudges, limiting beliefs and the past, and commit to loving ourselves. It’s about healing ourselves, first and foremost. This is how we grow. Only once we do this can we be of service and heal others.

13 Things to know about a green aura

1. A green aura symbolizes healing

As we’ve discussed, one of the meanings of a green color aura is healing. It could mean that person is on a self-healing journey right now, or they’re devoting a lot of energy to healing others—physically, mentally, or spiritually.

2. These people are deeply intuitive

Anytime you see a green aura, it symbolizes someone who is deeply in tune with their inner voice, emotions, and feelings. They use this to guide them on their path and help others see things they can’t see.

They have a way of knowing how someone feels without them saying a word, which is another reason they make such powerful healers.

3. They are peaceful and calm

what does a green aura mean

You know those people who bring an air of tranquility with them wherever they go, even if they find themselves thrown into a crisis or tons of drama? It’s likely these people have a dominant green aura.

Even when faced with conflict, they remain clear and calm. They can assert themselves without becoming aggressive and deal with sticky situations that cause the best of us to flip our lids. It might seem like they are serial meditators (there’s a strong chance they are).

4. They are hopeful

People with a green aura remain positive and optimistic no matter what life throws at them. This energy field feels really good, which is why others are drawn to this aura.

5. People with a green aura are ambitious

This isn’t commonly talked about with green auras, but they tend to be hard-working, ambitious people who put in the time and effort needed to accomplish their goals.

Because they’re so growth-oriented (more on that below), they continue to strive to do and be more, no matter how much success they’ve already achieved.

And because they are focused, calm, and organized, they tend to be successful at whatever they do, as long as it aligns with their passions and unique gifts.

6. They are committed to growth

One of the most prominent meanings of a green color aura is metamorphosis, change, and transformation. People with a green aura tend to be going through changes in their life, challenging themselves, taking on new roles, and opening new doors. This is why breakups, big moves, and grief can lead to a green aura.

Although we’re constantly changing and evolving daily, a green aura suggests a bigger and deeper transformation. Who we are has been split open—you’re transforming from one version of yourself to another. You’re in a cocoon, and if you keep doing the work, you will emerge as the butterfly. We cycle through this process over and over again in our lives.

7. They are deeply connected to nature

Green is the color of grass, leaves, and plants, so it makes sense that people with a green color aura are connected to mamma nature and deeply rooted to the earth. Green aura people are likely to be found in nature, admiring the simplicity and beauty of their surroundings that so many of us take for granted.

If they ever feel stressed or need to reset, they will immerse themselves in nature: go for a walk in the park, hike in the forest, jump into the ocean, or even step into their backyard and just plant their bare feet on the ground. Nature heals them; it heals all of us.

woman healthy happy

8. They treat their body like a temple

Green aura people are very health focused which is why they tend to be energetic, active, and mindful of what they put into their bodies. They can regularly be found working out, meditating, eating clean, and adopting new, healthy habits that help them nourish their mind, body, and soul.

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They’re also likely to be a fan of holistic approaches such as plant medicine, intuitive eating, massage, reiki, etc.

9. They are highly creative

Because the green aura usually brings a large amount of energy with it, this often results in creativity and innovation. These people will be brimming with ideas to improve the lives of people and the planet. You can count on them to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. They have a rare ability to take a tiny seed and nurture and water it into something special.

10. Balance is a key theme in their life

Balance and harmony and recurring themes for people with a green aura. Either they are already in balance (the ideal scenario) or striving for more harmony in one or more areas of their life.

For example, someone who is devoted to their work and spends a lot of time working might have a green aura as they try to find a healthier balance between work, family, and play.

11. They are practical

Always down to earth, literally and figuratively, green aura people approach life with a practical and realistic outlook. Although positive, they don’t get carried away by fantasies and desires. When it comes to their goals and dreams, they are always very clear about what they want to achieve and break them down into small accomplishable steps.

12. People with a green aura need to balance their heart chakra

Depending on the shade of the green aura, you can be a very open, loving, and compassionate person who forms healthy relationships, or you can be someone who struggles with all those things.

But either way, love and the heart chakra are central themes for someone with a dominant green aura.

13. They are strong communicators

Finally, people with a green aura are strong communicators. They are assertive yet approachable and friendly. They often make great public speakers or writers and are great at dealing directly with conflict and diffusing loaded situations.

Different locations of a green aura

Green aura above the head

An aura around the forehead or above the head symbolizes a person’s consciousness, i.e., the thoughts, feelings, and emotions they are aware of and currently experiencing. A green color aura in this area can usually be found in people who have just embarked on a new chapter in their life.

Green aura around the body

The left side of the body is the feminine, yin, receptive side. The meaning of a green aura here is someone calling in more green aura energy, whether that’s more balance, a healthier lifestyle, or self-healing.

In contrast, the right side of the body is the masculine, yang, energetic side. A green aura here might show up after someone has spent time healing themselves, restoring harmony to their life, or adjusting to a big change. They’ve done the inner work, and now it’s on display in the outer world. People can see the change, and they can feel this green aura.

Green aura and the heart

An aura around the heart symbolizes the energy radiating from the heart space. A green aura here can suggest a vast amount of feeling and emotion in someone or an intentional focus on opening the heart or unblocking the heart chakra.

Green aura and the throat

The aura around the throat relates to how we communicate. If a green aura shows up here, it usually occurs when someone has recently found their voice and chosen to speak up (for themselves or others) to heal, grow, and move forward.

Green aura around the hands

A green color aura around the hands often points to someone who is a natural healer and regularly offers help and support to those who need it. This could be through their job or in their spare time. But they were born with the ability to help people heal their pain and trauma.

green aura color meaning

Explore your aura

Now that you understand the meanings of a green color aura and the different shades, you can take a reputable online aura quiz or work with an aura expert to determine your current aura.

Someone with a dominant green color aura is likely going through a turbulent, challenging time in their life. Even if people can’t see it, there will be a lot of wheels turning and inner growth going on. If this is you, it’s important to be gentle with yourself. Give yourself the love, compassion, and care you would give your best friend.

Remember that auras are constantly changing as we go and grow through life. Some people may have more of a green aura at a soul level, which will remain unchanged. These people are on a lifelong journey of learning and seeking higher spiritual wisdom. If this resonates with you, remember to acknowledge how far you’ve already come as you continue to climb your mountain. Don’t be afraid to let go of what no longer serves you so you can make space for the new.

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