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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The May Full Flower Moon
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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The May Full Flower Moon

may full flower moon spiritual meaning

Before our man-made “year” made of 365 days and 12 months, human beings lived on a lunar cycle. They tracked the moon in the sky, which was how they made sense of time. They quickly learned the value of living by the moon phases. For example, to know when to sow and harvest crops, when to slow down and rest, and when to raise their energy and output. And because our menstrual cycle mirrors the moon, she guided women during the bleeding and ovulation phases of their cycle. Slowly, women everywhere are starting to reclaim this forgotten wisdom.

So if you feel even a little bit curious about this May full flower moon and want to start working with the moon cycle, this post will show you how to do so.

There are 13 moons each year, and the ancient people gave each full moon a different name.

Here are the common names for all the full moons throughout the year:

Keep reading to learn more about the May full flower moon and what it symbolizes.

What is the may full flower moon?

The May full flower moon gets its name because, at this time of year, much of the world is blooming with an array of beautiful flowers, both on the ground (primrose, iris, violet, bluebells, tulips, peonies, hyacinth) and sprouting on trees (cherry blossoms, pear, magnolia, crabapple). It is the season of flowers, which always coincides with Beltane, and marks the midway point between the start of spring and high summer.

The May full flower moon is also sometimes known as the milk moon, planting moon, mother’s moon, or corn moon. This is because this is typically the time of year when farmers plant corn and livestock start to produce milk.

When is the may full flower moon in 2024?

LA, United States: 23rd May at 06:53

London, United Kingdom: 23rd May at 14:53

Sydney, Australia: 23rd May at 23:53

Click here for the exact time of the full pink moon 2024 where you live.

What sign is the may full flower in?

The May full flower moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is opposite where the sun is in Gemini.

This means this full moon will be wrapped in the energy, themes, and lessons that Sagittarius brings but will also be affected by where the other planets in the solar system are positioned. The key themes for the May full flower moon will be influenced by the Sagittarius-Gemini axis.

The spiritual meaning of the may full flower moon

1. An energetical turning point

The May full flower moon always occurs around Beltane each year, on the 1st May. Beltane marks the midpoint of the season and is a celebration of planting time, peak fertility, and light. The days are clearly lengthening and brightening, and the temperature is rising. Earth is teeming with life, from flowers in full bloom to animals giving birth to the sun sticking around a little longer in the sky each day.

In the physical world, this is very much a turning point, but this also symbolizes a turning point energetically. We are firmly out of the dark phase of the year, and rest and hibernation no longer call us. This is the time to expand, take action, and channel your energy outward.

2. Reflect on what no longer serves you

Full moons symbolize expansion, celebration, gratitude, and illumination and invite us to let go of anything that no longer serves us. Whether it’s a habit, a belief, a relationship, or even a job. Look at where you have been investing your resources since the start of winter. Is there something that is no longer needed? Or is there a change you’d like to make as you move into the light phase of the year?

When we let go of the old, we make space for the new to flow in. Think about what you wish to make space for. What new habits, stories, and hobbies do you want to cultivate between now and the first harvest on 1st August (Lammas).

3. Are you manifesting your intentions?

The primary spiritual meaning of the May full flower moon is rebirth, new life, and all the bright, bold energy that comes with it. The Earth is at its most fertile and ripe for growth. So think about how you can tap into this powerful energy.

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Are you on track with the intentions and goals you set around the start of the year (or at Imbolc)? Now is when we start to manifest what we’ve been pouring our resources into. Think about what you need to do between now and harvest season to reach those goals and what support you need from the Universe.

If you feel wildly off track, that’s okay. Think about whether you have aligned your priorities to manifest your intentions. Is there something in your control that you can do to move closer toward your goal? Now is the time to make a change.

4. Get outside

Summer is right around the corner, and you will feel the urge to get outdoors, spend more time in nature, and socialize with loved ones.

Winter is the perfect time to cozy indoors and bundle yourself in blankets with a steaming mug of cacao. But summer is a time to expand, to get outside, and to soak up the sun while you can.

If you feel inspired to start taking a lunchtime stroll in the park, have a picnic, or host a barbeque in your back garden, do it. Now is the time to expand and channel your energy outward.

How to work with the may full flower moon

Now that you have a better idea of the spiritual meaning of the May full flower moon, let’s explore how to celebrate it. Here are some simple ritual ideas. Do one of them, do them all, or use them as inspiration to create your own full moon ritual. You can also use the energy of Scorpio to guide you in your ritual.

Here are some May full flower moon rituals to try at home:

  • Decorate your altar – red, orange, green, and yellow are ideal colors for this full moon. You could also add some Sagittarius crystals to your altar and some fresh flowers to celebrate the full flower moon.
  • Honor nature – a really simple way to celebrate this full moon is to get outside, whether in your back garden, the local park, or a big open space full of grown fields. Wherever you go, drink in what you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Pay attention to the beauty all around you and give thanks for it.
  • Plant something – plant a small herb patch and pop it on your balcony, plant some seasonal vegetables in your garden, or make a beautiful hanging basket for your front door.
  • Bring flowers into your home – flowers are a big theme for the May full flower moon. If you can, forage for wildflowers in your garden or local area; otherwise, treat yourself to a seasonal bouquet. Arrange them in vases in your home, add them to a herbal tea, or use edible petals to decorate a cake. You could also make your own flower crown and wear it on the full moon.
  • Get social – text a friend, call someone you love, make a plan to do something that excites you, try a new hobby or attend an evening class, visit a farmer’s market and talk to the local growers (and pick up some lovely fresh produce to cook with).

Celebrate the may full flower moon

How will you celebrate the May full flower moon? Share your thoughts, comments, questions, and full moon rituals below.

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