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What Are The Akashic Records + How To Access Soul Wisdom
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What Are The Akashic Records + How To Access Soul Wisdom

what are akashic records

If you’re looking for more info on what the Akashic Records are, you are probably not a spiritual newbie. And when it comes to your inner circle, you are likely the most open to the esoteric, the mystical, and the magical of the subtle realms.

The Akashic Records are something I was loosely aware of for many years as I delved deeper into meditation, Buddhism, and yogic philosophy and began to walk the Priestess path. But for a long time, I didn’t completely understand what they were, and I wasn’t yet ready to ask the question and walk through the door.

Although the term sounds overtly spiritual and complex, the Akashic Records are much simpler than you might think. Don’t be turned off from delving deeper because learning to access your Akashic Records can help you gain divine guidance, move closer toward your soul path, and even heal past trauma.

Okay, so what are the akashic records?

Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word “Akasha,” which means “ether,” “sky,” or “astral light.” This points to where the Akashic Records live, i.e., in a non-physical plane in the spiritual realm.

You can think of the Akashic Records as an energetic database or library for everything that has happened and will happen in the Universe. This includes every soul, past lives, the present, future possibilities, events, thoughts, intentions, words, beliefs, actions, and emotions—good, bad, and every shade in between. There is no judgment in the Akashic Records on anything anyone has ever done; they simply serve as a record.

When you connect to your akashic records, you are connecting to your soul and can download divine wisdom and guidance from your future self and use this to help you on your journey in this lifetime.

Reading the Akashic Records

What is the purpose of the akashic records?

How many times have you struggled to uncover your purpose? How many times have you wondered whether you were in the right relationship? And how many times has a past wound or trauma affected your present, but you weren’t aware of it?

If you’re curious to know more about where you’ve come from, who you are, why you draw certain people and experiences toward you, and your soul mission, the Akashic Records can provide deeper understanding or guidance, and this can be incredibly reassuring and even healing.

The Akashic Records will raise your vibration so that you can reconnect with your truth and step into alignment with your soul.

The benefits of an akashic records reading

> Raise your vibration

Accessing your Akashic Records, or having them read for you, will always raise your energy and leave you feeling a little better than you did before. This is because the Akashic Records radiate loving, healing energy. Connecting to this cosmic library will help you embody more of these frequencies.

> Move from your head into your heart

So many of us spend the majority of our time stuck in our heads because our masculine-led society encourages this and devalues the heart connection (which is our intuition).

But your mind only wants to keep you safe, and it can only do this by using fear. How can you possibly leave a relationship, quit a job, or move to a new country when your mind is having a full on melt down at the mere thought of doing so?

Accessing your Akashic Records will force you to move out of your head and into your heart. And this is where all the answers to your questions can be found.

what are akashic records

> Uncover trauma

An Akashic Record reading can point you toward old wounds and trauma that still plague you. Many of us collect emotional pain and scars during our childhood that we bury deep within our subconscious and, left unresolved, turn into guilt, shame, and fear, all of which keep us small and stuck to our current identities.

This trauma and these wounds need to be acknowledged so that you can heal and move forward.

> Remind yourself of your soul truth

The Akashic Records will help remove any societal or parental conditioning keeping you from your soul destiny and gently guide you toward who you truly are and your purpose. With this information, you can move away from anything that is no longer in alignment and toward the things that are.

Can anyone access their own akashic records?


You don’t need to do a fancy course or become certified to read your Akashic Records. However, both will deepen your understanding and awareness and definitely help.

All you need to do is practice connecting to your intuition, know how to open the Akashic Records, and be open to receiving any messages and frequency downloads that want to come through. The more you practice, the easier it will be.

How to access your akashic records

I’ve compiled some simple steps for accessing and reading your Akashic Records, even if you’re doing it for the first time.

It’s okay if you struggle to ground in on your first few goes or don’t receive any guidance. Like any spiritual tool, patience and consistency are key. Try to go into it without any expectations and avoid judging yourself for what you see or don’t see. You cannot do it wrong.

You might want to light a candle before you begin, or put on some slow, peaceful instrumental music that helps you drop in to yourself.


1. Set an intention

The first step to open and access the Akashic Records is to set an intention. This will differ each time. Do you simply just want to experience this realm? Or do you have a specific question you want to ask? Are you seeking guidance on a particular issue or area of your life? It could be about your soul path, career, relationship, family, health, or something else.

There are no wrong questions, but take some time to clarify your intention. And remember that you may not always get a clear answer to your question, but trust that you will get what you need.

Once you’re clear on it, state your intention out loud.

2. Relax & ground

You can do whatever you feel called to do to relax and ground yourself so that you’re in a peaceful, open state.

Maybe that means you meditate for a while and connect to your heart chakra. Do some breathwork. Practice pillar of light (where you imagine you are connected to the earth’s core below you and Source above, and there’s a column of light running from Source to your crown chakra through to your root chakra and beyond). Try to find your center.

Stay here as long as you like until you feel ready to move on.

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3. Call on your guides

Before you try to access the Akashic Records, call on any spirit guides, angels, goddesses, the divine mother/father, fairies, animal guides, soul family, and any other guides you work with to support you in this process and help you receive the divine wisdom and guidance you seek.

4. Say a prayer

Next, recite an intentional prayer to create an energetic pathway between your physical body and the Akashic Records. You’ll find a great example in Linda Howe’s book, How to Read the Akashic Records. Edit it however you see fit.

The prayer aims to lift the energy, open your channel, and create a direct line between you and your Akashic Records.

5. Be open to receive

Be open to receive all the guidance that wants to flow through.

Because the Akashic Records are so vast, you will only receive what you need to know now. If everything were revealed to you all at once, it would be extremely overwhelming, and you wouldn’t be able to carry it or process it.

6. Remember to close the akashic records

Once you’ve received the downloads you need or spent some time open to whatever wants to come through, close the Akashic Records before you open your eyes and continue your day.

Recite a closing prayer of your choice and visualize the portal closing and yourself disconnecting from the Records.

7. Reflect & journal on the experience

Reflect on what came up for you during the session. Journaling is a powerful tool for this. Compare how you feel before and after. Write down anything that feels relevant, even if you can’t quite connect the dots right now.

It’s also a good idea to date your journal entries so that you can look back and discover patterns and greater stories within all the downloads.

woman journaling

What if you don’t receive any messages?

I struggle to visualize things when I have my eyes closed. Even during group guided meditations, I often don’t see, feel, or hear anything!

If this rings true for you, you might think you haven’t done it right, or the process hasn’t worked. But trust that even if you don’t receive a specific message or guidance, you have received whatever you were meant to. Trust that whatever downloads and frequency upgrades you need are now being installed in you on the soul level.

You may find it much easier for someone else to read your Akashic Records. This is because we often have blind spots when it comes to our lives and need a little help seeing what we can’t (or won’t) see. Just make sure you get a reading from someone you trust who is skilled in energy work.

Ready to access your Akashic Records?

Don’t be afraid of accessing your Akashic Records or doing a reading with an energy worker you vibe with. It’s not possible to have a “bad” or negative experience.

Trust that you will receive the guidance and downloads you need at this time to take that next step. It might be a baby step, or it might be a huge leap. But trust that whatever you are called to do is in your highest good and serves the wider collective.

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