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The New Moon In Capricorn: A New Chapter
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The New Moon In Capricorn: A New Chapter

new moon in capricorn ritual

Get ready to learn the lessons of the Capricorn sea goat and celebrate the new moon with a special ritual to gain clarity on the year ahead.

When is the new moon in capricorn 2024?

Los Angeles, United States: 30th December 14:26

London, United Kingdom: 30th December 22:26

Sydney, Australia: 31st December 09:26

Click here to find the exact time of the new moon in Capricorn 2024 where you live.

What is the new moon in capricorn about?

A new chapter

This is the last new moon of the year – we leave this year behind and welcome in a new one.

Capricorn is represented by the sea goat, a mythical animal with two front legs and a tail at the back. The sea goat can scale the steepest of mountains with perspective and wisdom, focusing on its end goal with clarity and determination. Capricorn is undoubtedly the most hardworking, disciplined, and organized sign of the zodiac.

But with two back legs missing, she can’t go as fast as the regular goats. Equally, her lack of fins means she can’t swim with the fish in the sea. Caught between the elements of earth and water, the sea goat must learn to accept her body and who she is. To balance her drive and ambition with her capacity to create and do without burning out. This will be a lifelong lesson.

Reconnect with your soul purpose

Capricorn is a grounded earth sign but also a spiritual one. Now is the time to reconnect with your soul, your highest purpose, and your mission here.

What did you come here in this lifetime to do, see, and be? This doesn’t need to be anything grand like building a global empire, it needs no official title, and you might have more than one.

What is calling you the most right now? What feels most urgent and relevant? Follow those inner whispers.

An invite to slow down & dream

Yule and Capricorn season invite us to slow down, turn inward, and reflect. Carve out time to relax and pour back into your cup.

Pause and revel in everything you have learned and accomplished. How you have grown and all of the beauty and magic that has flowed to you and through you.

We are also entering the dreaming phase of the year. Between now and Imbolc (February 1st), let yourself dream about where you want to invest your resources (time, energy & money) in the coming year.

What calls for your attention? What feels ripe and ready to birth? What wants to be tended to and nourished? And what is ready to release?

A new moon in capricorn ritual

This ritual doesn’t have to be done in one go; it can be spaced out over a day or a couple of days while we’re still in the new moon phase.

1. Cleanse your space

Before your new moon ritual, clear up any clutter and make sure you’re in a clean, tidy, organized space. To cleanse the energy of your home (and yourself), you can burn some herbs, put on a diffuser with essential oils, use a room spray, or use sound vibration to cleanse.

2. Reflect

As we come to the end of the year and Capricorn season, it’s the perfect time to reflect on everything we have done and become.

How have you grown? What did you learn? What were your successes and failures?

You might write a gratitude list for all you’re thankful for this year and a celebration list to celebrate all your accomplishments (Capricorn tends to be an over-achiever, and the new moon is perfect to borrow this energy!).

3. Dream

As I mentioned, we’re entering the dreaming phase of the year, which continues through January. There is no better time to let yourself meditate, dream, visualize and indulge in the possibility of a new year.

Dreaming doesn’t have to be done in a typical sense, i.e., in bed while asleep. You can daydream with your eyes open. Immersing yourself in stillness and nature can be super helpful and inspiring.

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Give yourself time to dream beyond this ritual throughout the rest of December and January.

4. Journal

After giving yourself time and space to dream, journal everything that arose for you. You might want to write, draw or paint. Use colors and make it fun! Light a candle to make it feel sacred.

Record everything you’d love to do, see, and be in 2023. What are your big goals? Where do you want to go and grow? Be as ambitious as you can be. Reach for the clouds and the stars, just like the sea goat!

5. Make a plan

The next step for your new moon in Capricorn ritual is to go through all your intentions and see if any can be grouped together or need to be broken down into smaller steps (if you dreamed big, they probably do).

This is how we turn a goal into something achievable. When we see the roadmap, it feels within reach, and we know what to do to get there. Harness the energy of Capricorn as you set goals, plan, and strategize on how you’ll get there.

It’s okay if things change along the way; after all, you will change.

6. Believe in yourself

Remember that you have infinite potential and are capable of great things. Capricorn will remind you of this if you’re in doubt. If you’re willing to show up and work hard and smart, you will achieve everything you desire.

7. Close your ritual

Close your new moon ritual in whatever way feels good for you. You could meditate, say a prayer, chant, or dance. Trust your intuition and let it guide you.

I’d love to know how you’re celebrating this new moon in Capricorn + what arises in your ritual! Share it with me in the comments below.

Wishing you all a peaceful end to the year and a bright and beautiful start to the next!

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