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New Moon In Taurus: Simplify, Indulge & Dream
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New Moon In Taurus: Simplify, Indulge & Dream

new moon in taurus ritual

The move into Taurus each year invites us to ground back into Earth, connect with nature, slow down, and savor all of life’s little pleasures. It’s about tuning into the present moment, delighting our five senses, and making the most of everything that’s already available to us, within and without.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the energy of the new moon in Taurus + how you can celebrate it with a sensual at-home ritual.

The energy of a new moon

A new moon always symbolizes a fresh start and is a time of new beginnings and chapters. It’s a time to slow down, journey inward, and reflect on where you’ve been for the past moon and where you wish to go in the coming moon and beyond. It’s also a time to release or close the door on anything that no longer serves you and your highest growth, so you can make space for the new to flow in.

When is the new moon in taurus 2024?

LA, United States: 7th May 20:21

London, United Kingdom: 8th May 04:21

Sydney, Australia: 8th May 13:21

Click here to find the exact time of the new moon in Taurus 2024, where you live.

Each moon phase lasts 2-3 days, so try and do your new moon ritual within this window so you can harness the energy available.

What is the new moon in taurus about?

Weave more comfort and indulgence into your days

Venus rules Taurus and is the planet of romance, pleasure, love, beauty, relationships, and the divine feminine. So on this new moon in Taurus, think about inviting more pleasure, comfort, and luxury into your life.

Remember, this doesn’t have to break the bank. It can be as simple as enjoying a warm hug with a friend or taking ten minutes to brew and sip on a mug of herbal tea. It could be stepping into your garden and allowing yourself the luxury of wandering around and admiring the beauty of the flowers blooming or drawing a luxurious bath before bed.

Think about all the things that evoke comfort and pleasure because this will be different for us all. Next, plan more of these things into your schedule, especially during Taurus season. Watch how these seemingly simple things make a difference to your mood and overall day.

Be rather than do

The Taurus new moon is about moving away from the mind and logic and towards your heart and intuition.

Create pockets of space in your day to slow down, drop in, and be with yourself and all the emotions and frequencies stirring and rising within you. Remember that all the answers to your questions can be found within. Trust that your intuition already knows, and if you dare to trust it, it will lead you toward the highest evolution of your soul.

Access your inner resources

Whenever you feel out of balance or off-center, come back to yourself. Call on simple tools such as breathwork, movement, mantras, affirmations, surrender, and trust to calm your nerves, work through your emotions, and find your way back to peace and harmony.

The new moon in Taurus energy will help you access your inner resources more easily, and these can help you work through anything life throws your way. So in case you were afraid to take a leap or a risk and step outside of your comfort zone, let this be your reminder that you already possess everything you need to navigate the unknown and not only survive but thrive.

Let yourself dream

The new moon and sun sextile with Neptune in Pisces, the sign of the dreamer. So on this new moon in Taurus, allow yourself to daydream, record any images, themes, and messages that come up in your dreams, and indulge in the realness of everything you visualize.

What is your greatest dream?

Does it scare you?

If it does, good. That’s how you know you’re dreaming big enough. But know that you have everything it takes to move toward that thing that scares you the most and the infinite potential to manifest your dream life.

Do not fear the unknown

The strongest message of this new moon in Taurus is to lean into what makes you uncomfortable and what scares you because when we move out of our comfort zone, we grow. The more you do this, the more you will grow, and the fewer things will scare you.

So whatever you desire or your intuition is nudging you toward, find the courage to trust yourself and follow it. Acknowledge your fear, but don’t let it control you. When fear meets excitement, you know you’re on the right path.

Simplify your life

The final message of the new moon in Taurus is to look for ways to slow down and simplify your life. Now is the time to move away from drama, complexities, and overthinking. Instead, ask yourself, “What would be the simplest way?” and allow your intuition to chime in with a solution that feels easy and peaceful.

If you have a history of hardship or have convinced yourself that life is hard, now is the time to question those beliefs. Are they your own, or did you inherit them? Trust that certain parts of life really can be easy and simple.

A new moon in taurus ritual for

Taurus season is all about grounding back into nature, slow living, comfort, beauty, and pleasure, so I’ve collated some simple ritual ideas that will help you honor the magic of Taurus.

At the start of any ritual or ceremony, I recommend physically and energetically cleansing your space and your aura. You can do this by burning some herbs, reciting a prayer, using a saltwater spray, or anything else that helps you ground and center.

1. Make altar offerings to the Goddesses

Venus is one of the better-known Goddesses of Love, but Aphrodite, Freya Oshun, and Bast also rule over love, self-care, joy, and luxury. So as part of your new moon in Taurus ritual, make an offering to whichever of these Goddesses you most connect with.

You can leave out offerings on your altar like flowers, candles, honey, fresh fruit, or wine, speak to them, and communicate your gratitude for all the joy in your world.

2. Meditate with the empress tarot card

In tarot, the Empress card upright symbolizes sex, fertility, motherhood, and divine feminine, which are all themes of Taurus. The Empress represents mamma nature, the Creatrix, and the womb of all of life. This is where all our desires and dreams are birthed into existence. Meditating with this card can help you tune into her energy, tune in more deeply to the process and power of manifestation, and attract more love and prosperity into your life.

As part of your meditation, spend some time sitting with and looking at the card. What feelings arise for you? What does she want to tell and show you? Breathe. Allow your intuition to roam free. Spend some time journaling afterward on anything that comes up.

3. Indulge all your senses

Taurus season is about delighting and indulging all five senses, so one of your rituals on this new moon can be to gift your senses excitement, beauty, and pleasure. Whether that means slipping into a silky soft robe at home, lighting an aromatherapy candle before bed, spritzing on a new delightful perfume, moisturizing your skin with a body oil after taking a blissful bath, cooking yourself a nourishing meal and savoring each bite, or going on a walk someplace new and really drinking in your surroundings.

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Let your heart guide you and allow yourself to indulge in pleasure.

4. Run yourself a luxurious new moon bath

You don’t need an excuse to run yourself a beautiful bath, but the new and full moon are perfect times to do so, and it can be a wonderful way to celebrate the moon phase you’re in and bask in her energy.

But if you’re going to have a bath ritual, you’ve got to do it properly!

In honor of Taurus season and Venus, add some rose petals, your favorite essential oil, and honey to the water. Light candles, put on some spa-like music, and make sure you have a cozy robe and slippers nearby.

As you soak in the bath, allow yourself to dream and visualize your perfect life. Really engage all of your five senses. What can you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch in the dream?

When you’re ready to climb out, don’t rinse off and allow yourself to air dry so that all the oils linger on your skin.

5. Plant your seeds of intention

The new moon is always a time to set new intentions and plant the seeds for whatever you wish to manifest over the next moon cycle and beyond. But seeing as it’s Taurus season, it seems fitting to get outside and literally plant your intention.

Write down your intention or wish on a piece of seeded paper. Alternatively, you can use regular paper and purchase a packet of seeds separately to plant. Fill a small plant pot with some soil, add your paper and seeds, then a little more soil. As you do this, say your intention out loud and visualize your life as though it has already manifested. If you like, you can also choose a crystal to place on the top to help your seeds (and intentions) grow.

Pop your plant pot in the optimum place to grow, and don’t forget to water it.

6. Relax & restore

Most of us are so busy in our day-to-day lives that we barely get a moment to pause and take a breath. But slowing down is essential because this is how you can connect to and hear your inner guidance, and this is how you restore your energy reserves and pour back into your cup.

Make relaxation a part of your new moon in Taurus ritual, whether that means taking a bath before bed, spending time applying your skincare, enjoying a delicious meal with friends, lounging on the sofa with an entertaining novel, attending a yoga class, or going for a walk in nature.

7. Get practical with your new moon manifestations

Taurus has a really practical vibe, so tune into this energy and get practical with your intentions in your new moon ritual.

Write them down, break them into smaller steps, and plan the first step and when you will do it. What frequencies do you need to embody on the inside to manifest what you desire on the outside? What small actions can you take today that will move you closer to your intentions and dreams?

Ready to celebrate the new moon in taurus?

How will you work with the earthy, luxurious, sensual, Goddess vibe of the new moon in Taurus? Share your Taurus new moon rituals with me in the comments below!

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