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New Moon In Pisces: Dare To Dream
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New Moon In Pisces: Dare To Dream

new moon in pisces ritual

The new moon in Pisces offers us a chance to welcome in this dreamy wave of water with ritual and end the astrological year on a (somewhat) peaceful note.

Pisces is one of the most spiritual, intuitive, and emotional signs of the zodiac and is infused with magic. During this season, we are reminded that we are spiritual beings made of stardust, having a human, physical experience on earth.

Pisces is the sign of the dreamers, the idealists, the ones who spend a lot of time in the clouds because they recognize they are one with their dreams and that everything they desire to manifest is already theirs. It is our mind that imposes limitations and places obstacles in our path that hold us back.

Swimming into the frequency of Pisces on this new moon lets us step into the flow of life, hear our intuition, and dare to dream while simultaneously letting go of the need to control how those dreams and soul desires manifest.

The energy of a new moon

A new moon is a reset, a blank slate, a fresh start, a chance to begin again. It’s the start of the lunar cycle and is linked to the bleeding phase in a woman’s menstrual cycle. The day you start bleeding each month is day 1 of your cycle.

The new moon is a reflective, introspective phase in the moon cycle. It’s a time to reflect on the last moon, gain clarity on where you wish to place your resources in the coming moon, and set new intentions.

This new moon is also a supermoon, meaning it will occur when the moon is at its closest point to earth. And this will magnify the energy of this Pisces new moon.

When is the new moon in pisces 2025?

LA, United States: 27th Feb 16:44

London, United Kingdom: 28th Feb 00:44

Sydney, Australia: 28th Feb 11:44

Click here to find out the exact time of the new moon in Pisces 2025, where you live.

The new moon phase lasts between 2-3 days, so you can plan to do a new moon ritual on any of these days while her energy is still strong.

What is the new moon in pisces about?

With endings come new beginnings

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces often evokes a feeling of endings, completion, and things drawing to a close so that new beginnings can flow in.

Feel into your emotions and inner wisdom, and you will be given insight into what is ready to fall away and what is ready to sprout.

With all the planets stationed direct now, there’s a strong feeling of possibility and momentum in the air. Can you feel it?

Less doing, more being

The Pisces new moon is a welcome invite to slow down, pause, and find an oasis of calm in the chaos.

We live in a masculine-dominated society that rewards doing and paints this as the only version of success. But doing equals external success, whereas being is essential for inner success and wellness. Doing is the masculine, while being is the feminine, and we must strike a balance between both.

Now is the time to just be. You don’t always need to be doing something to manifest your dreams. Tune in, cultivate stillness, and let yourself receive.

Spend time in nature, focus on your breath, meditate, journal, reflect, take a bath, practice self-care, and pour your energy inward,

Let your intuition flow through you

If you struggle to hear your inner voice and receive wisdom, it’s probably because your mind is drowning it out. If you have a lot of air elements in your birth chart (Gemini, Aquarius, or Libra), you’re even more likely to suffer from an endless internal monologue of the mind.

The more you allow yourself to feel your emotions and acknowledge your feelings, the louder your intuition will become. But you have to be calm and relaxed for these waves of intuition to flow to you. Use breathwork and meditation to diffuse any inner tension, stress, or anxiety you feel so your wisdom can reach you.

Indulge in dreams

The new moon In Pisces is always the perfect time to get lost in the vastness of our imagination and indulge in daydreams. Instead of pulling yourself back into reality and the present moment, give yourself permission to wander, get lost, and adventure through portals, ancient lands, keyholes, and magic oceans. Visit your spirit guides, angels, and fairies. Allow yourself to dream your most beautiful life.

And when you do, see if your rational, logical mind has any comments. Does it tell you your dreams are silly, impossible, or out of reach? This is the resistance I mentioned that we impose on ourselves, which keeps us from our dreams.

It’s time to ask yourself why? Why do you not believe you can achieve your dreams? Why do you not deem yourself worthy of them? Is a part of you afraid of getting what you want?

Zone in on the root of the resistance you feel, and let the magical waters of Pisces wash them away.

Focus on what you truly want (make sure it’s in soul alignment) and declare it to the Universe. This is a new beginning for the rest of the year.

Release control and trust in the process and divine timing of life

There’s only so much that is in our control in this life. Everything else is out of our hands. So once you’ve let yourself dream and gained clarity on what you want, it’s time to surrender to the process.

There will be times to decide, take action, and charge forward. Other times will call for reflecting, pausing, and practicing patience. No journey ever quite goes as planned, so expect to meet bumps in the road and for your dreams to manifest differently than you envisioned.

Always hold onto your big-picture vision, but accept where you are right now and be grateful for all that already is. The new moon in Pisces energy is a much-needed reminder to surrender to the flow of life instead of forcibly pushing and pulling. Your intuition will be a valuable guide here. Let it show you when to speed up and when to slow down. Trust in the process, divine timing, and the Universe’s orchestra.

Notice when you feel the urge to control things and any resistance that arises when things don’t go as imagined. This is your invitation to trust, surrender, and let go of the fixed image of how you believe your life is meant to unfold.

A new moon in pisces ritual

Because of the dreamy nature of the new moon in Pisces, I’d love to offer you a ritual centered on the highest vision you have for yourself in this lifetime.

The new moon is always a great time to set new intentions and being the end of the astrological year, now is the perfect time to think about what you want to focus on over the next year.

This is also a time to release anything you’re ready to shed so you can make space for the new. And there are plenty of wonderful, supportive rituals that can help you do all of these things. Use the list below as inspiration for your own ritual. Take and leave what you like and create your unique new moon ritual. There is no right or wrong. Do as little or as much as you feel called to.

Before you begin any ritual, take some time to cleanse the energy of your space and yourself by burning some herbs, putting on a diffuser, or using a room spray.

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You may also want to gather some spiritual objects that invoke the essence of Pisces and place these on your altar (candles, crystals, something to symbolize the element of water, colors, symbols, oracle cards, and any other magical/sacred objects).

1. Breathe

New moon rituals don’t need to be complex. Sometimes, making space to sit in stillness for 5-10 minutes, close your eyes, be alone, and focus on your breath is enough. The simplest of things can be the most effective, especially if we’re not used to sitting still and pride ourselves on being “busy.”

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, light a candle, put on some tranquil music or a meditation playlist, and tune in to your breath. Lengthen your inhale, pause for a moment, and take a slow exhale. This simple practice can be calming and soothing and help you connect to your inner feelings and intuition.

2. Set new intentions

New moons are intertwined with intention setting. Because Pisces marks the end of one astro year and the beginning of another, the energy is ripe for declaring where you wish to devote your time, energy, and money over the coming year.

Meditate, journal, or even take a bath as a prequel to setting your new moon intentions. Engaging in these reflective, spiritual practices helps shift you into your inner feminine and connect with your heart and higher self.

Give yourself time to dream and ponder what it is you truly want this moon and beyond. When the message is clear, write down your intentions and look at them often. Place them on your altar, or carry them with you in a purse.

3. Take a releasing bath ritual

I love taking a bath any time. It’s relaxing, nourishing, and restorative for me, and one of the most accessible and inexpensive ways to indulge in self-care. But the new and full moon, in particular, are wonderful times to take a bath and ritualize the experience. And when the moon is orbiting in a water sign like Pisces, it makes even more sense to weave the element of water into your moon ritual. This helps us tap into the energetic frequency of Pisces.

Light some candles, gather salts, a bath tea, drops of essential oil, herbs, flowers, and anything else you want to add to the water. Use Pisces as your inspiration and opt for items that honor this sign.

This new moon invites us to let go of what no longer serves us so we can make space for new beginnings to take root. So see your bath ritual as a way to wash away the old and open to new possibilities. When you’re in the tub, visualize releasing anything that has felt heavy, stagnant, or out of alignment with the woman you’re becoming.

4. Imagine your dream life

The perfect moon ritual for this dreamy Pisces energy is one where you let yourself dream. What are your wildest dreams made of? What does the pinnacle of “success” look like to you? Where does your imagination run to when you let yourself dream?

Explore all the juicy details like where you are, who’s with you, and what you can see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. Give yourself plenty of time in a peaceful space to daydream. Lay a blanket out in your back garden, and dream under the stars (as long as it’s not too cold!).

Don’t hold back. There are no limits here.

After your dreaming session, make time to draw what you dreamed of. Get creative here because Pisces is about unleashing your inner Creatrix and tapping into that feminine energy. Use paints, glitter, neon highlighters, collage, and anything else that looks beautiful and inspiring to you.

Place this somewhere special (maybe on your altar if there’s space) as a reminder that your dreams are in reach and yours for the taking.

5. Connect to your intuition

The final way to celebrate the new moon in Pisces with ritual is to engage in spiritual practices that help you feel that inner wisdom. Even if you can’t hear it right now, trust me when I say it’s there.

Here are some ideas to help you tune in and strengthen that muscle:

Ready to celebrate the new moon in pisces?

How will you work with the dreamy, fluid energy of the Pisces new moon? Share your rituals with me in the comments below!

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