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New Moon In Aries: The Energy, Fire & Courage To Evolve
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New Moon In Aries: The Energy, Fire & Courage To Evolve

new moon in aries ritual

The new moon in Aries at the start of March is coupled with a new astrological year as the sun enters the realm of the ram and the turn of the wheel to Ostara (spring equinox). As we move out of the dreamy, fluid sign of Pisces, creativity, passion, inspiration, and courage turn on within, and we feel renewed, ignited, and ready to conquer the world. Can you feel an energetic spark and the bright, fiery vibration of this sign?

Read on to find out when the new moon in Aries is happening where you live, and a new moon in Aries ritual to recreate at home and celebrate this new beginning.

The energy of a new moon

New moons, in general, represent a reset, a new beginning. This, coupled with Aries being the start of the astrological calendar, means this new chapter energy will be super potent.

The new moon is a time to return inward, check in with yourself, and see if the path you’re on is aligned with your soul’s purpose. It’s an invitation to pause, let go of anything that no longer serves you, and set new intentions for the next 29 (ish) days and beyond.

When is the new moon in aries 2024?

LA, United States: 8th April 11:20

London, United Kingdom: 8th April 19:20

Sydney, Australia: 9th April 04:20

Click here to find the exact time of the new moon in Aries 2024, where you live.

Each moon phase lasts 2-3 days, so try and do your new moon ritual within this window so you can harness the energy available.

What is the new moon in aries about?

New beginnings

This new moon, combined with a new astrological year, means the energy is ripe for new beginnings and fresh starts. A new cycle begins, and it’s time to make the most of it. If you didn’t have the best start to the new year, consider this your second chance to start again.

We might be at the start of the second quarter of the year, but if you believe in astrology and like to align yourself with it, the new moon in Aries is your true “new years day.”

Where would you like to start over? Which chapter would you like to close so you can begin a new one?

The courage to act

Aries gives us the willpower, motivation, and courage needed to start a new journey, overcome any obstacles we meet, and keep pushing forward no matter what.

Now is the time to be brave, take a risk, and do something you’ve never done before. Most of us fear the unknown, but moving past what’s comfortable is where the magic happens.

So channel your inner ram, follow your deepest desires, and take action despite your fears and other people’s opinions. Momentum is with you as the wheel turns, and spring brings us new hope and the sense that anything is possible.

Your inner fire may start to rage

Aries is a fire sign, and the ram is guaranteed to bring the fire during this new moon. Whatever you’re most passionate about will be magnified, but equally, whatever you’re most frustrated about right now will also feel much bigger and bubble over the surface. But this is good because when we ignore and bury our emotions, they linger and fester. Facing them head-on will help you clear and heal whatever needs your attention.

So let everything pour out of you. Don’t judge your emotions. But think about how you can shift negative emotions by taking thoughtful action that is authentic to you and aligned with your soul.

Friction around your purpose

Are you struggling to figure out what you’re here to “do” with your life? Have you been on a long journey to figure out your purpose but haven’t quite got there yet? You feel ready to embark on a more meaningful journey but don’t know which way to head.

For anyone who doesn’t yet feel like they’ve found their calling, the new moon in Aries can stir up frustration and impatience here. But remember that even when it feels like you’re lost or going in circles, everything is lining up in the way it’s meant to. Life is not linear; it’s a spiral. There may be many plot twists and turns and going back on yourself, and that’s okay.

If you’re allowing fear to hold you back, harness the courageous spirit of Aries to help you move past these negative vibrations and closer toward your destiny.

Always remember that you are the co-creator of your life, and if you’re not where you’re supposed to be right now, the Universe wants to help you make a U-turn.

Give yourself permission to expand and evolve

With the fresh, begin-again energy of the new moon in Aries comes an invitation to take small (or big) steps toward your highest self. Are you ready to meet the next version of yourself? If so, are you willing to do the inner (and outer) work to leave this you behind and meet your evolved self?

Tune into and follow the whispers of your soul, the gentle nudges from the Universe, and the things that light you up. These are little clues and puzzle pieces leading you toward your highest self, encouraging you to expand and reach your full potential.

A new moon in aries ritual

Below are some ideas to inspire your new moon in Aries ritual. You can do them all, or pick and choose what you’re most drawn to and add anything else you feel called to do. As always, trust your intuition and let it guide you.

Cleanse your space (physically and energetically) before you begin your new moon ritual.

1. Decorate your altar in an aries theme

One of the best ways to honor the unique energy of each new moon, full moon, and turn of the wheel is to decorate your altar to match that specific energy. Aries is represented by bright sun hues like yellow, red, orange, and gold, and the element of fire, so think about incorporating these where you can, whether through crystals, flowers, or other objects that feel sacred to you.

2. Ground & center

Because the new moon in Aries is within a day of the start of the new astro year, energy is even higher than usual. Take time to ground and center to ensure you don’t get swept away in this vibrational current.

Meditation is perfect for this. You can do this sitting down or standing up, whichever helps you feel more rooted. Imagine that you are a pillar of light connected to the center of the earth and to Source way above. The center is within you. Can you feel it? Close your eyes and see if you can find a place in your body that feels like your center. Take lots of deep breaths.

Practice this grounding exercise as and when you need it throughout the season of Aries.

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3. Tune into the whispers of your soul

You can go further in your meditation practice once you feel grounded and centered and connect with your soul.

What guidance is coming through to you?

What does your soul want you to know?

Are there any fears you need to face and release?

When you’re in a quiet space like meditation, it’s much easier to connect with yourself and hear the whispers of your soul. You might want to journal afterward on what arose or do an oracle or tarot reading.

Make your new moon in Aries ritual feel special and sacred to you, and do whatever helps you connect to your soul.

4. Burn baby, burn

Have you ever had the urge to burn things after a breakup that remind you of your ex? You are purging your old self, memories, and emotional ties to move on. Fire is transformational. When we are metaphorically “in the fire,” we are burning away anything that no longer serves us or feels aligned so that we can step into our next self.

On the new moon in Aries, think about what you wish to physically and energetically burn and create a ceremony for yourself around it. Just make sure you are being very safe!

5. Set new intentions for the moon & astrological year

Don’t let a new moon pass you by without setting new intentions for yourself. And because this is also the start of a new astrological year, your intentions may extend beyond this moon and over the next 12 moons.

Let your soul and intuition guide you as you set your intentions. Remember that nothing is carved in stone, and your intentions will naturally evolve as you do.

Once you’ve got them, write them down on paper. Burn this paper in a fire-proof container and then bury the ashes in the ground, like seeds ready to sprout up.

6. Move your body

The final way to celebrate the new moon in Aries with ritual is to focus on moving your physical body. This will be especially helpful if you’re frustrated or stuck in one or more areas of your life. Sometimes to get the chi or prana (life force energy) flowing freely through us, we need to move the body in a new way.

You could run, do some yoga, dance, kickbox, or whatever you feel drawn to do. Make a ceremony out of it. Light a candle before you step onto your yoga mat at home. Meditate while putting on your running gear before you head out the door. Drop fully into your body and pay attention to all the sensations you can feel.

Ready to celebrate the new moon in aries?

How will you harness the transformational fire and energy of the new moon in Aries and celebrate it with ritual? Share your rituals with me in the comments below!

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